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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 2 months ago

    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 30: Jane’s Plan
    Violet Pov
    We all stared stunned at the sight of Jane right before our eyes. “Y-you’re really here Jane? This isn’t a dream?” I ask trembling, on the verge to tears. “No. I’m here. But I have to tell I won’t be here for a while. I used the last of my ghost powers to help you. You have to know that the only way to fix this is not only combining all of Lucy Gabby and yourselves power, but with all of you. Only then will you be able to defeat Jacob and Scarlett.” Jane said. “So you’re Jane’s ghost?” I said sadly. “Yes and no. All the answers will come later sis. Now you need to know my plan. I don’t see everyone. Where is everyone else?” Jane asked and as well stated. We all stared to see what she was talking about. Then I realized that Jason and Lucy were not here. “Jason and Lucy aren’t here.” I said. “Way to go genius, Dallas said. we didn’t know that.” Dallas said while rolling his eyes. I glared at him but by the looks of it, Gabby had it covered. “Hey stop it! Not everyone’s as hot headed as you!” Gabby yelled. “You say that like it’s a bad thing.” Dallas said. She punched him and chaos altered in the with everyone trying to break up the fight. Jane called me outside. “You should know that the only way to make this work is if you’re all committed to it.” Jane said. “Well we are and definitely going to throw on a show for you.” I said confidently. “But you will need to…. Your friendship will be tested to the limit!” She trailed. “Are you ready for this? Because if you are, then Operation: School Soul will go into action. You can’t hesitate. You can’t-” She said. “We Are READY!” We screamed. “All we have to do is find Jason and Lucy!” Ruby said, encourage-able. “Well you found us” A voice said. I turned ready to give a big hug, but she moved away and went tumbling to the ground. “Hey what’s the big idea?!” Crystal asked shocked. “You should know even if you tried you wouldn’t be able to win against Jacob. You just stop before you even try.” Jason said. “Did you forget why we’re doing this?” I asked. “Were doing this to restore the schools. But most of all we’re doing this to help Jane. Because she helped us. If it weren’t for her, we’d be dead. Instead, she is.” I said, hands balled in fists. “That’s ridiculous. No wonder you’re weak. All you’ve ever done that’s heroic is let people die for you.” Lucy said while laughing. I trembled. Who is this? Who is this girl standing in front of me? I thought. “Who are you?” I asked suspiciously. I started walking towards “Lucy.” “Where is the girl who marched through the School of Good when we first met? Where is the girl who recklessly says whatever’s on her mind? Where is the girl who- Ugh!” I groaned and looked up. “Jason?” I said. “W-what are you doing?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. But I kept groaning and panting because Jason and Lucy kept punching and kicking me. Everyone watched in horror. I saw in the corner of my eye, everyone getting ready to attack. “Stop! They’re our friends! This is what Jane is warning us about! We need to trust them!” I yelled. “So stupid. I knew the girl said it would be easy. But I didn’t think it be so easy. So this is the power that killed that pest.” They said, forgetting we were standing right there. “Girl? Pest?” I echoed. “You work for Jacob and Scarlet.” I said while gritting my teeth and water was rising. “I’ll say it again. Where is my brother and Lucy??!!!” The water swirled around us and it blasted them with ice. They fell to the ground unconscious. I saw a sparkling necklace around the girl’s neck. It was Lucy’s. I took it. “Look guys. It was Lucy’s!” I said. “Now all we have to do is track them!” Ray said. “One question. Crystal said. How do we do that!” “I DON’T KNOW!” Everyone but Ruby yelled. “It’s simple.” Ruby said. “We just an animal to track them. Where do get a lizard? Simple. Clarissa!” A lizard came out of Ruby’s pocket and Crystal shrieked. “Get that thing away from me!” She yelled. We all looked at her. Crystal blushed. “What? Some people are afraid of heights, I’m afraid of lizards. You tell Jason and Lucy you’re DEAD!” We laughed and followed Clarissa, who was already leading the way. (Clarissa is Pascal’s daughter.)

    Lucy Pov
    I woke up to the sound of chains jingling and barking coming from the outside. I heard someone coming in and I pretended I was still asleep. “You might as well stop faking it.” A voice said as they giggled. “Scarlet.” I said while gritting my teeth. “Like your cell?” She said cheerfully. “Good. because someone’s joining you.” She said. What are you talking abou-” My eyes widened. “Jason!” His clothes all covered in dirt and his face was all bruised. “You two have fun catching up.” Scarlet said and pulled a lever and the walls moved closer in together. I gasped as the ground started shaking. I hope the others are okay. I thought. Then everything went black.

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