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    Chapter 24: That Peculiar Thing
    (Author POV)
    Sierra tromped through the lunch line with only one thing on her mind. Pierre, however, had at least seven different things on his mind at any given time.
    “Woo! They changed everything! We were wearing a lot less gaudy uniforms, and who are those show- offs over there? Ha! If I could pick up a sword and show them how to really do it, well, then I would just be a true winner! What do you think Sierra?”
    “I think you’re just an idiot.”
    “Do not be so salty.”
    “Come on! What did I just tell you?”
    “You told me, uh… you told me… to do…something?”
    Sierra clapped her hands.
    “Well, give it up for tonight’s winner ladies and gentlemen; today our contestant CAPTIAN OBVIOUS has guessed the correct answer! Let’s show him what he’s won! Drumroll please…”
    Sierra played imaginary air drums.
    “Yippee!! I won!” Pierre cheered, not getting it.
    “For Pete’s sake!” Sierra grabbed his ear, “I said to not be a complete nincompoop around my friends.”
    “But I don’t know how!”
    “THAT’S obvious. Just think of whatever you would do normally,”
    Pierre smiled.
    “And NOT do it. In fact, do anything else but that.
    Pierre’s face fell.
    Finally, they reached the lunch table. Everyone was already there because of Pierre’s folly. Sierra sat down as normal; if they could see Pierre, they’d surely ask about him right?
    “Hey Sierra!” Jade called, “I haven’t seen you in a while, where’ve ya been?”
    “Oh, around.”
    “Well you should sit with us more often, you’re missing all the funny things Chess and Pearl do!”
    “That sounds great, but I really have stuff to do during lunch, you know schoolwork and things. I’m free today though.”
    “Super! Hey guys! Sierra’s here!”
    So, they didn’t see Pierre? Sierra looked to her side where he was supposed to be, but he disappeared. Oh no. Was her dream coming true? Then she looked down.
    Pierre sat under the table curled up in a ball, muttering something to himself, almost crying.
    “Pierre, are you alright?” Sierra whispered.
    Pierre just looked at her with his big blue eyes.
    “You know, you act cool all the time, but you’re really just a big scaredy-cat.”
    Pierre cleared his throat and wiped his eyes.
    “I am s-so sorry, I am n-not accustom t-to so many people in one place. It brings back bad memories for me.”
    “There’s like, less than ten people here!”
    “Come on, get out from under the table.”
    Pierre sighed and climbed out.
    Jade turned to me and asked, “Hey Sierra, make sure you come to lunch with us at least once a week, okay?”
    Sierra sighed. Pierre was definitely visible this time, and who could miss someone with such blue hair? Pierre, playing with Sierra’s hair like a kitten, while oblivious to the situation, knew something was wrong. Suddenly, Pierre kissed her on the cheek and said, “Do not fret, my darling. Whatever ails you will soon pass. Have hope that your worries will cast away.” Sierra blushed profusely. “You’re very forward,” she whispered.
    Meanwhile, Pearl, or Livie to be correct, was giving Pierre worried glances every so often. That little thing, that ghost, did he know? Her weakness… perhaps he was ignorant. Hopefully, she wondered. If so, things were about to get very sticky indeed. The plan must be hurried, before it’s too late.
    SUP’. If you read this, you’re awesome 🙂 THANKS!!

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          cool story

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        Oooooooh . . . I LOVED that. 😀

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