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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    Hey guys! I’M BACK! This may be my longest chapter yet! considering that this is my character’s 2nd year at SGE! So without further ado, here’s my first chapter for my new story!
    Adventures in SGE: The Noble Act
    Chapter One: Back to School?!
    “Ruby” Pov
    “When are finally going to invade?” Scarlet asked sliding in her chair. “I’m bored. How can you make a school yours if you do NOTHING? We should torturing those children. They’re not allowed to have fun. Only I am.” Scarlet said.

    “Well maybe if you’d shut up and let me think for one second, we’d be invading it by now.” “Alex” spat.

    “Besides with that so called “Dean” on our side now, my plan won’t fail, considering those pests won’t be in my way!” “Alex” replied.

    “Ruby” eyed “Jake” suspiciously. She got out of chair and looked out into the maleficus sunset. She turned back, noticing that “Alex” was staring. She rolled her eyes and asked,
    “Whatever happened to those guys Alex?” Scarlet asked, smirking.

    Jacob glared at Scarlet with a menacing look. It looked as if he was trying to make her disappear with just a stare.

    “Didn’t I tell you not to call me by that stupid name?” Jacob said.

    Satisfied with being called by Alex, Jacob sighed and Alex’s body started glowing letting Alex drop to the floor, eyes wide, but very pale. Scarlet did the same, but regretfully, Ruby slumped to the ground and Scarlet stepped on head like a bug.
    “So the plan is…?” Scarlet asked confused, not comprehending why they had to scrap their prizes since they already defeated those twerps so easily.

    “We get the others, we get the schools.” Jacob proclaimed while turning his head back to Scarlet.

    “Get the letters ready,” Jacob replied, “It’s time for a few students to go back to school.” He said, Jacob’s finger glowed brown and he disappeared into the darkness.

    “Heh.” Scarlet smirked. “This seems festive.” She said, then sashayed out of the room.
    (It shows air quotes because Ruby is actually Scarlet and Alex is Jacob. Just if anyone was wondering! ~Fantasygirl)

    Gabby Pov
    I was woken to the sound of my mom shrieking. I snored, then,
    “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mom shrieked. I stopped and fell out out of the tree.
    “Whoa!” I said, while falling to the ground. I groaned and got up climbing from the window, into my room.
    “What the heck mom! Don’t you see I was trying to get some sleep! I told you to call me when there’s a letter!” I said, obnoxiously cranky. Mom looked at me astonishingly relieved. Her eyes were glistening and saying “She’s EVIL!” I glared at her and snatched the letter from her.

    “What do you mean i’m evil! I was just cranky! If you think anytime in your right mi-”

    I looked at the letter and read it over again. Something has to be wrong!! I thought. I’m not evil. No matter who my parents are, i’m not Evil! I read it over again and again, but no matter what, it was the same thing. I even noticed that mom was dancing around with excitement until I looked up. I looked up and stared at mom, then back at the letter again. I did this for a good 30 seconds. I looked at the letter again and stuttered….

    “E-Evil?!” I stuttered and fainted. I felt someone catch me. The hands were warm and they felt familiar. The last thing I heard was the sound of someone’s voice that said,
    “Whoa Gabriella! You’re not the only one with a crisis!” A voice said.
    Then everything went black.

    Pain surged through my head when I started getting up. I groaned. “Ugh… My everything hurts… Well at least that was all a dream.” I said, civilized. I looked around the room and noticed that I was in the forest. I guess I was just dreaming. I sighed with a grin building up.

    “What’re you grinning about, Queen?” A voice said.

    My eyes flickered opened and saw that Dallas was carrying me with his duffel bag in his hands. I saw a letter it said, “Congratulations you Dallas, son of Jafar are wanted at the School for Good.” My eyes widened and i wanted to puke.

    “What the heck Dallas! Why’re YOU in the School for Good?! This is ridiculous! I haven’t been bad since-” I started. “D-dallas? I s-something wrong? You’re too close!” I said.
    I was blushing like crazy. Dallas was clutching very close and when I looked at him, I realized he had been staring at me. I looked away, but I could still feel his eyes on me.
    “What is it?” I asked still looking in the other direction, blushing.
    “I saw that letter and I want to say I have no idea why it’s like this but being evil isn’t so bad,” Dallas continued. “I mean, they should be here any minute and we’ll find out if it’s the same for them.” Dallas said.

    I stared at him with no expression. “What do you mean being evil not so bad?! There’s Uglification and history of villains which I already heard about my mom, I don’t need to go through it again! MY mom already gave curses don’t get me started on how thrilled she was when she found out I was ev-”
    There was silence. I looked at Dallas. He was looking at the ground. I was only thinking about myself. I’ve never felt so *****. I trembled. What happened to me? I thought. I was never so cold. I looked up and grabbed Dallas’s arm. He looked startled and I banged him to a tree. He looked at me as if I were crazy. I blushed multiple times thinking it through. I nodded my head and pressed my lips onto his. I could feel the shock in his movements. He kissed me back. When I released, he looked as if he were beat up.

