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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 1 month ago

    Adventures in SGE: The Noble Act
    Chapter 3: The Cousins
    Ruby Pov
    I was astonished. I watched as the boys followed Scarlet, and the girls on the ground, grabbing their throats, aching for air. Toxic? I thought. The bracelet really protected me! I thought, amazed. Violet had opened her eyes. She said something, but it was inaudible.

    What are you doing! They’re not going to last long! Just because they’re protected doesn’t me they are! You wanted to pay your respects to show your forgiveness, well this is the time to do it! Jane said.

    “Right!” I said.

    I went up to the tree and broke a huge chunk off. Then, I took Gabby’s arrow and weaved it in. I put the girls on my tree gurney, and I dashed into the school. I heard footsteps. I had to be cautious. I put the gurney down, and looked up. My eyes widened.

    “W-why are you here A-alex? I stuttered.
    His eyes were glowing. Wait. His finger should be glowing. What have those two done to him? I thought.

    “I’m glad you asked. Once you take a sip from this, and a beating from me, You’ll be able to hurt your so called friends to your utmost desire! You’ll probably even be able to kill them!” He grinned.

    I took into his eyes. Those stone cold, demonic eyes. I can’t fight my cousin. But if it’s to save you… I must! My finger-glowed neon pink and Alex’s glowed green, as well as his eyes. They were menacing. At that note, we dashed into each other as our glows collided. I grunted as my feet were being pressed back against the dirt. The bracelet glowed. Jane told me that she was going to bring the others back to safety. I smiled. Old reliable Jane.

    “Hey freak! Focus on your battle! And what’s with that **** grin on your face? I can’t wait to wipe it off!” Alex yelled.

    I was peeved. I had to keep fighting him off. If I don’t find a way, to bring him back soon… How did I turn back? That’s right! I was turned back the power of friendship when I saw Scarlet and Jacob were going to do! I thought. My eyes widened with excitement. I got it! I used the finger glow to craft it into Violet and Alex’s mom.
    Alex stared and I saw his eyes soften. An opening! I thought. My hair slashed at Alex and grabbed his legs, holding him up like chains! He grunted resisting. I looked for something to attach with, so he would hold still. I found a twig and turned back around, but only to find Alex free. I blasted a beam at me, and I dived into the bushes. The trees were on fire.

    I saw Alex heading for the statues of his mom and Violet. I ran over to them and guarded them. The only problem with this was that they’ll feel any attack when someone hits the statues. Alex smacked his lips and smirked. Then he charged. I winced. He’s still going for it?! He was getting closer. I flinched and closed my eyes while deflecting myself knowing there was nothing I could do. *thump* I opened my eyes, wincing. I found myself looking at a panting Alex. He collapsed, just in time for me to catch him.

    “Alex you okay?” I asked. He looked up at me, worriedly. “Ruby,I have two things to say. One, What in the world did I do? Second, I saw her… “

    I smiled. He was back. That smile faded when “i saw her…” Echoed in my head. I shaked my head, saying I imagined it. I put Alex’s arm around my shoulder. I headed in the direction of the school. For some reason i can’t shake the feeling that something big is about to happen.

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