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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hey guys! This is my last chapter in this story. Don’t worry I’ll be making There second year in SGE soon also a picture of Scarlet will be uploaded in the reader gallery soon so feel free to go check it out! 🙂
    Without further ado, here’s my chapter!
    Theater of Tales: Adventures in SGE
    Chapter 35: Mom! We’re Home?! Part 2
    Dallas pov
    “Hey! Old man!” I said as I fell on the ground of my room. ~Silence~ Not home. I thought. “What’s this?” I asked stubbing my toe on something sharp. He’s been working on this invention? I thought. I threw it on the couch. Lame. I thought. “Master! Master Dallas!* *beep!* Beeeep* *dies down.* *powers again* “J-j-jafar won’t be here f-for t-the next two w-w-weeks!” The robot said. I rolled my eyes. “Like I care.” I said as I threw the robot on the couch again.

    2 hours later
    I was watching my favorite show, “Jam Slam” (Author’s note~This show may or may not be real.) “It is past your bedtime master.” The robot said. “M-m-mast….Low battery” I chuckled and went out the window.
    It’s good to be back. I thought and dashed into the forest.

    Jake Pov
    I watched as Ruby trashed the holiday photo we took together as kids. “What are you doing Ruby! I thought you said that you’d never give up hope! What about all the other pictures we took together?!” I asked astonished. “Jake… That was the only picture we took together.” Ruby said her eyes so dark that could swallow me whole. “I can’t wait to go to the School of Good because the time we’re here, Mom and Dad will never come, so what’s the point in waiting everyday for someone to come when it’s clear that no one’s coming. So I should just give up.” Ruby said. “What are you saying Ruby?! This isn’t like you. You would never give up it just shows how you are more like mom and dad than i’ll ever be!!” I screamed. Ruby trembled. Her shoulders settled and she turned to me, her eyes very dark with menacing eyes. Then Ruby said the most scariest words that has ever come out of her mouth. “Mom and Dad who?” She said and broke the glass simultaneously with all her things and dashed out of the castle. Dad was right. Whenever they have something on their mind, there’s no stopping them. I thought. I looked in Ruby’s direction. My eyes widened. “Abigail!” I screamed. I climbed on Ruby’s horse as she neighed when I called her name. “Follow Ruby’s scent.” I said and with that we went following in Ruby’s direction. What have you gotten us into Ruby?! I thought.

    Ray Pov
    I crashed into my window and grunted. “What a nice fall.” I muttered matter of factly. I sweeped glass off of me and got up. I heard a knock on the door.

    “Are you alright master ray?” Julie asked. I looked up at her something about her was different. “I’m fine Julie. I told you that you don’t have to call me master.” I said. “Oh I know but your parents told me to get ready for your arrival.” Julie said. “Speaking of which, where are my parents?” I asked. “They went to-” Julie covered her mouth. “? Never mind.” I said, and walked away. I was on the balcony of the castle practicing with my sword. Nothing else to do anyway I thought. I saw a gaze of a girl with blond silky hair coming out of the forest. Ruby?! I thought. I ran down and saw her walking towards the fountain. “Ruby? What are you doing here?” I asked. Her stare was menacing. Fire crackled through her hair and it went straight at me! “Whoa! I said as I dodged it. I stopped myself from hitting a tree. There was a dark aura coming from Ruby. “Ruby i’m not going to fight you.” I said as she signaled a fight. “Good.” She muttered and blasted a beam at me which made me hit a tree HARD. I grunted as my vision went blurry. Then everything blacked out.

    Jason pov
    Violet acts like nothing has happened. I looked up at the sky, the wind blowing in my hair. Didn’t she see Jane vanish right before her eyes?! She doesn’t understand she never lived with her. I remember everything. That night in the castle someone invaded when me, Jane and Violet were just two. Everyone screaming and yelling out of the castle. That person who invaded was Jacob. He must be over 1,000 yrs old. Jacob aimed for Violet, but Jane jumped in just in time to save her. Jane had died that time, but Merlin saved her. There was a price to save though. Jane had to have ghost power and had to be relocated to another palace.Violet, Mom and I well we had to have memories erased. I fled the castle before merlin got to me. I’ve lived by myself ever since. I don’t know why Violet could be so forgetful. I thought. “Maybe it’s because I got my mind erased and if I knew I had my talent that day i would have unleashed them, but I didn’t and I couldn’t.” Violet said. “Violet?!” I said. I blushed. I didn’t realize I said all that out loud. “You didn’t whenever you get angry and scared, I can hear whatever your thinking. Same goes for me. And for the record, I didn’t know.”
    Violet said optimistically. I blushed, but wiped it away quickly. “Well you should know that we need to go Cinderella’s castle.” I said running over to Mom. “Why?” They asked bewildered. “That was where Jane found the Prophecy. Look at the stars. Another one is coming!” I said and their eyes widened. “Let’s go!” They ordered and we ran out of the forest.

    Alex Pov
    I fell backwards just in time to be greeted by Mom. “Honey you should be more careful. If you were trying to make a grand entrance then you succeeded.” Mom said. “That’s not it mom….” I gawked. “Violet!” I yelled. I ran down the hall as the gates opened. Mom who was following my side, had a questioning look. “Violet? I never heard of her. Does she have parents that rule a throne? Is she in line for a throne? Does she like to read?” Mom was piling all these questions on me. I just ignored them.

    “Violet! What are you doing here?” I asked.
    “Well Jason has a hunch that another prophecy is coming because that’s how Jane found out about the other one. Jason went to Crystal’s castle and mom went to Ray’s castle. We separated so if we all found something it would useful.” Violet said.

    Jane’s name echoed in my name. She had sacrificed so much for us. Let’s hope we can do the same. “You can check the castle library, I’ll help you.” I said. “Oh is this Violet? You’ve been talking about her since you got here.” mom said.(Belle: Beauty and the Beast) I blushed. I stared at Violet who was dumbfounded. “Why aren’t you embarrassed?” I whispered. “Why are you whispering? There’s nothing wrong with anyone knowing-especially your mother that we’re dating. I blushed even harder and mom gasped. Violet’s eyes were glistening. “I was planing on giving it to you tomorrow. But here. Blue light came and when it simmered down, I could see that Violet made a white ice swan. I took and looked at it. “It’s a bracelet see? Our first year at SGE is over so I was just going to give it to you. Something came over me. I crushed the swan! “A-alex Why would you that to-” mom said. I cut her off. “I do what you want! You can’t just keep babying me! I’m not 7! You! You conceited little girl. You liked me all these years why didn’t you just give up! You just try and try again! It’s ridiculous and reckless. I should thank you cause you opened the beast within, so here’s your present!” an aura surged inside me and I blasted a laser out of my eye with a direct hit. The girl trembled and collapsed. I turned to the lady in the crown, but she fled. I spit and left joining “Ruby.” “The plan worked perfectly Scarlet. These two are the weakest of the inner circle. What makes it so hilarious it that their cousins! With this new procedure we’ll get our schools back in time for the eclipse!” I said

    “I like the sound of that.” Scarlet said and we cackled into the night.

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    @fsa161– Happy birthday sis!


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