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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hey guys i’m back! Sorry I haven’t been posting in a while, i had some major writer’s block, but now i’m back and ready for action! So without further ado, here’s my chapter! 🙂

    Adventures in SGE: The Noble Act
    Chapter 6: Dallas’s Fire
    Dallas Pov
    I watched as explosions came through the ground clashing through glass and wood and anything that could get in its way. Andrew grimaced and looked away. I turned to look at the guys who had already escaped. Andrew glared at me.

    “You shouldn’t have done that. Now he will never get the chance to get to kill you. But don’t worry, i’ll make it as painful as possible” Andrew replied.

    I scowled at him and got ready. Vines shot out and aimed for my legs. I dodged it and fire shot out of my hands. I pointed it towards him and slashed at him. He staggered and bended the branch that had suddenly appeared. All of a sudden, twigs,branches, grass and vines were all coming at me at once. I went into blaze and tried to block it. My eyes widened as the attack went right through my fire. Andrew cackled and the attack had gotten fiercer.
    I looked for a way out, but there was no. I was surrounded. I mumbled something under my breath and then felt something catch my leg as I tried to get out. Then it pulled into the darkness the vines swallowing me whole.

    I groaned as I got up feeling the ground. What is this? I thought. I made a torch out of fire. I walked deeper into what looked like a forest. I stopped and stared at the surface. I was filled with confidence and jumped and climbed on the vines. I grunted. It felt as if the vines were alive. I finally made it up to the surface. No one was there anymore. I stared incredulous. That boy was only toying with me. Next time I see him i’ll kill-

    “Ugh!” I groaned as I rolled on the ground. Those vines transformed. I glared. He left so these could finish me off. I shot fire out of my hands and transformed it into a sword. I slashed at the tree monster and it exploded falling into pieces. I did this for the rest. When the job was done I went for the kill as I saw Andrew. He turned astonished and I smiled. I jumped slashed with my sword. But just as I did, something stopped me. He blasted me with a vine and crushed me making my sword fall and making me struggle to move. A voice came in my head.

    Stop! Dallas. I’m fine. You want to avenge me, that’s fine. Just be careful what path it leads you too. Besides, I told you right? You just have to remember what I told you and you’ll be as strong as ever. So take him down, but not just for me, for everyone!

    My eyes widened. Queen?

    *Hey you guys! Imagine Tiffany going in for the kill and slashed an attack at Dallas and Gabby went in front of the attack and took it full force.*

    The girls were screaming and crying. I had dropped to my knees. She had told me to stay strong, take care of the everyone and said the four words I never thought would come out of her mouth. “I love you Dallas.”
    She had continued and said that you have to keep on living for them.
    ~~~~~~~ Flashback Over~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I fell to my knees. Tears ran over my eyes and it wouldn’t stop. What is this feeling? This expression? I thought. You have grown over me Gabby. Since the day we met and I took you hostage. I still think you belong in evil. But knowing you’re alive is enough. I will protect everyone. I do remember but there is one thing you should know. I thought, as I took my sword and ran towards Andrew.

    “You’re real name is Blaze, and NEVER underestimate ME!” I screamed at the fire got even higher and explosions set off everywhere I lit of like a candle but even brighter. I melted the candle stick, shattered the chandelier and Andrew stood there shaking in fear as he hit the ground. The whole room was scattered with cracks.. The sword disappeared. Too bad I thought, it wasn’t my full power.

    I turned to Blaze and whispered, “boo.” I watched as he trembled even more. “Relax, i’m not going to kill you. You’re just lucky I have someone good who will always watch over me.” I said

    I turned to leave but heard someone snap their fingers. The cracks disappeared and Blaze’s bruises disappeared. I gritted my teeth and said under my breath, “Jacob.” Blaze was trembling even more as Jacob came even closer to his side. He was backing up a little. Finally Jacob said something as he walked around in circles.

    “I see you’ve failed to bring home victory. That is uncalled for.” Jacob said. I could hear Blaze gulp.
    “I-I know Jac- I mean sire. But you never told me he was this strong.” Blaze said.
    Jacob’s eyes were so cold. Is it possible for a ****** like Jacob to get even more evil for an entire year? I thought.
    “Strong? Nonsense. I took that all way in one attack. I could kill this boy in one attack. In fact, let me try it out right now.” Jacob retorted.

    I got ready to block the attack. I winced and my eyes widened as I watched in horror as Jacob aimed a dark beam at Blaze. A huge explosion occurred and I watched as Blaze layed there motionless. Jacob said something that sound like “still breathing” and I knew I couldn’t watch something like again. Jacob went for the kill and I slashed at him, grabbed Blaze, then right out the window. I ran and ran until I was finally out of breath. We were in the Blue forest. I set Blaze down and he was still unconscious. I looked at the stars. I yawned. “Thanks Queen.” I said delicately. With that, I fell asleep.

    Gabby Pov
    It was the end of 7th period and everything was going smoothly. The day was over so fast. 8th period was canceled due to some fight at lunch. We were in the lounge. I could here the girls squealing as Jane put an apple, a toad and two drops of salt into each cup. I gaged. Even from over here I know it’s sour. The girls downed it with no hesitation. There was a big flash and they stared at each other.

    “How do we know if it worked?” They asked. I asked them all questions only they would know, and they all got it right.

    “Okay, we need to talk about the plan. So the person who “killed me” seems to be working with Jacob and Scarlet. So all we have do, is attack anyone else that works with them and take them down. After that, we can brutally ask them where the hideout is. BTW, they’re three people working for Jacob and Scarlet. We already know that person who took him down. We’ll be meeting with him tomorrow morning in the Blue Forest so let’s get ready!” I declared.

    Everyone looked at each other and nodded. “Yeah!” They hollered.

    I stared at the night sky. I grinned. “Yeah, i’ll be fine Dallas. Right back at ya.” I said.

    Then I fell asleep with a huge grin for tomorrow.

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    Question #1: what’s your favorite couple in the story? #2: Did you like that chapter?
    #3: What do you think Jacob and Scarlet’s plan is? Do you think they will succeed?
    #4: Do you think I have gotten better at writing since I first joined RP level O?
    #5: Would you scared of Jacob if you came face to face?

        neverafter12 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Amazing Chapter! As for your questions:
        1. I don’t know. I like them all for all different reasons 🙂
        2. Of Course!!!
        3. I’m not sure what their plan is, but I think they will have the upper hand, but then it all comes crashing down 😉
        4. Of course, you have definitely grown in confidence and your writing shows that!
        5. Hmm, I don’t know. Depends what I’m like on the day I met him. I could be scared endlessly or be feisty and not scared at all.

        fsa161 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Love the chapter!

        1. DALLAS AND GABBY!!!!!
        2. Yes
        3. IDK…..50% chance they will. Hoping they don’t though.
        4. Yes. Positively. 🙂
        5. No, not really. You know why, sis. 😉

        wenteo replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Awesome chapter! As for your question, I am quite busy now, so sorry

        sugarplumprincess replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        awesome chapter

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        I love it!!!!
        1. Probably Dallas and Gabby
        3. not sure, and probably not
        4. Yes!
        5. Maybe a little…

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