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    flaw posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 2 months ago

    Here’s another chapter. Even though I have a new account instead of my old one, @Ravenqueen123, I will still update my RP instead of starting over…… again. Enjoy 😉


    Beneath the Soul ~ Chapter IV
    Sophia burst into her room, startling her pet phoenix, Current. She didn’t care though. Sophia was too exciting to even think about anything else. She got in. She was going to Good. She was going to the same school that famous fairytale characters had gone to before her. Sophia was so excited that she didn’t realize that she had lost control of her morgrification.
    Instead of her usual two legs, a long, silver fish tail appeared, her clothes were replaced by a simple, blue shell bikini top, and her hair turned into its mermaid black with dark blue highlights.
    Sophia fell onto the polished, marble floor with a slap of her mermaid tail. This didn’t happen much but when it did, it was inconvenient.
    This is what happens when your mom was a mermaid half of her fairytale, Sophia thought to herself.
    Sophia tried to grab a hold of her magic but she was still too ecstatic. She was actually going. Her, out of thousands of other kids in the Woods, was going to be a fairytale.
    I have to tell her, Sophia said to herself. She’ll be just as excited as I am!
    Current let out a low squawk, interrupting Sophia’s excited thoughts. Sophia gave Current an irritated look but realized a small, red crab was scuttling towards her letter that was on her bed.
    “Sebastian, why are you trying to take the letter?” Sophia called to the discovered crustacean.
    “Blasted bird,” Sebastian muttered in his thick accent. He turned around to give Sophia one of his signature please-don’t-hurt-me smiles. “I was simply curious as to why you are so excited. It has to do something with the letter.”
    Sophia gave Sebastian a hard look and sighed. “That’s a letter form the School for Good. I got in!” Sophia practically shouted, not trying to contain her excitement, even while she was lying on the ground with a tail.
    Sebastian looked a little surprised that she had actually got in (he was forever commenting on her inability to listen to anyone, like her mother). He was more happy than anything. Deep down, in that old soul of his, he cared deeply for Sophia and her family.
    Sophia finally managed to control the rogue magic and watched as her tail and fins shrunk away to a pair of legs. Lucky for her, this morgrification allowed for her to keep her clothes instead of them vanishing.
    Sophia and Sebastian talked for a while but she was finally able to rid herself of her uptight babysitter.
    When Sophia heard the large door close, she instantly walked to the other side of her suite. Sophia didn’t like the idea of having a large suite to herself but her parents wouldn’t have it. They made her take a large suite that was unoccupied at the time. They didn’t know that she knew there was a secret to the room.
    Sophia approached a marble frieze of a feast attended by magical creatures. Centaurs, fawns, elves, valkries, nymphs, and gryffins were enjoying a fantastic feast of meats, fruits, nuts, and refreshments around them, forever frozen in time in a joyous moment.
    At first glance, there was nothing special about the carved wall. It was perfectly ordinary. To Sophia, there was an imperfection in the scene. On the table, near a sitting centaur, was a goblet but it was upside down. One push on this goblet would open secret passages that led throughout the entire palace.
    When the wall slid back, a dark passage stood behind it. Sophia called for Current and she perched on her shoulder. Sophia reached up, plucking a single feather from the glowing bird. Current gave an irritated squawk and flew out of the open window.
    Sophia looked down at the feather. It glowed with a light like flames but was cool against her skin. Sophia put the feather into her palm and blew gently. The small breeze from her breathe stirred the feather gently but it also glowed a beautiful golden light, lighting up the dark passage. Sophia glanced at the empty suite behind her, paused, and hurried down the passage.
    The first time Sophia had been down here, she was terrified. She had no idea how long she would have to walk before she found a way out. Thankfully she did find one, she could’ve never found a way out. After that, she began to explore the many secret paths, marking stuff carefully so that she would not get lost.
    Now, as she walked through the stale air, she had no fear whatsoever. She knew that her parents would not approve of her adventuring like this, even her mother, but this was the only way for her to go meet someone.
    When Sophia could see slivers of daylight ahead, she quicken her pace, bursting with her adventurous nature. Sophia approached a large grate of iron bars but some of the bars had been broken out of place, creating enough room for her to slip through. After she slipped through the rusted bars, Sophia was on a narrow ledge that only went one way, down. Sophia walked down the path carefully, not wanting to fall to a rocky death. The path itself wasn’t that bad. It was as good as narrow paths go. Small bushes and rocks lined the path. As Sophia walked further down the path, it began to look less like an easy strolling path and more like a rocky death.
    Sophia reached the rocky shore and jumped into the water, morgrifying into her mermaid form. Her silver tail flashed in the clear water and her dark hair floated around her head and shoulders, creating a halo of sorts. Sophia didn’t have all of her mother’s mermaid powers. She could stay underwater for a long time but she couldn’t breathe. Her longest time underwater was around forty-five minutes. It annoying but she had to deal with it.
    Sophia began to swim downwards, towards a crevice in the ocean floor. A soft stream of bubbles floated up from it, surrounding Sophia in a torrent of bubbles. She went deeper into the crevice that opened up into a cavern. Sophia went so deep that she was surrounded by shadows of mysterious creatures and things.
    Then, looming out of the darkness, a hut of bones appeared. Sophia swam closer to it, only feeling a little fear in her excited chest. She swam right up to the entrance, knocked, and peeked inside.
    “Hello?” Sophia called. “Are you home?”
    Behind Sophia, something swam up. Something that, instead of a mermaid tail, had tentacles like an octopus. Behind Sophia was Ursula, the sea witch from her parents story.

        wits12345 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Awesome, I love it

        flaw replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Aww, thanks Wits

        fsa161 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        AWESOME, AMAZING, WONDERFUL!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!❤️ ❤️ ❤️

        123456nikaa replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        it is really good

        flaw replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Thank you, I totally live the idea of a villain’s rival’s daughter being friends

          sophiat2005 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

          My name is Sophia!( Just putting that out there)

        flaw replied 4 years, 2 months ago

        Oh, cool. My mom wanted to name me Sophia so I made a bio with that name. I guess you could say that both of my main characters are different sides of me or what I wish I could be

          sophiat2005 replied 4 years, 2 months ago

          This is amazing!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

        fairytalegirl123 replied 4 years, 2 months ago


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