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    flyingspacepigs posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years ago

    Is anybody available to meet up with my character? (I’m not exactly sure how this works, but somebody told me to do this, so I did.) I don’t know if you need a bio, but here it is anyway.
    P.S. Sorry for being so inexperienced, please humor me.
    Name: Harriet of the Country
    Age: 14
    Gender: Girl
    Status: Neutral. Harriet prefers to stay out of the way of good and evil.
    Heritage: The daughter of the Country Mouse (The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse), Harriet is frowned upon by the city mouse dwellers for being “a country bumpkin.” Even so, she still visits them frequently.
    Appearance: Harriet has waist-long chocolate brown hair, big deep brown eyes, a fair complexion, and small twitchy nose. She has larger front teeth, and mouse ears and tail. Long fingernails cap the ends of her small hands. She is very thin and delicate and frequently wears pretty dresses with lots of lace that she makes herself to keep busy. Her hair often has a scarf tied in it to keep it out of her face. Harriet has an overall warm aura and bright atmosphere.
    Pet: Harriet can’t let herself have a pet for fear of killing it on accident.
    Talent: Harriet has the ability to shrink herself down to the size of a mouse and grow herself back to her normal size. This is handy when hiding. She can also transform into a mouse.
    Weapon: Harriet carries around a magic dagger that when she stabs people with it doesn’t harm them at all, but puts them to sleep. She uses it in self-defense ONLY.
    Personality: Since Harriet has been ridiculed since birth, she has enormously low self-esteem. Every part of her has been harshly scrutinized for being anything less than perfect. Her father is a complete nincompoop, so she has to take care of him. She is a very hard worker, but doesn’t brag because she doesn’t realize that she has any talent. Extremely shy, Harriet has no friends, and convinces herself not to be brave and make friends because she’d “be a bad friend.” She is usually indecisive, and when she is stressed, she often sweats and twists her hair. When people are mean to her (which is often) she cries softly and tries not to look too hurt, but she utterly fails. The constant ridicule only leaves when Harriet does her housework. Even though her father is a deadbeat, she enjoys his company because he loves her for who she is. Harriet pays attention to detail and is a creative thinker. She never really looks at the big picture. Harriet has a soft spot for tiny/shiny things and baby animals because they remind her of herself (the baby animals not the tiny/shiny things.) She is a big pacifist and tries to stop fights when she sees them, (which gets her made fun of) and complies with whatever everyone tells her, as to not start a fight. When she talks she stutters, especially when it’s someone who she believes is “cooler” than her (which is practically everyone.) Harriet holds high respect for her peers. She keeps a secret diary in her room where she writes all her hopes and dreams. She hopes to be “the BEST CHEF IN THE WORLD!” and “Maybe a little braver tomorrow?” Harriet really wishes that she could be brave, but the constant verbal abuse puts a dent in her self-image. An endless circle of something like “You should be brave, why aren’t you brave? You’re not good enough, you should be better, ect. ect.” goes around in her head, making her a very nervous person.

        jasmine-e-iceblade replied 4 years ago

        Its good on whole but erm you say your neutral because you prefer to stay out of the way of good and evil. That doesnt make sense though as you are born ever/never/neuutral and it is not affected by what we want. Another point is that although i dont know anything about your parents, i am ready to assume they are both Evers. Am i wrong? Anyway to be neutral you need to have one good parent and one evil. We also clarified earlier in the RP that i was the only Neutral, but as the website progressed, more people decided to be Neutral and we just left them. But its a very rare thing anyway so you cant just decide to be one.
        I hope you havent took anything i said offensively as i was meaning for it to be constructive criticism. Please take my advice in hand.

          flyingspacepigs replied 4 years ago

          Sorry I didn’t see the thing about Good/Evil/Neutral. The parent isn’t really good or evil, though. The tale that he is in is more of a moral story than a good v. evil one. I guess he’s good though? I don’t really know about the mother, I hadn’t quite decided if she was going to be a human or a mouse, but thank you for the criticism without trying to be mean. 🙂

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