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    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE!
    Chapter 31: The Room
    Lucy Pov
    I opened my eyes revealing a me in a room where the walls were very close together. What made it so strange was that wasn’t chained to a wall and Jason wasn’t there. I felt a presence. “I know you’re there! Come out with your hands up!” I said. I shrieked as the “thing” came out. “What do you think you’re doing pretending to be me you imposter! Get some clothes!” I say looking at her attire. “Is that even LEGAL!” I yelled at that imposter straight into her face! The imposter just giggled and showed me a phantom of pictures. “Wha- No way!” So this is everyone’s way of telling me that they’re on their way. I thought. “So that means… JANE! Your really are dead! But don’t worry this time we won’t fail! *suddenly all fired up* We’ll Jacob who’s boss!” I yelled with motivation in my eyes. “Will you now? You can’t even hex!” Jacob said. “Think again!” I said while trying to hex. Uhhh… I thought. “What’s going on why can’t I hex! I thought. Ugh. I groaned. Why isn’t this working?! I thought. Jacob cackled. “I hope you like your fall. Get my pun? No? Well you’ll get it later. Have fun!” Then the floor dropped from behind me and I went falling a thousand feet. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I screamed and looked up at Jane. “Can’t you help me!” I screamed. “I can only help you find your way. But just so you know you’re about to fall on a rock and you can’t always rely on your talent.” That was all Jane said before vanishing. “Ugh! Why is she so serious now!” I screamed to no one in particular. “Wait. Did she say rock!” I landed on the rock and did a backflip towards the other rock. I continued this until I landed to the ground. “Guess you do get my pun. But you’ll never defeat me because you’ll be stuck here the whole time watching everything that’s happening. There. Boom.” I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then a struck of lightning came out of nowhere and hit with a thousand bolts. I yelped and screamed tasting blood in my mouth and the room going dark. “No! I gotta stay awake! I won’t let this drag me down!” I said. I slowly got up and then stumbled again. “Have fun getting out of that. Now if you excuse me, NOT! I have students to torment. Don’t think I don’t see you Jane.” I saw Jane come from the shadows. Jacob shot a ghost transmitter at her causing her to be stuck on the wall and starting to vanish. Jacob’s eyes looked all meanousing. Then he vanished. I struggled trying to get out. “Lucy help!” A voice echoed in my head. “Crystal! What’s going on?’’ I said worried. “Well Ruby’s lizard wasn’t actually her lizard it was tracking us so we wouldn- Oh jeez! There is no way i’m jumping guys! Who cares if Violet is going to-” The connection cut off “Crystal! Crystal!!” I panicked. I had to do something. All of a sudden a sword appeared in my hand with a note from Crystal. “This sword cuts through lightning. It sounded power was surging through you in a bad way soo…” I smiled to myself. “Thanks Crystal.” I slashed the sword cutting through the lightning. I ran up to Jane. I was about to break Jane free when she stopped me. “Take this. It’s my ghost power. It’s the power that makes be able to help you.” She said. “What. No! You mean to much to us! I’m not letting you risk your life for us again!” I yelled. “There’s no time! Violet and the others need your help! Besides with that power it will be like I was never gone. Not to mention you can see ghosts now…” Jane said. “It doesn’t matter! I can’t do thi-” She sut me off. “Listen to me Lucy. You’re their only hope. Either you’re doing this or you’re not! I’ll be there whenever you need help. Just take it!” Tears came down my eyes. I trembled and took the ghost power. “I’ll never forget you Jane.” I whispered and left. I ran through the forest tears streaming down my face. I saw Violet and the others at the top of a cliff. I clocked and went through the wall. I ran towards everyone and we went falling. I gasped thinking as hard as I could that we’d be okay. Instead, the sword turned into a whip and we all went tumbling to the ground. Dallas looked at me astonished. “Where’d you come from? How’d you do that?!” He asked. Gabby shushed him. “You’ll have to excuse Dallas. He’s feeling very stupid today.” She said. “Gotcha.” I said while agreeing. My head turned to Violet. I’ve been avoiding eye contact since I saw them. But I knew that her eyes were widened. She finally spoke but you could barely hear her. “H-how did you do that L-lucy. O-only a ghost can…” Violet’s voice trailed off and everyone stared at me. I looked down. “J- jane sacrificed- *sniff* she saved us again.” I stuttered tears were falling now and I looked at Violet who was trembling. Everyone, even Dallas, went to comfort her but she turned them down. “I know you mean well Lucy and Jane would say to keep my head up and don’t let it bother me. So that’s what i’m going to do. Either way, we’ll be able to see Jane whenever you do.” Violet continued but I wasn’t listening. Wow! They really are sisters aren’t they? I thought. “Now what?” Crystal asked. “Isn’t it obvious? We go to the school of Scar and The School of Jewel.” They all stared at me as if I was crazy. “First of all don’t call it that second, what about Jason?” Gabby said. “Oh… He’s going to to meet us there.” I say abruptly. We ran to the Schools and when we finally made it, we saw Jason at the bridge. “Okay guys. I gathered people who would actually help us.” We were in this cave underneath school grounds. We trained our butts off. Then an explosion came on and we fell to the ground with so much force that we couldn’t get up. It was like gravity was pulling against us. We looked up as Scarlet and Jacob came up to us and grabbed Gabby and Violet. “What do you think you’re doing?!! I screamed. “We’ve seen your evil. We want your power.” Jacob said. “And if I refuse?” I asked. “Then Gabby and Violet goes byebye.” Scarlet says sweetly. My whole body glowed and Jacob came walking towards me. “Your answer? Nothing? Okay. Scar-” Jacob started. “Wait! My answer is…”

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