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    flyingnarwhal21 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 3 months ago

    (wow did i just do that?)
    Anyways, I wanted to let you all know(especially you, @evilerruler845 ) that I will be free and helping create characters’ bios. If you need characters, shoot me a message and I will create a character for you. It will be a baseline for the character, and the best part is that you can do whatever you want with it!(I will not be offended if you change some of the character’s personality and stuff like that) If you need help, I am an experienced writer and will help edit characters.
    Anyways, hope I can get some business(lol)!
    And as always, stay derpy, my narwhals!
    @shadowcat23, @yams, @maidengirl, and @fandomflier15 best of luck to you in your future character stuff. Talk to me if you need help! Stay derpy!

        shadowcat23 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        😉 I’m assuming you know why…

        chocojoe replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Hi I am new at RPs can you help me?

          oreliaotter replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          Hi, @chocojoe, and welcome to RP (role playing) Level 0! I’m @oreliaotter, and even though I’m not an elder (an elder is a user that has lots of experience with the site and helps people in the group. Our elder is @caramelprincess), or a WC person (Welcoming Committee), that doesn’t mean I can’t help, right? 😉 So, to start, you can make a biography (bio for short) of a character you’d like to put in your tale. At minimum, you can put:
          Full Name: first, middle, last. Self explanatory.
          Nickname: if any.
          Favorite Mogrif: a plant or an animal
          Era: before or after Agatha and Sophie
          School: good or evil, then include percentage, like 57% evil and 43% good
          Fingerglow: any color you want. There’s even been some that change colors!
          Friend Group: or BFF
          Appearance: hair, skin, height, etc.
          Weapon: if any; your character might not have one
          Talent: like what they would do at the Circus of Talents. Sometimes the talent and weapon are the same
          Personality: strengths AND flaws, don’t forget those flaws, or else your character will seem too perfect.
          Parents and Fairy Tale Lineage: such as: daughter of Snow White, or great grandson of Hansel from Hansel and Gretel
          Age: I recommend somewhere between 12 and 18
          Siblings: if they’re a big part of the story, include a bio for them
          But you can also add:
          Crush/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: You might want to make a bio for them, too
          Backstory: what happened before when your story started, e. g. their parents died, they moved to a desert island, etc.
          Pets: dog, cat, or manatee, if you want! Really any animal, fictional or real!
          Typical outfit/Style: like casual, trendy, only blue clothes, or whatever.
          … or anything else you think of. You can also ask to “borrow” someone else’s bio if you see it on their post and want to use them.
          Then, you can begin writing out your tale. People generally post it one chapter at a time, and copy and paste it from a Google Doc/Microsoft Word Doc. If people want you to “tag” them, you put an @ sign and then their username. Like “@oreliaotter.” Once you post it, it turns pink. If you click on it, you get to their report card. You can see their activity and groups.
          Everyone here is really nice, so don’t hesitate to ask questions, and hope to hear your tale soon! If you need more help, talk to a Welcoming Committee person, like @luna101, @dot111, @fairytalegirl123, and @kiko55. You can also talk to our elder, @caramelprincess. Also, if you need an extra bio for your tale, like a nemesis, a roommate, a best friend, a sister, and so on, just ask me! I’ve included one here:
          Julie of Plumeria Island
          Full Name: Princess Juliette Pikake Wallingford
          Nicknames: usually goes by Julie, but some also call her Pikake, and occasionally Jule, even though she hates it.
          Age: 17
          Era: post-novel
          Gender: female
          School: Good. she is in her third year.
          Appearance: tan skin, cloud of fluffy dark brown hair, long dark eyelashes, curvy tall figure (she is currently 5’4, but will be 5’7), delicate features, full lips
          Backstory: Julie is the princess of Plumeria Island. She loves the ocean, even though her parents try to keep her on the island. She is a good leader and hula dancer. Then she gets plucked off of her island, and although she misses her family, she is happy to finally be on an adventure… to SGE.
          Personality: good leader (as I mentioned), is not afraid to cry, is a hopeless romantic, enjoys nature, is stubborn but gives up at some point, and gets good to average ranks. She is scared of Nevers
          Crush: falls in love with Prince Michael of Palm Island, even though their islands are enemies
          Pets: she is friends with all the animals on her island, like the feral chickens. Her closest companion is a feral piglet whose mother was hunted by a man from her island and who is very gentle and tame named Jasmine. Jasmine ends up accidentally being brought to SGE with her.
          Fingerglow: the color of the tropical ocean

          flyingnarwhal21 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          @chocojoe I hope you find your time on great!

        everforever123 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        I would like a bio but I was wondering if you could do one for a character I have already thought up.

          chocojoe replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          @oreliaotter Thank you probably gonna make my own once I have more time and finish reading book 1

          flyingnarwhal21 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          @everforever123 if you need characters, I have one you can use.

