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    forgottensouls posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 4 months ago

    OMG, I have been gone FORever! Since before Christmas, I think! We’re moving T-T so we’ve been going crazy with cleaning and stuff, and school is also WAY busy. Anyway, I’ve been gone so long I doubt anyone is going to remember where I am with my RP, let alone ME! I have no clue… So sorry! So I’m starting another one, and here’s the bio:

    Name: Jefrey Gothel
    Age: 13
    School: Good
    Fairytale Lineage: son of Mother Gothel and one of the villagers
    Appearance: curly brown-black hair, medium skin, green eyes, average height and weight
    Personality: his mother says, and he quotes, “Too Good for his own good.” Very kind, helpful, and a big heart.
    Flaws: he doesn’t like disappointing his mother, and even if she’s Evil, he still loves her and would sacrifice his life for hers. He is also very gullible.
    Fingerglow: the same red as the gown his mother always wears
    Talent: has a gift with casting spells
    Weapon: dagger
    Pet: when he was seven, his mother gave him a pet pig named Porky. She made him kill and eat it.
    Friends: none, until he gets to SGE. Then he’s friends with his roommates Brian and Alex.
    Enemies: although many hate him, his heart is too kind to hate them back.
    Crush: Ellie of Avalon, who is also a good friend of his once he gets to school. (SPOILER FRIENDZONE ALERT)
    Hometown: I’m not sure the name of it, but Rapunzel’s kingdom.
    Backstory: so, this is back when Mother Gothel was actually still young, so WAY before Rapunzel herself. Anyway, Jefrey is expected to be put in Evil, so his mother gets really mad when he’s put in Good instead. That’s all I’ll reveal…

        forgottensouls replied 4 years, 4 months ago

        Sorry, it’s @moonlightwolfpup. Messed up..

          fsa161 replied 4 years, 4 months ago

          Awesome bio! I love it! Also welcome back! Glad your back. 🙂

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