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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 7 months ago

    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 27: Lucy, Violet and Gabby’s Synchronization
    Lucy Pov
    I watched as my best friend was being was being pummeled to death. I can’t watch this! I thought. I thought about what Jane said. “A sacrifice, A kiss and then a miracle will happen.” I looked towards Violet, Then Gabby, then Jane and after that Jason. I kept doing so in this order. I know what to do! I thought. I got off the edge of the wall and was now on my feet. Then I whirled around and told Ruby to launch me. She looked at me questionably. “O-okay Lucy. But Be careful.” She swung her hair and it wrapped around my leg, then I went flying to the cliff where Scarlet and Violet were. I’m guessing spotted me because she turned to me with a slash and I went falling. “Whoa!” I tried to hex but Scarlet was doing something, it was like she was canceling out my magic. Ruby yelped. Violet screamed and Gabby was glowing ferociously but still stared at me. Everyone was staring. Pull up. Pull up! I thought. But I didn’t. Then I closed my eyes. Then something happened. I opened my eyes and they widened. Jason. I thought. He… I didn’t finish my thought. “Can’t you more careful? You’re so reckless.” I giggled. “Thanks. Now could teleport me up to that cliff. He sighed and held out his hand. I smiled and took it. Then we disappeared to the top. We were around the corner when Jason took my hand. “This is your fight Lucy. You’re getting my sister back. I’m not losing another one. This is all on you. So’s the pressure. ” Then he teleported away. At times that guy really confuses me. I hexed and a dozen swords appeared. Then I got a huge bow an arrow and combined the swords together. I aimed for my target and… then Scarlet’s face turned into Violet’s body. I flinched. I jumped in front of the attack taking full impact. “AHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. I fell to the ground panting, and picking myself up. Scarlet cackled. “That’s what you get for having friends. There overrated. Which is why you’re so weak. You can’t even withstand your own attack.” I wobbled. “What about the Trial by tale? Violet won against you.” Scarlet glared at me. “She may have won, but she fainted afterward, which means if she was able to do it again she’d be dead.”Scarlet said while smashing and kicking me to the ground. My clothes were ripped apart like Violet’s. I couldn’t take it anymore. I rumbled and looked over to Violet lying on the ground. I had to heal her. I did a backflip and picked her up. ‘’Ugh.” I groaned. Her body was Lava hot. “What the heck did you do?”I screamed. “The girl had it coming. Now that Jane and Violet are out of the way. This is just simpler.” Scarlet said, her expression bored. I was filling up with rage and the ground was rumbling. Scarlet fell to the ground and my finger was flashing like crazy. Then Violet was glowing, then gasped. Then Scarlet got up and saw that Violet was alive. “It seems the only way to get rid of you is by getting rid of everyone!” Then Scarlet disappeared and a wolf took her place! The wolf snarled. “You think you can beat me, you aren’t even real friends. You keep secrets.” The wolf said. I stared into Violet’s trusting eyes. “When this is over, I tell you everything.” Violet eyes sparkled. “Deal.” She held out her hand and i took it. Then we were going up in the air and everything changed. I was wearing a black bikers jacket and boots with a lavender shirt and skirt. My hair was in a bun. Violet’s hair was in a ponytail with a emerald green/blueish dress with orange sneakers. I looked at my “skirt” in disgust. Violet was acknowledging her new clothes, but me. “What is this! I’m wearing a skirt!” I whined. “Take it back!” I yelled to no one directly. Then Violet made an ice globe and made the attack larger. Then we grabbed hands the ice turned into hail. Scarlet screamed and the snow formed into an ice sword. It then formed into a dozen ice swords and it had a speck of fire on them. Then we screamed “FIRE!” Eventually, all the swords blasted on their target. I bend down seeing Scarlet was unconscious and grabbed Violet’s necklace from her neck. “Let’s go.” I told Violet and we went headed to Gabby. We faced Gabby, who was glowing magnificently since Jane drained of color. I hexed her down. “Are you okay Gabby!” I yelled. No answer. “Gabby!” Still no answer. I gulped on the verge to tears. Violet helped me out. “GABBYYYYY!!!!!” She touched her head and groaned. I sighed with relief. Then she said, “Guys I know what to do. I know what Jane meant by a kiss.” She whispered something to us and yelled with no caution. “What! I’m NOT telling every girl here to kiss the guy they like!!!!!” I turned. Everyone was staring. I blushed. “Oops!” Everyone stared at who they liked, then at us, then at Jacob. I ran over to Jason, “So, for the sake of our lives would you-” I didn’t get finished my sentence because Jason leaned in and kissed me. My eyes widened and I kissed him back. “You talk too much” Jason said and I blushed. Then the gem on my bracelet glowed. There was a flash and 4 specs were filled in. There was a big crystal where I fell, I ran over to it, and threw the crystal in. I yelled to everyone and told them to put anything that means a lot to you, in that crystal, it took a while, but there was only one left. There were two people left too. Gabby and Dallas. “What are they waiting for?” A guy whispered. Me, Ruby and Violet stared at each other. Gabby staggered and looked away. I couldn’t watch this anymore. “Just kiss! You guys are the only ones left here!” Gabby glared at me. “Look, i’m not trying to tease you or anything, but if you guys don’t kiss, life’s are at stake, most importantly MINE! Now if you guys don’t kiss. I swear i’ll, march down there and make you do it yourself!” I said. Everyone had their jaw wide open. “Sorry! But seriously, do it.” I stared at everyone else, waiting for someone to join in, thinking maybe I was a little harsh. Then Violet joined, Jason, Crystal, Ruby, Alex, Ray, Jake and the rest of the gang were chanting, “KISS!” Then the duo looked at each other and Dallas sighed. I could read Gabby and Dallas’s lips. “If you make a big deal out of this, you’re dead!” Gabby said. “You’re only saying that cause this is your first kiss.” Dallas said. Then they kissed. Me, Violet and Gabby were glowing even more and I could see Jacob sitting on a beach chair, staring at us, not worried about a thing. In fact, he was smirking. There was so much energy that we joined hands and Jacob went flying. Then He got up and came charging at us. Jacob better get ready, because we’re not holding back! I thought.

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    Hope you liked it! 🙂 😉 😀

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        Amazing! Incredible!!!! 🙂

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        Umm, did u send this twice, I have commented on the other one.

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        Love it! Thanks for the tag

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        Cool! And yes she did post it twice.

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        incredible and yeah she sent it twice

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