          Gracelynn Auran of Jaunt Jolie
          Full name: Gracelynn Marisa Auran
          Parents: Melanie Auran and Colen Auran
          Nicknames: Gracie, sometimes her bully calls her Gracimara, but she absolutely hates it.
          Era: post-novel
          Gender: female
          School: Good, first year
          Appearance: very pale skin, strawberry blonde hair with ight pink highlights, and ice blue eyes. She is one of the tallest of her group of friends. Her natural pink lips are what makes her so popular with the boys.
          Backstory: Gracelynn was bullied constantly by a girl at her school and to make it worse, her parents did nothing to help her. She was abused and hated, and found refuge in the massive woods behind her house. She knows that her parents wouldn’t even care if she died, so one day she brought her mother’s sharpest kitchen knife into the wood and placed it against her neck. As she was about to deliver the fatal cut, a wing knocked the knife out of her hand. She was swept up in a gust of wind and gently carried to the School for Good by a light pink phoenix.
          Personality: Gracelynn is a shy girl when you first meet her, but slowy breaks through her shell as you know her longer. Her best friend, a girl named Sarah, was always withe her and helped her through her times of depression.She is a good student and loves animals. She would give her life to save an animal.
          Crush: After meeting the other child taken, a boy named Mathias, she instantly falls head over heels for him. The two plan secret meetings in the woods to get to know each other more. When she is invited to the Never’s ball, their love for each other is revealed and they are expelled from the school.
          Pets: Gracelynn is an animal lover, and all animals love her! Her best friend(that is an animal) is a bird that she calls Sammie. Sammie is very protective of Gracelynn and will do anything to protect her.
          Fingerglow: Hot pink, just like Sophie’s.
          I will do one for your other character, but this is just one i thought up for anyone to use if they wish. @everforever123 shoot me a message of what your character is like and I will create a bio for him/her.
          Stay derpy!

          flyingnarwhal21 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          @everforever123 yes yes and yes! Tell me your character and I will create a bio for him/her. Have fun!

        flyingnarwhal21 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        @chocojoe of course I will help! Tell me the main characteristics and name that you want, and features, and I will put them together in a bio for you.

          flyingnarwhal21 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          @chocojoe you can use the bio I made for Gracelynn if you’d like

          chocojoe replied 4 years, 3 months ago

          Wow people here are so good why am I feeling this excitement thank you people.

