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    faunnightngale posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 10 months ago

    Hi everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve just been busy with school. Here is chapter 2 to my new story.

    Chapter 2 @PEARLY-WADDLES @CARROT123 @greenplum-1504
    Correta didn’t sleep much that night, no one did. At about five in the morning, Correta gently removed her littlest sister’s arms from around her, and stepped, quietly towards the hearth where her parents were up, murmuring.
    “Morning, Ma, Pa.” she whispered.
    “Morning, Correta.” her mother whispered back.
    “Do we have any food down here?” Correta asked, “I mean we haven’t needed this place since, well, not since I’ve been around.”
    “No, I’m afraid we don’t have any food.” her father said gravely. Correta felt a chill enter her in that room, even though her entire family was here, safe, they wouldn’t survive long without sustenance. Who knew how long they would have to be here? They had never expected the snake to get this far, to their homes.
    She shivered, then realized what she had to do. Her parents were still having their whispered conversation, and everyone else was asleep, so it only took a small bit of stealth to grab her brother’s sword and sheath. Silently sliding the sword onto place on her hip, she slowly snuck up the staircase, silent as a feather slowly falling, and reached the door. She opened it carefully and stepped outside.
    She then, searched for the right materials, just as her brothers had taught her, before fashioning a bow, and a couple of small rocks later, some arrows. Then, she set traps. Small, easy, but with good results these traps usually worked, though it was autumn, so Correta was worried about how much she would catch.
    So, she would hunt as well. She crept through the leaves, silently, away from Camelot. She saw a white rabbit, and with a pang deep inside her, shot it. It lay dead in an instant. A silent tear traveled down her face. I’m doing this so my family will eat. I’m doing this so my family will eat. She repeated over and over to herself. She slung the rabbit over her shoulder.
    She then walked home, darting in between the trees. On the way, she saw another rabbit, and after the painstaking process, continued on her way to the tree. Then, she heard voices.
    “WHERE ARE THEY?!” a man bellowed.
    “I don’t know, sire.” a voice responded.
    Before she could here anymore, there was a slap of the reins, and as she hid, she realized they had gone the opposite direction. Not towards her, towards her family’s tree. She watched in horror, until they passed it by, and had disappeared into the distance.
    It was then that the full danger of her mission crashed down on her. Her heart beat was going so fast she wouldn’t have been surprised if the cart didn’t turn right around from the sound of it.
    She sprinted towards her tree, and using the knock, then the catch, then the lock, silently jumped from stair to stair. She then walked into the room where her family was, silently placed the rabbits on the ground in the center of the room, left her brother’s sword and sheath just as she had found them, and destroyed her bow and arrow, leaving the shards in a small cabinet.
    Her parents were still having their conversation. Correta had been so quiet they hadn’t even noticed she’d been gone, or the food yet. She lay down next to Isabella, and tried to sleep again.

        sophieisbetterthanagatha replied 10 months ago

        that was long! lol

          faunnightngale replied 10 months ago

          ok…. Do you wanna be tagged?

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