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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 28: The epic fight
    Gabby Pov
    Me and Dallas kissed, but I told him not to make a big deal out of it. He said that after all this, he wanted to talk to me. Then, me, Lucy and Violet went floating in the air with brand new battle gear with a lot of power that it sent Jacob flying. But anyway, our battle gear was very wow! Violet had blue tarp over her shirt with a turquoise shirt and navy blue sneakers.

    I had a red cape with a black and red covered dress with black leggings and brown boots.
    Lucy, well she didn’t like it but, it was black and was showing her stomach, with a black scarf around her waist. A black skirt and to top it all off, a brown pair of boots. As soon as Jacob charged we got ready and dodged. Jacob grunted, annoyed. We separated and attacked. I took out my bow and arrow, and Violet froze Jacob. Even though he could get out any second, so we had to do this fast. I stuck my arrow in the ice and yelped. It was hot! He was starting to melt. “Lucy! Hurry!” I beckoned. Lucy hexed. And a hammer the size of both schools combined appeared. “Whoa!” Lucy said as she staggered. I stared back at Jacob who was melting even faster. “Go! I’ll stay here to freeze him” Violet said. I ran to Lucy still holding on and we hit our target. Violet and Lucy started to cheer but I said, “It’s too early to start cheering. If anything, we’re just getting started.” The Ice cracked and we got ready. It cracked even more and Violet fell in. “You okay Violet!” I asked. “Yeah. Don’t see what he was trying to-” Something grabbed Violet from the water. “Violet!” I screamed. “Don’t worry! This is Violet we’re talking about. She can control water. Not the other way around. But if you’re worried. Then i’ll make lacrima vision.” Lucy said and she hexed a little spy bug to follow Violet. Then Lucy grunted. “Wha-” Her eyes widened. “C-crystal! What are you doing here!” I looked to the crowd to see Crystal standing astonished and with rage of how there was a double of her. Everyone else looked utterly confused. I waved my hands motionlessly to Lucy to tell her that it was fake, then something wrapped around my mouth and I gasped. It pulled me back to the edge. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. I grabbed my bow and arrow to cut through the vine, but it had a mind of it’s own because the vine knocked it out of my hands. Then I remembered something. My fire power! I thought. I rubbed my hands together and the fire spread to the vine. I got out successfully. But something had my cape! (This is why no superhero/anyone should have a cape! These are the dangers people!- author’s note) I grabbed and grabbed but it wouldn’t let go. Then it became visible. “Jacob.” I said. “Wow. That was a good trick you did there. Now let me show you mine.” He said despicably. Jacob twisted my arm, kicked me in the shins and I went falling out of the ice cavern, plummeting to the schools.

    Violet pov
    I was waving up in down at the super bug Lucy planted. No one seemed to notice. I kept swimming. Unfortunately, I was surrounded by water torpedos. I dodged them, but then got ambushed with ice figures that were Jane, Alex and Ruby. “You were never a good sister anyway. You can’t even land a single attack on this guy! You’re weak. Jane said. I froze. “W-what?” I stuttered. “Look you can’t even take a little attack! If I were here, i’d already be out there. Your friends need your help and you’re justing rotting here to die. That’s why you will always be the weakest of the three.” Alex said. Tears started to form. “Oh wow! She can’t even take a few words! You may be the stupidest one in the group. In addition to your brother staring at this been at this lacrima the whole time it appeared. Well time to kill him. But you first!” My eyes lit up. Jason. I thought. “you can’t do this. you’re not powerful enough.” The guys said.”Enough!” I screamed. My eyes were glowing ice with rage. A big blast of ice came out and I floated to the top of the bank. I ended up being exactly where I was standing when I fell in. I looked at my clothes. They were dried as soon as I came out. Looks like these clothes are water resistant and these outfits are fit for our talents. Mine is water resistant, Gabby’s is fire resistant and Lucy, well hers can do whatever, since she can’t control an element. I thought. “But I can.” A voice said. I turned and gasped. Jacob had the ground under his control. Before I could even do anything, he faked me out by charging and ducking, and making me jump, just in the nick of time. I made it snow and we were covered in a circle of snow and I froze it. Then I went in for the kick. But Jacob grabbed my leg and punched me. I went falling a thousand stories to the schools. I spotted Gabby. What’re we going to do? I thought.

    Lucy Pov
    I was jumped by Crystal. Wait no. I thought. It can’t be. Crystal is over there watching everything! I flipped it over Crystal. I closed my eyes. I waited patiently for and attack and… I hexed a bowling ball and it went after the fake Crystal. “STRIKE!” I yelled. “Yes very impressive.” Jacob said. “Now. How’s this?” I hexed and a Sword appeared and I charged. But the ground quaked and when I went to charge, the sword fell. I ran to it, but Jacob got it and magnified it. He slashed and I hexed a shield, I could hear everyone cheering, I smiled to myself. Oh no! I thought. I’m closer to the ground! Jacob smirked. I hexed too late and I was starting to fall. Then all of a sudden. Ropes came out of my suit and I climbed. Jacob still had my sword though. I tried to hex it away, but it didn’t work and he cut the rope making me plummet to the schools.

    Jacob Pov
    I cackled as the three girls plummeted to their deaths. I turned and saw Scarlet reviving. “You did well, Scarlet when we rule these schools these people will be our servants.” I said. “What about those guys?” Scarlet asked. “You mean, Crystal, Dallas, Jason, Ruby, Alex, Jake, and Ray? I have an experiment waiting for them. With a few extra surprises for the girls considering if they survive. But lets face it, they won’t!” I said while crushing a flower.

    Crystal, Dallas, Ruby, Alex, Jake, Jason,and Ray’s Pov
    We were all thinking the same thing. I hope those three all right! We ran through the forest as fast as we could. Then all of a sudden, we were all separated looking for everyone!

    What will happen? Will the gang find the three girls? Will they come in time to “Catch” the girls? (anyone like my pun. Just say so!)

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        dot111 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Nice job!

        sugarplumprincess replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        nice job

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