        dot111 replied 4 years, 3 months ago

        Hey @chocojoe!
        Welcome to RP level 0! Here on level 0 everyone writes their own stories, usually about SGE, (school for good and evil) but you can write about whatever you want if you don’t want to write about SGE.
        Even though I’m not an elder, I’m always happy to help along with pretty much everybody else on level 0. Our elder is @caramelprincess, and she’s really nice.
        On level 0 we have a welcoming committee or WC for short. I’m part of the welcoming committee along with a few other members: @fairytalegirl123, @luna101 and @kiko55. Again, these people are happy to help and answer questions. 🙂
        There is also one rule you might want to follow:
        No one-liners, they push everybody else’s stories to the bottom and prevents us from seeing their amazing writing. (A one-liner is literally one line of text.)
        If you’re going to write a story I recommend you to post your story in chapters so it’s easier to read, it’s not too long and it’s easier for you to write.
        If you’re going to write a biography or as we call it for short, a bio, you might want to include these elements to help you get started-
        *Finger glow:
        If this is a bit too much information to have to write, I know I didn’t have this much content when I started, you don’t have to include all of if it, just the main points, which have an asterisk (the little star symbol) beside it.
        Here’s an Ever’s bio and a Never’s bio I made up that you could use to help you-
        Name: Ophelia
        Age: 13
        Gender: Female
        Family: Ophelia’s mother is Rapunzel and her father is the king of Maidenvale.
        Village: Maidenvale
        Pets: Ophelia has a white unicorn called Lilli.
        School: Good
        Finger glow: Soft pink
        Flaw(s): Ophelia is quite soft and girly at times, and she doesn’t knows how to fend for herself without the help of others.
        Talents: Ophelia can speak to animals and she has a beautiful, harmonic voice.
        Appearance: Ophelia has luscious, knee-length golden hair, large brown eyes which always sparkle, delicate, pink lips and soft, fair skin.
        Clothes: Ophelia loves to wear white or pink frilly dresses, packed with lace, beads and ribbons. She likes to match her dresses with white wedges or heels topped with flowers. Ophelia also likes to add flowers in her hair, along with bracelets, earrings and necklaces to her bright, sparkly outfit.
        Personality: Ophelia is sweet and caring. She loves to care for animals and her appearance. Over obsessed, Ophelia cares about her appearance far to much than reality around her. She can’t do anything herself without help from maids or pretty much any person within a close distance to her.
        Backstory: Ophelia lived a life of royalty; she had people helping her every second she needed it. She had people make her bed, choose her dress, brush her hair, even take care of her pets. Let’s just say that Ophelia lived a life not knowing how to do much at all. When Ophelia received her Flowerground ticket, she was overjoyed. But when she arrived everything changed; everyone had their own friends, their own things to do and their own life to live. After seeing all of this Ophelia suddenly felt useless and scared. She tried to make friends and join their future plans, but she didn’t really fit in, until the day she met Goldilocks’ daughter, April.
        Friends: April
        Name: Ace
        Age: 14
        Gender: Male
        Family: Ace has a twin sister called Diamond and his mother is the Red Queen. Ace doesn’t know his father.
        Village: Wonderland
        Pets: Ace has a scarlet red dragon called Hunter.
        School: Never
        Finger glow: Blood red
        Flaw(s): When Ace cheats in card games, sometimes he gets caught and is heavily punished.
        Talents: Ace has a real specialty when it comes to using spears, pickpocketing and cheating in card games, which wins lots of money and jewels.
        Appearance: Ace has sharp, scarlet red hair, piercing, ebony, black eyes, paper-white skin, a cold grin and pointed ears. Ace is also quite tall and slender.
        Clothes: Ace likes to wear black shirts, ripped black jeans, red and black plaid hoodies, black boots and black, leather, fingerless gloves.
        Personality: Ace is dark, bossy and manipulative. Ace feels he needs to be in control for everything he does or is a part of. At times Ace tries to act as powerful and as mean as his mother was, he yells at people doing the wrong thing when he orders them to do something else and he attempts to punish people and threatens them with beheadings or torture. Ace also loves to trick people into doing his ***** work. He uses his treasured talent to manipulate them and instructs them to do his unwanted work.
        Backstory: Ace lived in the Red Heart castle in Wonderland with his mother, the Red Queen and twin sister, Diamond. The Red Queen was always so busy with ruling over the land, she forgot about her two kids. She never did anything with them, so Ace and Diamond taught themselves a few tricks. Ace taught Diamond how to manipulate and pickpocket, and Diamond taught Ace how to cheat. Together they worked as an unstoppable team, until Ace was taken to the school for Evil, without Diamond.
        Friends: Ace is friends with a few Nevers called Quinn, Terrence and Crow.
        I know, this may seem like a lot of information now bubbling around in your head, but it’ll all become clear very soon. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask, you’ll always receive a response. 😉
        When you start writing, don’t worry about if others might judge you, or if the reader might not like it, we’ll always help and give you guiding tips if you need it.
        Also, when you see other people’s stories, they might have people’s names tagged. If you want to tag people you type the @ symbol then the person’s username, you might want to ask to tag people before you do so. When you tag people all it does is create a link to the person’s profile, where you can read their stories, see their groups, when they started and how many points they’ve got.
        To see your stories, name, points, groups and start date you press the ‘my report card’ button, where it’ll take you to your stories and other info.
        I also want to give you a really important tip, do not type your story straight into the ‘what’s new?’ box. The reason why is because if you turn off your device, close down the page or refresh the page all your writing disappears. (Let’s just say, I had to learn it the hard way.) I highly recommend writing your story in an external document such as word, pages, google docs or any other application you have your hands on.
        Yes, even more information, but this will help you write a fabulous story!
        If you want to check out my story and my bios go here @Dot111, then go to activity, then favourites.
        Again, I wish you good luck, and I hope this helped you. 🙂

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