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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 5 months ago

    The SGE Saga: The Noble Act
    Chapter 7: The Admission
    Lucy Pov
    My eyes flashed open as ruby shook me awake. I looked around gazing at everyone looking bored. We were still in the lounge. I got up, stretched and put my battle gear on.

    “So, what’s the plan?” I asked. The girls laughed as my eyes shimmered. We went through the woods. It’s weird being in evil now. I thought. I’ve only been here once since last year, but i’m pretty sure the woods weren’t like this. There was graffiti everywhere and it said stuff like long waits the school of Scar. I gasped as I heard something in the bushes.

    I smell fire! I thought. My eyes widened. “Everyone down!” I screamed. I didn’t have time to explain, I hexed a rope and the girls grunted as fell to the ground. I gritted my teeth as I crept closer. There was a boy, with blond hair and blue eyes.He was in bruises, but looked a lot like Crystal. He seemed to be unconscious, but his eyelids were open wide. He winced and looked at me.

    “Umm… can you get off me?” He asked. I looked at him confused. Then he pointed at me, I blushed. I had him pinned down, and he was on the ground with me on top of him. “S-sorry.” I blurted. I heard giggling. I turned to see Tiffany, the girl who killed Gabby. I gritted my teeth.

    “Andrew, you really should be more careful, You do realize you’re playing with the enemy right? If you want to find out who your parents are, then you’d better stay loyal.” Tiffany said.

    So his name was Andrew. Andrew mumbled something out of range. Tiffany gave him a questioning look. Andrew exploded. “I said i’m not going back! I don’t that stupid organization to find my parents! They’re just using us! It’s about time you noticed this too.” He said. “Fine,” Tiffany started, too bad you’re not going to live to see them!” She said like a maniac. A dark force came out of her hand and my eyes widened. I could feel the power coming through that attack.

    If it hits… I thought. No. I stared at Andrew, then at the girls, then Tiffany. The girls were traumatized watching. Gabby was the only one to get up. She gave me a look that said, Whatever you’re thinking, you’d better come back alive. I smiled and nodded. I hexed and closed my eyes. Power surged through me and I could feel the attack getting stronger, my body was building up and my eyes flashed open. I can hex even more now, so i’ll use this attack, with everything i’ve got.

    “North, South, East and West! From the moon and to the sun, I call upon the hex of miracula, Merelda!” I screamed as light towards and shined brighter than the sun. As I opened my eyes, I could see everyone covering their eyes. I was glowing. It was radiant. I smiled. Mom said, that someday i’d succeed in this ultimate hex. My hands felt as hard as steel and my body shined brighter than a thousand stars. I chuckled.

    “Well if i’m against darkness, who better to stop it than the light.” I said and charged for her. I punched Tiffany straight in the face. I smiled. Then glared at her, continuing my attack. She seemed to not be fighting back. I continued on punching her back and forth.

    “You killed Gabby. You made me and my friends switch bodies, not to mention, you were about to kill your friend! You’re the worst kind of human being! Something like this can’t be forgiven!” I screamed and was about to finish her off. Then a flash of fire went through my stomach. I grunted as i fell to the ground. The light disappeared. My eyes widened.

    “If that’s so unforgivable, then what about me?” A voice said. “Dallas?!” I said. “What’re you doing here? Is this part of the plan? Well come on and help me up. I can’t move anyway.” I replied. He laughed.

    “Can’t move huh? This is going to be so much easier then.” Dallas said. He slashed fire the girls, but luckily, they dodged it. I sighed and glared at Dallas. “What’re you doing!” I hollered. I coughed and grabbed my throat, the trees.

    “You guys should see one thing, just give up. There’s no point. The School Of Jule and Scar will come kingdoms will crumble and with you guys so busy trying to save the schools, that we’ll be free to reid and take- Sorry, can’t tell you the plan.” Dallas said and they disappeared.

    I saw the girls coughing and gasping for breath. Only Jane and Violet could stand.

    “Violet, Jane, *cough cough* You have to put this fire out.” Gabby rasped and collapsed.

    I watched as Gabby fell to the ground, and as I went to help her, I collapsed and everything went black.

    Blaze Pov
    I turned to Dallas as he walked away from the girls. “What’re you doing Dallas those are your friends right? I thought you said you wanted to avenge Gabby! You may be able, but that’s nothing compared to how it will be if you go through with this!” I said. Dallas turned to me and his eyes were menacing.

    I flinched. “That’s the price i’m willing to take. And if you even try to stop me, so tell me, i’ll kill you.” Dallas said and left me alone in the forest, with no one, to help me.

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    1. What will happen?
    2. Are the girls going to be okay?
    3. Whatever happened to the guys?

    Please answer these questions 😉

        saphire101 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Cool! Love the chapter!
        1. IDK
        2. I bet the girls will be fine
        3. I’m not sure

        dot111 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Great chapter! 🙂
        1. I’m not too sure.
        2. I think they’ll be okay.
        3. I’m not too sure, either.

        caramelprincess replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        I don’t know what will happen, some of the girls will be fine and I don’t know…what guys?

        wenteo replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        1. No idea
        2. I think they will be fine
        3. Idk

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        1. Not sure
        2. Probably
        3. No idea

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