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    ANOTHER THREE WEEK BREAK!!! SORRY!! (did you forget about me? 😉 hahaha) I will try my darnedest to get the next one out soon but SCHOOOOOOL is just a paaaain….. hope you enjoy and want more!!
    Chapter 21: The Girl and the Piano (part 2)
    (Author POV)
    Sierra wandered down the halls of Purity Tower, but this time, she wasn’t looking for just ANY secret room. She dashed to the last room of the hall and giggled as she imagined the piano, and the mysterious stranger who enjoyed her playing. She could almost feel the smooth keys creating beautiful noises, by her command.
    Except, it wasn’t there. The room was empty. She tried the room on the opposite side. There were chairs and some desks, but no piano. This WAS Purity Tower, right? She checked the other room. There was definitely no piano. Who would move and old piano from one unused room to another?
    Sierra looked up. A black shiny door with gold accents faced opposite of her. That wasn’t always there, was it?
    “This room is weeeeird,” Sierra said under her breath.
    After about five minutes, she decided to go in. Carefully, she turned the golden **** and pulled. As she peered inside, she caught sight of the piano. She tiptoed through the door and saw that the room was exactly like the one she came from, except black and musty. She ran over to the piano and hugged it.
    “Boy, am I glad to see you!”
    “Hey! I heard a voice coming from here!” someone shouted from behind the other door in the room.
    “This is the room, where the music was coming from a while ago, remember?” said a different voice.
    “I don’t care! And you call yourself a Never! Scared of music?” the first voice sniped.
    Sierra rushed over to the door to lock it, but she saw that the lock was one she didn’t know how to lock. Instead, she held the door closed with force, but she knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold it for long.
    “Hey!” a voice hissed in her ear, “I will hold the door for you, just get out of here!”
    Sierra turned to see a boy with striking blue eyes and matching spiky hair. His skin looked a little blue too… but that must have been her imagination.
    “Who-” Sierra started, but was cut off.
    “That is beside the point! Go!”
    She gave him the door, but stood in a shocked silence.
    “I will explain later! Go and get out of here! It is very dangerous!”
    Something clicked in her head, and all the sudden her feet blurred. Sierra moved so fast, that she didn’t even realize where she was, the library. She asked the lizard at the front desk,
    “Do you know where the architectural plans for the School for Good are?”
    The lizard said nothing, only flicked his tongue lazily in a direction.
    “Thanks, I guess.”
    Sierra searched through the books until she found one marked “School for Good- Floor Plans.” Except, when it came to Purity Tower, she couldn’t find the room with the piano. Then she found another book with the title, “School for Good Structural Integrity-Complete with Maps and Diagrams.” She flipped through the pages until she came to a diagram of Purity Tower. She traced her finger the last room of the highest hall. Then, using the key, she found a small description of what the room contained.
    “Locked, with no physical key. No magic or spells could unlock this room. In the original blueprints for Purity Tower, this room is not included. Shrouded in mystery.”
    Sierra decided to go back and try to see the boy that helped her. As she approached the room, she remembered something. The piano would not have fitted through the black and gold door. How did it get there?
    Sierra walked into the room that was not meant to exist. She saw the piano. The black and gold door was gone.
    “Okay, WHAT is going on here?” she said aloud.
    “That is what I want to know!” said a voice behind her.
    Sierra turned to see the boy with the blue eyes again.
    “Who are you?” she asked, “I’m Sierra.”
    “My name is Pierre. I have seen you play that piano before.”
    “Are you the person who said you’d like to hear me play again?”
    “Yes, and I still stand by that. First, however, I propose an explanation is due.”
    Sierra nodded.
    “You see, my dear Sierra, I am but not alive.”
    Sierra nodded again.
    “Wait, WHAT? You’re DEAD?”
    “Uh, yes, I do believe I said that.”
    Pierre covered her mouth.
    Sierra hushed.
    “My untimely passing happened quite a long time ago, centuries. I wish not to speak of it. This room was here before I passed. This is not a very busy place, so I decided to stay here, to be out of the way. This room is… curious. It often changes what is inside it. It locks from time to time, and even doors appear that lead to different places. The one you walked through led to a classroom like this one, but in the School for Evil. The piano… it… is perhaps the most curious of all the quirks of this room. I believe it to have a mind of its own.”
    Sierra was a little confused, but charmed by this new experience. She liked the way Pierre talked, and how old-fashioned it was made her wonder just how long ago he had died. Looking at him now, she could see that his clothes were a little outdated, and his skin really was a pale sickly blue.
    “But all that is beside the point, I have something to say to you, my darling Sierra.”
    Sierra braced herself.
    “Will you marry me?”
    But then her jaw dropped.

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