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    forgottensouls posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 7 months ago

    The Tale of Alex, Ben, and Cassie

    One- Good with Good, Evil with Evil


    Alex was a logical girl, and knew her chances of being spirited away to the School for Good was very slim. But this was her first year eligible for the kidnappings, and she couldn’t help but getting her hopes up.
    That day, school ended early so Gavaldon would have enough time to prepare for the kidnappings that always happened, no matter how much protection was used.
    Alex hurried along the bustling roads lined with colorful cottages and skidded to a stop at the driveway of the smallest house on the lane. It was soft yellow, a dark green roof above it. It was two stories tall, and people drifted in and out of the front door as Alex watched.
    Alex’s mother, Hanna, ran a bakery on the bottom floor of their house, and Alex often helped out. Alex trotted through the door and set down her schoolbag. She threw on her flour stained apron and ran into the kitchen to help Hanna and her two younger brothers, who had gotten out of school an hour before Alex.
    Caleb and Jonas were twins, and both had a shock of blonde hair and blue eyes. They were the spitting image of their father, who had died in a mill accident two years before, when Alex was 11 and Caleb and Jonas were 5.
    Hanna tucked a strand of her scraggly brown hair behind her ear. “Oh, good, you’re home, Alex. Today has been the busiest day in quite some time, and it’s hard to handle it with just the munchkins helping out.”
    “What do you need me to do, mother?” Alex asked kindly, handing a croissant to an impatient man behind the counter.
    “Now that you’re here, start making more things that we’re running out of. You’re faster at it than I, and I’ll take orders at the counter,” Hanna said.
    Alex nodded and began to roll out dough for a new batch of biscuts, Caleb and Jonas chattering happily on either side of her.

    The sun had set now, and as Alex and family peered out of the boarded up windows at the town, with all the men in the square, each carrying a torch, Alex began to feel scared.
    She now wasn’t sure she wanted to leave her family for eternity. With a sigh, she turned on her heel and climbed the stairs to her small room, which consisted of a tiny window, twin bed, little closet, and a nightstand. Alex peered out the window at the square one last time before sinking into her bed with closed eyes.

    Alex woke to a scratching at her window. Tremulously, she scooted blearily to it and pried off the boards, and unlocked it. The window swung open. Nothing. Alex leaned closer to the window.
    A shadowy hand shot out of it and grabbed her wrist, another covering her mouth. Silently struggling under the shadow’s grip, Alex was spirited away throughout the window and into the forest, at last left to scream under a gigantic tree, whos branches flung her into the air, where a bony bird erupted from an egg and flapped away, Alex in its talons.
    ‘Where is the one for Evil?’ Alex thought in a panic. Screams pealed behind her and she twisted around in the stymph’s talons to see another bony bird flapping along behind them, carrying a small figure in its talons. Alex twisted back around to see a beautiful sight… The School for Good and Evil. With a smile, Alex fell from the talons of the stymph and into pink cotton-candy mist, while the other stymph swooped through the air with vengeance, releasing the other figure into the thunderclouds of Evil.

    I just now realized I forgot Cassie’s bio, so I’m gonna do that real quick.
    Name: Cassie Cobbler of Gavaldon
    School: Evil
    Age: 13
    Looks: Wavy black hair that fades to aqua, dark eyes, pale skin, a couple freckles, medium height, on daily basis wears shapeless black frock, at SGE wears Nevergirl uniform
    Personality: selfish, greedy, power-hungry, sarcastic, rather does like cherry pie and cookies… but that’s not the point.
    Fingerglow: cherry red… like that pie she likes so much… once again, though, not the point.
    Background/Fairy Tale lineage: One day, she just showed up in Gavaldon and has lived in the orphanage ever since. She was a baby when she came, and wore a tag around her neck that read ‘Cassie Cobbler.’ While the villagers believe she is from the Woods, she was raised to think her parents died in a mill accident, and she is a normal, Gavaldon girl. But you and I know better. She definitely has fairy tale lineage.


        kiko55 replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Really nice ;-), I really like the bio, it’s very creative

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        Awesome! I love the bio. 🙂

        dot111 replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Great! Good job. 🙂

        espilce replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Nice chapter

        wenteo replied 4 years, 7 months ago

        Awesome chapter and bio!

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        Awesome! 🙂

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