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    fantasygirl12 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 years, 6 months ago

    Chapter 4: Savage Beast

    I stared at the guy with determination and intent. I was bewildered as his eyes darted away from mine and he just smirked. Wha? My thought said to me. My eyes widened as his hand clenched harder into my skin.

    “Where are you taking me?” I asked trying to break free. “Hey.” I said, my face going red. “When I ask a question I expect an answer!” I declared.

    “What’s your incarnation?” He asked ignoring my questions.

    “My… what?”

    “Incarnation. What’s your incarnation? Where were you in your previous life?” He asked with exempt.

    The memories of what I experienced came flooding back in my head.
    It was almost a whisper. “I… my parents died a-and i-i was l-left a-a-alone. I couldn’t do anything. I was taken or I should say adopted by the Willman’s. T-t-they broke me. Abused me. I trembled. Yesterday I left.” I tried to keep it in. I wasn’t going to cry. If I cry, they win.

    I clenched my fists.
    “In those clothes?” He asked. I could tell a laugh was about to break out.

    “I was supposed to act as if like I was the Willman’s daughter. But like nothing was going on. I went to school, and they would pretend they knew me forever and get me stuff like this for their image.”

    I looked up. His eyes were red and he looked like he was ready to punch something.

    “Lets go.” He ordered.

    “W-where are we going?” I asked.

    “Lets go!” He snapped. I flinched. I nodded.

    We were walking to that ******, Garnet. I tugged on his arm. Knowing he didn’t want to talk. I shaked my head no. He let go of my hand and turned me towards him.

    “You’re really stupid you know that? What? I asked myself. What is this voice inside my head?

    “COLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A voice echoed. “You found the grl for me!! Thanks. Bring her here.”

    Cole growled. “Like ****! She’s mine!” I blushed at that last comment.

    “Come on! We’re leaving!” A whip cracked and snapped on Cole’s cheek.

    “A-are you okay?” I asked.

    Blood trickled down his chin, descending to the ground.

    Blood. “It can’t be helped.”

    Cole’s face was full of weary anger.

    “You’ll regret that.” A spiral oval that looked like a football. A chain started to form out of it and it crossed and curved its way to Garnet.

    My eyes started to widen. “What is-”

    “Shh!!!! Just watch!”

    As it continued towards Garnet it almost grabbed her ankle. Too late. Garnet just managed to dodge it.

    “You seriously thought I would fall for something like that! I’m not drongo. Y’know!”

    “I wish you were.” Cole muttered.

    Garnet’s whip cracked again. This time it landed on Cole’s hand and he grunted.
    “Stop…” I muttered with the little breath I had. A swing of a soccer ball was created into a wrecking ball. It crashed through and blocked so many people from where they were going.

    “Stop…” I declared once again. The last time Garnet cracked her whip and fire started to form out of it.

    My eyes widened and I started to dash towards Cole and Garnet. Chaos.

    If they continue, they’ll kill… I can’t let that happen!!!!!

    Blood started to spurt out of nowhere as I got closer towards them. I have to get closer.

    I dashed forward and was in the middle of the entire scene. People stared at me like I was crazy as I walked to the middle of the fight.

    Cole’s eyes doubled and Garnet grunted, exasperated.

    “What do you want, Punk? Get out of the way!!!”

    You need to get out of here, Faith. It’s too dangerous for another human to be in this dome.

    Blood started stain on my clothes. Garnet and Cole looked worse. Bruises from head to toe. Blood everywhere.

    A sword now emerged and Garnet look out her spear.

    My eyes dilated and I tried telling them to stop. I was pushed back though.

    That’s it. I walked closer and anger started to swell up inside of me. Everything that has ever happened to me. I’m going to make it up right now.

    I walked to them and did the most stupid thing imaginable.

    “THAT’S ENOUGH!!!” I snapped and a flash emerged.

    I fought back an icy cold blood trickling in the back of my throat.

    I coughed continued to trace back to the scene. Wait. Where is the scene.

    After that flash everything that was left was murder scene. What did those two do?

    They destroyed their home. Many people were running to aid the two reckless guys.

    At least nobody got hurt. I clenched my fists. I started to tremble.

    If these two have this much power just in the palm of their hands, where does that leave everyone else here?

    Am I ****? I felt as if the world was starting to slow down. The world starting to… just like that, I collapsed. The world went dark.

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        jefftheattackpigeon replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        I want this to be a real book…
        please tag me!

          fantasygirl12 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          thanks u guys happy birthday sis! @fsa161!

          fantasygirl12 replied 2 years, 6 months ago
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        Happy Birthday @fsa161 !!! And awesome chapter!!! @fantasygirl12 .

          fsa161 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Finally, I read it! Thanks, sis!!! LOVED IT!!!! And thanks, everybody!! 🙂 The party was great! 🙂

          wenteo replied 2 years, 6 months ago

          Your welcome @fsa161 🙂

        fantasygirl12 replied 2 years, 6 months ago

        thanks u guys!

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