    “Why’d you do that?! Are you trying to aske me-” Dallas started. He paused as I turned my head and revealed that I was blushing. I stared and saw that Jason and Lucy were coming in the corner of my eye. That’s unexpected. I thought. Dallas nodded his head yes, and I smiled. When Lucy and Jason got there, they explained that they had the same situation as us. Lucy turned to me.
    “BTW Gabby, “ Lucy started, “Yeah,” I said. “You do realize that Dallas is on your lap right?” Lucy said, smirking.
    I looked at Dallas, then at Lucy. My eyes widened.
    “T-this isn’t w-what i-it looks like! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” I said. Everyone laughed.
    A few minutes later, Jason and Dallas were teaching us how being Evil isn’t so bad. They handed us a paper with lyrics. We rolled our eyes.

    “We’re NOT singing this song.” We said. Jason and Dallas chuckled. “Well it’s what every single never sang on the first day, so you have to do it.” Jason said. “Don’t worry we’ll be singing with you. Or is it that you’re chicken?” Dallas said

    We just stood there. They acted like it was so easy! “We’ll show you who’s chicken!” We said and looked at the lyrics and started singing.

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    “Wow!” When we were done, I stared at Dallas and Lucy was looking at the ground.

    “Okay lets to the Schools” Jason and we dashed forward. I hope we’re not too late. I thought.

    Violet Pov
    I groaned waking up. I heard voices.
    “Did the healing work, stal?” I must be imagining things. I thought. No way Crystal would be here. I thought. Next thing I know i’m being shaken awake.
    “Hey! HEY! Violet wake up! You had your sleep, now wake UP!” My eyes fluttered open. I was in a castle. The room was mostly black and there was only one space for color. The sun. This must be Crystal’s room. I thought.
    “Great. She’s up. Now we can go back to the schools and kick that school master dumb ****!” Crystal said.
    I stared dazed. I forgot that we got our letters. I took mine and my eyes widened.
    “What?!” I said. “W-why what’s happening” I asked. All everyone could do was nod. I looked at them with shock. Why am I in evil?! I thought. We need to figure this out now!

    “If you’re thinking about how this can be fixed than go ahead and throw a tantrum about it. Because we’re meeting the others at the school.” Crystal said, and continued. “Good to be back, huh?” Crystal said.
    I nodded and smiled. But it slowly faded. Everyone would be there except Alex. I slumped in my seat. What was that? I thought. That look in Alex’s eyes, it wasn’t human. Violet sighed and tried to move onto another topic.
    She smiled.

    “Let’s get a move on. We don’t want the others getting there before us.” I said and walked out of the room. Crystal, Jake and Ray followed behind me. I hope that we can fix this. I thought. Little did I know more trouble was coming.

    Ruby Pov
    “Let me out of here!” I screamed. It was a week since Scarlet had taken over my body. I attacked Ray and Jake. What makes it even worse is that combined with scarlet’s power her hair would turn into faire and slash her enemies. I can’t give up! Ruby thought with determination. If I do, Scarlet will destroy everything in her path. She’ll hurt everyone who I care about. Including mom and dad. My heart throbbed at the thought of mom and dad. I screamed. I heard Scarlet’s voice.

    “Ah ah ah. You know if you show any compassion towards your parents you’ll be shocked with a thousand bolts of lightning. You also know that i can make this even more painful for you.” Scarlet said fiercely.

    I struggled but she took my energy away. “With your mother’s memories of mother gothel in my hands I can transform into an older but gorgeous woman. This song will suffice. Flower gleam and glow let your power shine, make the clock reverse, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine.” Scarlet sang.

    I gasped and my hair glowed and Scarlet was transformed into a gorgeous lady. Jacob was there behind her. He grinned. It was a menacing grin. I trembled. For he had been transformed into a man. No the students that were coming wouldn’t recognize them. There has to be a way to warn them. I screamed as Jacob and Scarlet disappeared and Alex appeared in their place. He shot a beam at me and I screamed. They had possessed Alex and he couldn’t recognize me. I trembled. That would be me soon. I used the inch of my power to send a message to Jane. If what Lucy said was true, she will receive it. Please hurry. I thought. I screamed again and the darkness swallowed me whole along with Alex.

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    2 Questions: One do you think this a very long chapter when you compare to my others?
    2nd: Today during 3rd period we’re learning about stock markets. The teacher asked us to be in partners. Only two of friends are in this class with me though. So instead, they have to work together and the teacher parts me up with someone else. This person doesn’t even talk to me while we’re doing our work, and when he finally does, its to say I’ve made a mistake. The teacher also gives us folders and make up a name for your company. Since he never talked to me, We never wrote anything down! The question is do you think this is fair if she yells at us? Also what should I do?! (This replies to everyone except @fsa161 because I was already given a answer by her. Enjoy the chapter 😉 ~ Fantasygirl12

        wenteo replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Amazing! Yeah, it’s quite long and I advise you to talk to her first. You should ask her for her own opinion. Maybe she feels left out and you should give her a chance to write something. You could also try working together with her.

        maidengirl replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Lovely chapter, and it’s longer than usual, but never too long! As for your class, I’m sorry and I think you should work it out with your partner and explain what happened to the teacher. I’m sure they’ll understand. 🙂

          fsa161 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

          This was long! Amazing chapter!!!!!!!!!
          And What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Also you never told me about this. You talked to me all day and never mentioned this. Oh well, anyway I think you can work it out with your partner. Don’t worry, sis. 😉

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        I love it!!
        Longer than normal (not that that’s wrong). I agree, just talking to her will probably help. Good luck!

        neverafter12 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Amazing!! And I agree with everyone else

        sugarplumprincess replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        amazingand i totally agreed just like everyone else

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