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    Hi there! I didn’t post in about a month mostly because I’ve been on vacation and things, but also because I’m lazy and a procrastinator. Sorry to say, this will probably be my speed of posting from now on, every 4 weeks to 6 weeks or so.
    Chapter 26: The Truth
    (Author POV)
    Pearl had gone to sleep for now. She was hidden deep inside her own mind, pushed back by Livie. Pearl woke up from her slumber and found herself in darkness. She looked around and heard someone crying.
    “Hello?” she called.
    The sobs continued.
    “Are you alright?” she called again.
    “N-no one,” the voice sniffled, “No one understands me, no one listens.”
    “I’ll listen. Who are you?” Pearl asked sweetly.
    “You won’t listen, nobody listened to me. Nobody wants to listen to a stranger’s cries.”
    “How so?”
    “They all ran away from me. I tried my best, but they all ran away. I just … I don’t want to be alone anymore, I’m so lonely.”
    “I’m here.”
    “I didn’t mean to do it! I really didn’t! I was just trying to… I didn’t mean to…”
    Pearl walked towards the direction she heard the voice coming from. She saw a light off in the distance.
    “STOP! STOP IT! DON’T LOOK AT ME!” the voice screamed.
    The voice faded to a whimper.
    “Don’t look at me… please. I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to hurt anyone anymore.”
    “It’s alright,” Pearl sighed, “I’ve been run away from, too. You can hurt me, I’ll be fine. I’ll listen to you, but you have to tell me.”
    The silence only amplified the darkness, and after so long, Pearl wondered if the voice would ever come back. Then the voice came back.
    “Okay,” it sniffled, “My name is Livie. And I-I killed my friends.”
    Pearl was silent.
    “I didn’t mean to! I really didn’t mean to! They just, they just… they got the wrong idea! And then when I tried to explain, no one would listen, and, and-”
    The voice took a deep breath.
    “It was… a long time ago. When I was born, a lady came to me and asked me if I could do her a favor. She wanted to use my body to get revenge on someone, she said. I agreed. I didn’t know that it would… Never mind. That woman took on my name. She lived in my body with me. I was never lonely. She never tried to control my body until my parents sent me to the School for Good and Evil. I loved my roommates at Evil, they were my best friends. But just when I was settling in SHE shoved me out of the way.”
    “That lady! That evil, EVIL lady! She looked at every one of them, she studied them. She was looking for, something. She… she… she tried to KILL them! And she used my power to do it! But I… I tried to s-stop her! But then, I… I… I…”
    “You what?”
    The voiced burst into sobs again. Pearl sat silent yet again.
    “They didn’t believe me! I tried to tell them that it was an accident! SHE stole my body! SHE’S the one who tried to kill them! I tried to tell them, but she pushed me away again! She pushed me deep into my own self, and she wouldn’t let me out! I SAW the things she did! The evil, evil things! Then… when they needed an evil sacrifice, they chose us. I didn’t want to leave my body! SHE dragged me into the darkness! She told me that we’d be powerful and great! She said that we’d be able to take whoever’s body we wanted now! I tried not to go with her, but she forced me to leave! All for her own revenge!”
    The voice sobbed again and took another breath.
    “We were alone for such a long time. Every once in a while, she’d drag me into another person’s body, like you. But… I was so tired of her I always stayed silent. Many people have died in this darkness. I think… she’s forgotten about me.”
    “What is this lady’s name?”
    “I… I don’t know. She told me to call her by my name.”
    “Livie… I think that woman… is a demon. I think you made a pact with at your birth.”
    “I know… she tricked me!”
    Pearl was at a loss for words.
    “She,” Livie sniffed, “Has one thing her powers can’t touch.”
    “The undead.”
    “The- excuse me, WHAT?”
    “Her power only exists to tempt the living. The dead offer no place for her to hide. I am… unsure about zombies, however. Ghosts are definitely out of her abilities.”
    “Interesting. If we could use that…”
    “We could take revenge on this evil spirit that has been bothering you for so long. But first, we have to find a way out of here.”
    “There’s no way out! We’re here forever! And… being honest, I deserve it. After all the things I’ve done…”
    “Hey. You NEVER say that ever again. You were only trying to help. Don’t EVER think that you are responsible for what that demon did with your body AT ALL.”
    “Are you sure?”
    Pearl beamed at the direction of the voice with all her might.
    WHEEEEEE!!! Thank you soooo much if you read this very long chapter, and for reading my story for this long. 🙂 The sad part being that poor @peppy couldn’t be able to see this, (I know he left a while ago, but it’s still sad.) he was one of the first people to start reading my story. 🙁 Oh well, thank you for waiting if you did, and if you didn’t, thanks anyway! 🙂

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