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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you guys had a terrfic day becasue your question is who is your favorite shipping couple in the story? Bios of new characters will be coming soon!
    Adventures in SGE: The Noble Act
    Chapter 5: The Arrival of someone new
    Dallas Pov
    “What the heck you guys?! Don’t you recognize me?!!! It’s me Dallas!” I hollered, babbled.

    I could barely hear anything thanks to how exhausted I was. I grunted as Gabriella pulled me up and pointed her arrow towards and said, while it was faint, if you are Dallas than say something he would say. I stared at her precautionary. I grinned. She winced.

    “Okay Queen, your lips taste like blueberry lip gloss.” I smirked and everyone was all smiles, Gabby flinched and turned red. “Who said you could say that?!” She yelled at me, still blushing.

    She put her arrow away, impishly knowing that I was the real deal. I stood up, ready to tell everyone. I told everyone about how Scarlet was taking all the boys hostage and how the room looked like a fire temple.

    “There was a lot of markings on the walls. Oh right. There was this boy with Jacob. He came in the room suspecting all of us to be awake, which we were, he attacked us with brutal force when we couldn’t do anything to protect ourselves. I don’t know why, but he didn’t do anything to me, the others were unconscious, and this boy came in. I think his name was Robin. He had blond hair and crystal blue eyes. A lot like yours Crystal. He gazed at the fire and out of nowhere, a sword appeared. The only thing that was weird was that there was a flame coming out of it. When he turned around his eyes were so cold. I’ve never seen anything like it.” When I finished, everyone but Crystal was looking at me, wide-eyed.

    I looked over at Crystal who wrapped her arms around her shoulder and stiffened. I stared at her, and our eyes met and she flinched. She looked away quickly, but I had already saw her. My gaze was fixed on her suspiciously. I had enough. I slashed at her with fire and her hair was cut short. She fell to the ground and panted.

    “DALLAS!” The girls screamed. Lucy turned to slap me, but I ducked. She glared at me. “What’s wrong with you, you idiot! You may be upset but doesn’t mean you take it out on your friends! Furthermore, your comrades! ” Lucy hollered.

    I stared at Lucy then at “Crystal” who was starting to stand up. I glared at “Crystal.” “She’s not my friend. Nore is she my comrade. Just a big pile of nothing.” I replied through clenched teeth.

    The girls froze and I looked at that girl in disgust. She looked stunned and was staring at the ground. None of the girls budged. I couldn’t stand the silence. Fire shot out of my hands and I aimed it at “Crystal.”

    “I’m going to give you three seconds to tell me who you really are and what you’ve done with Crystal before I barbeque you. One.” There was no answer. “Two.” Silence. “Three.”

    I through the fireball at her with no one stopping me. It was a direct hit. I looked in the corner of my eye. Some of the girls were in a daze. I grinned. I guess I overdid it. I didn’t even get any info out of her. I heard a cackle. I whirled around to find the girl still standing with not a single bruise on her. My eyes widened.

    “BTW, the names Tiffany. Remember that. Remember that where you’re going!” Tiffany screeched and slashed a black ball of darkness hurdled towards me. I got ready to block it but the others were howling my name and notifying me to get away. I didn’t move it was getting closer. Then the unexpected happened. Gabby jumped right in the middle of the attack. She yelped and Tiffany smirked.

    “Bad girl.” She said and with that, she vanished. “Gabby! Gabriella!” We hollered and clamped up beside her. She panted and her face was all sweaty. “Y-you have t-to g-get outta hereeee~~~” She managed to squeak. “This energy is going to burst, when it does, it’ll take you all with it-t. G-get outta h-here.’’ she squeaked. The girls were on the verge of tears. I just stood there stunned.

    “Dallas.” Gabby started. I flinched. I couldn’t deal with the fact that she wanted us to just leave her to die? All I could do was nod. Her eyes were telling me to take care of everyone. I winced. She said… A flash dark occurred knocking all of us back ward. The explosion ****** in and we fell to the ground. I was paralyzed. I wasn’t the only one. I managed to yell out Gabby’s name. I struggled trying to move and watch as Gabby was still standing when this whole collision occurred. Her finger twitched and she collapsed to the ground. I grasped her and set her to the ground correctly. She was pale. Wasn’t moving. The color was drained from her face.

    There was a huge lump in my throat. Gabby that’s not fair. I never got to tell you. Rage and Pain surged through my body. I looked up at the sky. Tiffany killed my girlfriend, now I will kill YOU! I stood up triumphantly, and dashed out of the forest, regret, defiance, sacrifices, savors and hatred in my arms.

    Jane Pov
    I whirled out of the portal and found Daniel, meditating. He looked peaceful. I shook my head shook him awake.

    “Time to wake up Daniel. Everyone’s lives depend on it! The rest of spirit world and and…” I rasped and coughed. I was talking way too fast. But everyone’s lives rest on my shoulders. “Wake up DANIEL!” I shook him with more force. He seemed to be very pickled

    “Janell Leah Dovey!” He boomed. I stiffened and blushed. He called by my full name. “Can’t you see i’m studying? There is a crisis at hand.” Daniel said and continued. “I know but I had this flashback again, this girl was in it, my siblings were hurdling to their death and Mack…” I continued and Daniel had stopped and turned to me. His eyes had soften and he was trembling. He gave me a book and told me to decode it.

    “Now go! Save my brother.” My eyes gleamed and I went through the portal. “Thank you Danny.” I whispered and left. I was in the forest and was heading to the girls dorm. I used Ruby’s tracking device to find out where she was, but it said that she was right with me. I shrieked to find Gabby laying on the ground motionless, and the others paralyzed. Violet was the first to wake up. I sighed.

    “What time is it mom?” I chuckled she thought she was at home. The others started to wake up too. When they looked at each other, they yelped in agony.

    “WHY DO YOU HAVE MY FACE?!” With that, another adventure with mystery was happening. Little did I know someone was lurking in the shadows to watch it all.

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        wenteo replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Great cliffhanger! And also Happy Valentine’s Day, I celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday

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        Happy Valentine’s Day!
        Great chapter! 😛

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        awesome.I celebrated valentines day 2 days ago

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