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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 32: The final battle
    Lucy Pov
    “Wait!” Everyone stared at me. I gulped. “My answer is that I WILL- Ugh!” I groaned. Jacob tugged my arm trying to get me to go with him. What does this guy think he’s doing! I thought. “Stop you idiot! My answer is… neither!” I said. Jacob and Scarlet stared at me suspiciously. “What do you mean child?’’ Scarlet said. I glared at her. “First of all, you’re not older than me. Second of all, instead of letting them go and I go with you. You put me in these chains.” I said seriously. Jacob smirked. In the corner of my eye I saw Violet and Gabby surging with power and I smirked. The plan is working. I thought. “Very well. I will how you like it when we bring you back to the room.” Jacob said. I shivered at the thought of the room again. As soon as I thought of Jane, I brushed the thought off. At the snap of Scarlet’s fingers I was in the chains. But when she looked for Violet and Gabby she saw they had disappeared! “Where are they??!!” Jacob asked in a rage. We all smirked. “Surprise.” Gabby broke the chains and I went to the ground. Jacob looked at us deathly. “What do you think you’re doing now! You’ll never defeat us!” Jacob said deafening. I glared at him. That’s what you think.” I said still glaring. We all started glowing, surging with power. Then we started singing. I hated it, but it was working! “What is this horrid sound? Is that singing?!!!” Jacob asked, disgusted.,d.amc

    We continued and I threw the microphone over to Crystal. With everyone singing, We were surging with power and getting even stronger. Ruby, Crystal, Gabby, Violet and me holded hands. Violet made an ice/water ball and Gabby threw an arrow at it. I contaminated it so it wouldn’t fall or explode. Ruby threw a knife while Crystal summoned a fire sword and slashed her hair, making it glow with fire and Ruby slashing at the orb. I was holding it in and aimed it at the boys where they caught it and we looked at Scarlet and Jacob who screaming in agony from our singing. We weren’t that bad were we? I thought. Dallas took the huge orb and threw it at Scarlet and Jacob, who were defenseless. As soon as it came towards Jacob, Scarlet jumped in front and took the full blow. Something about it reminded me about something. Then I fell to the floor wondering if we had won.

    Gabby Pov
    “Lucy!” I yelled as she fell to the floor eyes closed. I watched as Jacob and Scarlet fell to the ground. We really won. I thought. That was all I thought before I blacked out.

    Violet Pov
    I watched as Gabby and Lucy collapsed, What was going on? I thought. I floated to the ground, very concerned for my friends. As soon as I hit the ground though I saw the boys running towards us in very wild manner. Then I blacked out.

    Ruby Pov
    All three of the girls had fainted. My hair had turned back to it’s blond long hair. I could the worried look on everyone’s faces. How Jacob and Scarlet were just lying there as if they were dead. I got dizzy and worried because was going down, one after one, I hope everyone will be okay. I thought. That was all I thought before I fell to the ground.

    Crystal Pov
    I watched as all the girls were on the ground. My eyes widened. “Girls! You okay?” I said. No answer. Of course there’s no answer. They fainted. I thought, arguing with myself. My legs were getting weak and I tried to stay up. But as soon as I knew I fell to the ground unwilling to get up. The vices were very faint, but I could hear the boys reaching us and calling our names. “Violet! Lucy! Crystal! Ruby! Gabby!” That was all I heard. Then everything went black.

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        Great Job!!

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        Awesome!!! (Also YOU USED A FAIRY TAIL THEME SONG!!!!!!!!!!!)

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          Thx you guys! 😉

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