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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 1 month ago

    The Sge saga: The Noble Act
    Name: Tiffany Redfox
    School: Evil
    Age:15 (Everyone is 15 now)
    Fairy-Tale Lineage: ?
    Appearance: short, brunette hair, brown eyes, cherry red lipstick, a scrunched up nose.
    Clothing: teal shirt ruby diamonds. Black leather jacket. Short shorts.hiking boots. Bling. Usually only a bracelet.
    Personality:Humble. Dependable do Jacob and Scarlet. Scarce. Meanuosing. Guiltless, shameful and narcissism. rarely smiles, and if she does, it’s a ****** reason
    Talent: darkness. Enchanting or rising from the dead. Also singing.
    Finger-glow: fire orange
    Backstory: When she was awake, she found herself in a village. No parents, No family, no nothing. Tiffany realized that she was left to die. As soon as this was noticed Tiffany made sure that she would get to them first. So she went into the village, posing as an orphan, and a lady named madame rose took her in. every night, she would go into her basement and practice spells. Tiffany had simply asked for the spells from madame rose, and she got them for her.Tiffany would always spend each and every day in that basement. When the day came for the letter, madame rose wasn’t home so Tiffany wrote a note only saying goodbye, and left. Tiffany had took it as an opportunity to find out more about who her parents actually were, so she could kill them.Unfortunately for Tiffany, Scarlet and Jacob could sense this hatred for tiffany’s parents. They hijacked Tiffany’s ride that she had stolen and told her that they would give her anything and let her have the power to kill her parents. Tiffany accepted this and she turned even powerful than before. She used this power to make a barrier around the schools that would separates the evs and nevs. (It was even powerful than before because you would electrocuted if you touched it.) (this happened to Crystal.) She also attacked the teachers and recruited others to be with Jacob and Scarlet.Tiffany vowed to kill her parents and would kill anyone at no costs who got her way.

    Name: Andrew (Blaze)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    School: Good?
    Fairy-Tale Lineage:? (you’ll find out later)
    Appearance: big chestnut eyes and black hair, and black glasses. (sometimes wears contacts)
    Clothing:red shirt and blue vest. Purple pants.
    Talent: controlling nature
    Personality:Vial, mischief-maker and all around funny guy. He’ll always has his friends back and when it comes time to fight, Blaze is ready for action. He is also degrading.
    Crush:? (What do you think?)
    Siblings:? (what do you think?)
    Backstory: Blaze was born in a forest where a mayor of a village came in from a job, taking and adopted Blaze. Although he still had to find out who his parents are, so Randy sent Blaze he found something. Blaze met a girl named Jewel who said he looked familiar. eventually, her mother who adopted her, came home. without letting Blaze explain who he was, or where he came from, adopted him too. The woman renamed Blaze, Andrew. It recalled to Andrew that, when he got the letter, it was his time to find out who his parents were. So he escaped one night, leaving all his regret, inside. That night, when he was inside the School of Good, a girl with the most meanacousing grin and short brunette hair was picking people to join her. The girl looked like jewel. But for some reason he could feel hatred rising in for her. The girl sensed this and took Andrew teaching him hand to hand combat and ways to make his talent even more powerful. Andrew soon developed a series of feelings toward this girl. He vowed one day to find out what this resemblance was about. It was no longer that he met Scarlet and Jacob. They said that if he followed their every word,that he’d meet his parents one day and get to see Jewel again. Andrew took this proposition and promised that he would kill Crystal Charming. It was all that training that made think like this. His parents would never leave him unless someone killed them. So Andrew kept his name Andrew Blaze and vowed to stay loyal to Jacob and Scarlet as long as he got to kill Crystal. Little did he know that promise would be cut short.

    Name: Daniel
    Age: 14
    School: Never made it.
    Fairy-Tale Lineage: was an orphan
    Appearance: A ghost. Beady Gray eyes, white shaggy hair
    Clothing: red ripped shirt, short leopard printed pants
    TAlent: Was a Reader and swordsmanship
    Personality: honest, open-minded and when it comes to girls, absent minded (Even though the only girl he’s come to present with Jane.) noble and will always fight for what right.
    Finger-Glow: teal
    Crush: Supposedly Jane (always teased about it)
    Siblings: Mack
    Backstory: Daniel always thought he was special in his own way because everyone always said he was a bookworm. He would always reply with a n answer of “You say that like its a bad thing.” It was one year ago, he had received a letter for the school of Good, his ride was hijacked by Jacob. Daniel had been in the back of the Train and hadn’t heard a thing. A guy came toppling over telling him to run. This boy named Mack, who he had met on the walk over to the train station, and called him big brother, was only 10 years old. Mack was crying. The guy who collapsed was his father. Mack’s father’s last words were cornered at Daniel,” take good care of him, Daniel;” With that, Daniel staggered back, astonished, seeing death before his eyes. It was hard for Mack too. Daniel jumped off the train with mack holding his hand. Daniel had ordered him to not let go. Jacob had bent the train and it melted into flames. Daniel and Mack fell and when Daniel got back up Mack was screaming. Jacob was telling him to shut up, but Mack screamed even louder so someone could come and help. Then only problem was that there wasn’t a village in sight. Jacob had told Mack to shut up again, and when he didn’t Jacob’s hand turned into sharper nails, ready to sink into Mack’s skin. Mack paled and started struggling trying to resist. Daniel’s eyes widened and remembered what Mack’s dad had said to take care of Mack. This is what Daniel was thinking.
    I may not have any power to help anyone, but If I can stand, then I can fight. So don’t frite, old man, because i’ll save him, even if it takes my life! Daniel thought.
    A light occurred and Mack switched places with Mack. In that instance, even Jacob was shocked. Mack stood there, seeing death before his eyes.Mack’s eyes stung with tears. All he could was why’d you do it. Daniel had said, “I had to protect you. Take care Mack. I guess in a way, you really are my brother.” Those were Daniel’s last words. The words that broke Mack’s heart. There was only one thing Daniel overheard. Jacob had told Mack “if you ever want to see your brother again, you’ll join me.” Mack accepted the offer. That all Daniel could ever remember not the day he died, but the day his brother’s heart was tainted by darkness. Everyday in the spirit world he would read and mediate trying to find a spell that will help or restore Mack to who he once was. The only problem was Mack was doing this all from hatred. Then there was the day he met Jane. she was killed the same way he was. Daniel had finally found someone. He helped her get everything ready and gave her a tour. The day when Jane had told him about the premonition, his heart raced. It was the only time he had heard Mack’s name out loud. So it really had been that long, he thought. Daniel sighed and thought if it was all worth it.

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    Do you guys like that title The SGE saga: The Noble Act I’m just going to tally up the votes of who say yes and who say no and make it my new title so please answer the question.

        saphire101 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Awesome bios! Can you tag me? Also can I use Tiffany in my story?

          fantasygirl12 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

          Sure @sapphire101 i’ll tag you! Also sure you can use Tiffany in your story! 🙂

        wenteo replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Yes! The title sounds great. Cool bios btw

        princesshyacinth replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        cool bios! can you tag me next time

        neverafter12 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

        Amazing bios! Yes, I love the title name

          fsa161 replied 3 years, 1 month ago

          Amazing bios. 🙂 Love the title. 😉

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