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    Theater Of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 33: They’re awake! Goodbye?!
    Dallas Pov
    I turned the the sound of someone groaning. The girls were starting to wake up. “Hey guys. They’re starting to wake up.” I said with no emotion at all. I guessed the girls noticed it. “You act as if you don’t care Dallas.” Gabby said as she opened the curtain with all the sunlight coming in. “That’s because I don’t” I said matter of factly, while closing the curtains. “Then why were you here the whole time waiting for us to wake up? You never even left the room.” Gabby said. “How do-” I covered my mouth quickly and blushed. “I win.” Gabby giggled while opening the curtains wide again. *Hissssssssssssssssssssssssss* Lucy and Crystal hissed while looking at the light. Everyone chuckled. “Can’t you see we’re trying to get beauty sleep here?!!” They said in an angry unison. That just made laugh even harder. They blushed. The girls continued to laugh but we stopped and silence occurred. We had saddened. Crystal and Lucy jumped off the sofa. “What’s wrong? Why aren’t you laughing anymore?!’’ Crystal said in an panicked voice. “Yeah what’s wrong?” Violet asked. “Well-” I said. “Alex should tell you this because i’m not good with words.” I said while pushing Alex forward. “Typical Dallas.” Everyone said. I rolled my eyes. “Just tell them already.” I said anxiously. “Okay.” Alex said. “So after you four fainted, we went over to help you, but Jacob and Scarlet stood up again, only to drop to the floor again. Dean Dovey and Dean Sophie were teleported by Jason and they handcuffed Jacob and Scarlet sending them away. They were arguing the whole time. Scarlet kept wailing on how it wasn’t her fault and Jacob forcing her to do it. Jacob was saying how he’d be back and that he’d destroy the schools next time. Dallas decided to shut them up by kicking and punching them until they fainted. When they did, The Dean’s put them in the Doom Room because there is no Jail down here. Dean Sophie told us whenever there’s an never out of place they’ll be sent to the Doom Room, where they’ll be punished by Jacob and Scarlet. We picked you guys up and we went to your dorm room. But because of the damage to the schools during the battle, There will be no Circus of Talents. Also due to the damage, This school year has been cut short. We all have to go home and wait for next year to go back! We might as well not even going back due to the damage!” Alex said triumphantly. The girl’s eyes widened. Gabby stood there in shock. Crystal went pale. Ruby just backed away and shaked her head. Violet buried her hands into her face and mumbled “no. no.” We turned to see Lucy, who was trembling, tears going down her face. Everyone stared at her. “Not true. Not true.” She mumbled. “W-what did you say, Lucy?” Gabby asked. “It’s NOT TRUE! I didn’t become good so I could just return to my horrible mother and sit around waiting for a letter that may never show up!” We stared even harder and Lucy cried even harder and ran out of the room. Gabby wiped her tears. “Lucy! Girls lets go! You guys stay here!” She said. “What are we? Chopped liver?” I said. But Gabby and the others had already left. I turned to Alex. “I knew I should’ve told them.” I said. The guys just rolled their eyes.

    Gabby Pov
    “Lucy! Lucy!” We saw her on the balcony of the school. I turned to her. “Gabby.” I stopped. “We made so many memories. Remember when I jumped to the school master’s tower? You were the one who helped me. Violet. Remember when I deliberately tried to evil? But as we can see I failed trying. And when I was yelling about how and why everyone was wearing dresses.” Violet smiled nervously. Ruby, I thought you would never like me, but here we are now friends and you even covered me when that girl framed me. Ruby could only nod. I tried to talk, but Lucy stopped me. “Crystal I won over you during the trial. You gave me this sword when I was danger but I guess I won’t be needing this anymore.” She said turning to give the sword back. The boys were starting to come in. I skidded next to Lucy. *Slap* The boys stood there in shock. Lucy’s eyes widened. Crystal was shaking her head in agreement. Violet covered her mouth. Ruby was as astonished as Lucy. I finally spoke. “What’s wrong with you?! You act as if we’re never going to see each again! We’re friends! We’re destined to meet again! That’s the whole idea of friendship! We’re never going to forget you Lucy. We’re sorry that your mother treated you badly, and we get it, but we are NOT your mother! So why don’t you just build a bridge and get over it because this has been the best three months of my life! I’m not going to regret anything. Sure we have a lot of memories! But make even more next year. So instead of crying about this let’s find a to fix it!” I held out my hand. Lucy stared. She held out her hand too. Then Crystal, Ruby, Violet and the boys. “On the count of three. 1…. 2…. 3….!” “Operation: Save SGE Is now in effect!” I said. We ran into Dean Dovey’s office. “Do you have a DVR? If so can we have it.” Violet asked. “Yeah, here you go honey.” Dean Dovey said. When we got the the Lunch room, the stage was ready. Lucy hexed and we all had dresses. “Hey! I never signed up for this!” Crystal said. “When you put your hand in you did!” I said. “grrr… “ She mumbled. The stage was ready. “You ready Violet?” Lucy asked. “No…” She said. “Great!” We said. We leaded her to the stage. “Ummm….” Violet stuttered. “I got this.” Lucy said while she hexed. Violet’s posture was better and she wasn’t nervous anymore. Then she sang.

    I went up to the stage and Violet gave me the mike. “Hey everybody! I’m Gabriella Queen! Me and my friends are here to help this school! We need $5,000 by midnight. I’m sure there is a bunch of you out there who want to go to SGE! If you do, then open your wallets because we’re going to save The Schools! We’re going to have a live webcast so wish us luck! Don’t to call in!” I said and left. “What do you mean call in?” Dallas asked. “We don’t have any phones?” I asked. “Oops!” Lucy hexed some phones to appear and the phone immediately ringed. “Hello? Yes we have space for $500! Thank you and call again.” I hanged up. “Our first donation! At this rate the school will stay open.” *coughs* “Huh? Are you okay Violet?” She tried to say something, but nothing came out. “What are we going to do? We don’t have anyone else to sing.” I said. There was a board and marker on the table and Violet wrote, Yes we do. Crystal. We turned to Crystal. “You can sing?!” I asked. “Yeah so what!” She said. “Violet lost her voice so we need someone else to sing, but we are not as good. “What? Ugh. Fine” Crystal put sunglasses on. “Let do this.” Then she ran on stage.

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    Sorry guys! I would keep going, but you can’t do two song in one post unfortunately. 🙂 😉 😀

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        Awesome chapter!! 😉

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          Love it!!!

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        Amazing Chapter!!!

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        great chapter

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