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    flyingspacepigs posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 9 months ago

    Hello!! For those who still read this, (If you do, sorry about keeping you waiting  ) Livie’s bio that I posted a while back is very innacurate. Why? Because I thought the story was going in a certain direction, but then I got bored and completely changed it. So… I don’t even know what’s happening half the time! Anyway, enjoy if you still read this!
    Chapter 25: That Really ****** My Armor!
    (Livie POV)
    That boy, can no one else see him? He’s a ghost, of course not. He’s a ghost… Why did he have to be a ghost? The plan, the trial, it needed to come faster. Why the ghost?! Oooh, the undead are soo despicable. My power is limited on them, and by limited, I mean I have no control whatsoever on anything dead. Skeletons, zombies, and especially, GHOSTS. It’s okay, they don’t know, they don’t know, the don’t know, do they? They can’t know, they just can’t! How would they know? How? How?
    Calm down, Livie, just calm down, it’s okay, it’s okay, you can handle it.
    I hate hate hate hate myself.
    Don’t say that!
    Now there’s voices in my head?! I really am going insane. I don’t know what to think, do, say, believe. If I don’t gain control of my mind, then… then… that “other me” will try to take it back! Gotta get a grip gotta get a grip gottagetagrip gottagetagrip. Calm down, calm down. My head, it’s on fire. Don’t remember that! Not that! The memory of something terrible is pulling itself out of my head.
    (Author POV-Livie’s memory)
    “You’re just a weak little girl.”
    “I am not, I am not!”
    “Go back to the pit where you came from demon!”
    “No! Please!”
    “Be gone!”
    “Stop! You… you of all people should understand.”
    “Cronus please, do not leave me again. I love you.”
    “I was just… doing my best.”
    Cronus paused.
    Livie perked up.
    And that was that.
    (Livie POV)
    Since he did that, I spent the rest of my days in a locked cage, being tortured. Every day I wished I could die, then awake to the nightmare knowing I was immortal. I spent too much time crying out in pain and agony, crying out for HIM. After a while, I realized he was never coming. That is the birth of all my fear, my hate. That day, I promised myself I’d never fall in love again. You just get hurt, over and over. It’s too much. How did I escape? After the birth of my fury, it was enough to break the bars of my prison. The only reason, I presume, that I was given a new life is revenge. That is my true mission. I don’t care about killing anyone but him. My lost love, Cronus.

        arian2 replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        YES! *fist-pumps* I was thinking about you recently, and if you were ever coming back. Your chapter is absoloutely fantastic, as always. Keep writing! 😀

        fairytaleendings replied 3 years, 9 months ago

        Woah. Amazing.

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