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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Theater Of Tales: Adventures
    Chapter 29: The Recurring School
    Dallas Pov
    *Dallas’s mind*
    Ugh! You stupid *****! You said you’d be careful! Now you’re falling thirty stories up from that ice cavern! For once could you not be reckless!
    Huh? There you are! Why do always have to be in trouble?! Can’t you be normal!

    *out of his mind*
    I groan. “If you’re going to fall, try aiming somewhere other than my back!” I yelled at Gabby. “I don’t know why you’re so grumpy.” She said. “I know you’re happy to see me! You’re just embarrassed to show it!” She said. I blushed and looked away. “Anyway, we need a new plan. So we’re all going to meet up at this cottage. So come on.” We started walking and we had unexpected visitor waiting for us there. “What are YOU doing here?!” We asked in unison.

    Jason Pov
    I scanned the horizon and finally saw Lucy and teleported to her. I teleported back to the ground. “You okay?” I asked “Yeah.” She said while back at the schools. “You’ll be fine. You’re going to turn Jacob into your punching bag.” I said, enthusiastically. I see Lucy trembling. “H-Hey what’s wrong?” I ask. “Why didn’t you tell me you were Violet’s sister? Or Jane’s?” Lucy said. “Well-” I started. “Why have you been avoiding me since you kissed me? Because I like you and I don’t care to admit it! Don’t you like me too! Cause you sure don’t act like it!” Lucy walked away. “Hey wait!” I ran after Lucy. “Whoa!” Lucy said. I teleported in front of her again and again. I was exhausted. I panted. “Oh you’re tired. Tell me when you’re ready again. I could do this all day!” Lucy said. My eyes glistened evil like. “Well actually you can’t because you’ve got to save the school but okay.” I stared at her without blinking. “W-what are doing? Is this some sort of staring contest?” She asked. The ground started to rumble and I grabbed Lucy and we tumbling down a hill. I grabbed Lucy’s arms and pinned her down. “Wha-” I leaned in and kissed her. When I released she was speechless. “Uh- wha meh.” I chuckled. “I like you too, Lucy.” Her cheeks flushed. There’s a long way till we’re going to get to the cottage. So let’s camp out here.” I said. “Camp? Then we’re going to need these.” Tents appeared and s’mores. “This’ll be a breeze.” I said while eating one of the s’mores. “Don’t eat them all!” Lucy said.

    Alex Pov
    “Violet!” Violet! I screamed. “Ugh.” a voice said. “Hey is that yo-’’ Next thing i’m being pinned down. “Alex?” I turned “Violet?” I asked confused. “I’m so sorry!” She said while untying me. “It’s fine! We’re just meeting everyone at this cottage. So let’s go!” I saw Violet looking towards the school. She clenched her fist. “I’m really sorry about Jane, Violet.” I said. “It’s fine. It not your fault…” “WHAT!” “What’s wrong?” I asked. “What happening to the schools!” I turned and saw the school circling each other. “Violet. We need to go. NOW!” I grabbed her hand and we dashed to the cottage. When we got there, our eyes widened. “What! What’s going on!” I asked Gabby. Violet was crying. “You’re back.” Was all she could say.

    Jack Pov
    “Crystal we got to get to the cottage. I bet everyone’s wondering where we are.” I said. “Okay! Just one more!” She said and slashed the tree. “Timber!” She yelled. The tree was going to fall on her! I thought. I grabbed Crystal and a huge crash occurred. “Did you just..?” Crystal asked, astonished. “ save your life? Yes. Yes I did.’’ I said remarkably. I helped her up. “Thanks.” She said. “I guess we can go now.” Crystal said silently. What made her change her mind? “Hey that kiss back at the cavern…” Crystal asked questionably. “What about it?” I asked. “Well did you… I don’t know, like it?” Crystal asked. Oh I get it. I thought. I put my hat on her head. “Maybe I did. Maybe I didn’t.” I remarked. She looked at me with no thought. She blushed, aggravated. “Which is it?” She asked as she ran up to me. Then out of nowhere, She fell. “Huh? Crystal?” I said. “Whoa!” I grunted. “Where are we?” I asked to no one in particular. “Over here Jake.” Crystal said. My eyes widened when i saw the tapestry. I grinned. I was right. I thought. I swung Crystal around. “I was right!” I screamed. “H-hey Jake calm do- mm!!” I leaned in and kissed her. I stopped and stared at Crystal who was very red. I released. “S-sorry. Feel free to slap me if you want.” I said. “I’m not going to slap you. Just…” She disappeared. “Huh?” I said. Next thing I know i’m slammed to the wall. “What was that all about the tapestry only showed something about dragons. Then you kept shouting that you were right! Then you kissed me! Mumbles- That part wasn’t that bad. What going on with you! If you don’t tell me then so tell me this sword isn’t going anywhere like the tree!” She screamed. “Okay. I’ll tell you.” I told her about my childhood and how I saw a dragon but no one believed me and thought I was delusional. Crystal made her sword disappear and held out her hand. We took the tapestry and ran to the cottage. On the way there, I turned to Crystal and kissed her cheek. I said, “I liked it and ran to the cottage.”

    Ray Pov
    “Ruby we’re almost there!” I said anxiously. “Right!” She said excitedly. “I can’t wait to see Lucy, Gabby and Violet. I bet they found a way to get out of that jam! Plus they’ve got Jason, Dallas and Alex.” I smiled. She’s always looking on the bright side of things. I thought. “It’s adorable!” I said. “Hm. did you say something Ray?” I looked at Ruby. “What no. Not me.” I looked at my watch. “Well would you look at the time. We better get to the cottage.” I said while pushing her forward. We finally got to the cottage and I stopped pushing Ruby. I saw her eyes widened. So did mine. “Jane!” We said

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        great chapter.what???Jane is back??!!

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