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    Here is Chapter 2 of my RP “Swans and Secrets”. I hope you enjoy it! Comment below if you want to be tagged.
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    Chapter 2
    Kane’s POV:
    “Heh, Elle,” Kane replied. He looked over at Grace. “Who’s your friend?” Since Elle was too busy scowling at the prince to reply, Grace answered for her.
    “I’m Grace. Grace of the Woods Beyond. I take it you know each other?” she said, looking from Elle to Kane.
    “We know each other all right. Kane is the son of my mother’s Nemesis. His mother turned my uncles into swans, and banished my mother from her own castle,” Elle said as she glared daggers at the prince. She eyed the rose in his hand warily.
    “It’s not poisoned or anything,” he said when he saw where she was looking, “Just because my mom is a **** doesn’t mean I am.” Still glaring at him, Eloria cautiously took the rose out of his hand. Kane sat down next to her.
    “So,” he said, looking at Grace, “You’re a Reader?”
    “Yup,” Grace responded.
    “Who’s Evil’s Reader this year?”
    Grace grimaced. “My best friend, Luke.” She pointed to a Never. Kane followed her finger to a nervous Neverboy. “I don’t really understand why he’s in Evil. He doesn’t see Evil to me, and I’ve known him my whole life.” Grace continued. The Neverboy looked over at her and when their eyes locked, they seemed to be silently communicating with each other.
    Leaving the Readers be as they sorted out their drama, Kane turned back to his own. “How have you been, Elle? I haven’t seen you in years,” he said Eloria. For someone who was supposed to be a happy, charming princess, she was really good at glaring for long periods of time.
    “Fine,” she said, “I’ve just been hiding up in my room as my sister gained an army of followers who thinks she’s basically a god.”
    “Where is Arabella, anyway?” Kane looked around.
    “She’s not here,” Elle replied. Kane grimaced.
    “I bet her ‘army of followers’ wasn’t happy about that,” he replied.
    “They lit torches and threatened to burn my books, threw rotten cabbages at me during the rare times that I was out, and protested day and night, calling me a ‘dream stealer,’” Elle replied, “Arabella and I aren’t on speaking terms right now. She hates my guts.”
    “Wow,” Kane replied, his mind blank of things to say.
    “How about you? I’m sure your mother wasn’t happy about you being in Good. She’s been trying to make you Evil ever since you were born,” Elle replied, “For instance, remember that time you put a stinging nettle into my journal.”
    Kane winced. “You still remember that?”
    “Of course I remember that! I was in a coma for two weeks!” she practically screamed, “You knew I was deadly allergic to them, and yet you still did it!”
    “I’m really, really sorry about that, Elle,” Kane said, his expression serious, “I know what I did was wrong.”
    “Why, Kane?” Elle whispered, her eyes glistening with sadness, “Why did you do it? We were such good friends before.”
    “My mother,” Kane said, “She told me I had to or else-” his voice broke.
    “Or else what?” Elle questioned, her voice hard.
    “Nothing,” Kane replied, averting her gaze. He looked down at his lap. He didn’t think he’d be able to take the pity in her eyes if he told her the truth. He didn’t want her to know that his mother tortured him if he didn’t follow her commands. Kane refused to look at Elle for the rest of the night.
    Victor’s POV:
    Things weren’t going as planned. For starters, Kane wasn’t in Evil. Victor’s brilliant plan had just taken a nosedive out the window. His plan had been to befriend Kane, and, at the right moment, strike out and eliminate his enemy, but since he was a Never, and Kane was an Ever, that wasn’t possible.
    Secondly, as soon as Victor stepped into the school, Nevers had started to push him around. Victor was a prince, and Nevers didn’t like princes. It was pretty easy for them to tell he was one, for he looked just like all of the fairy tale princes with his golden hair, blue eyes, and ivory skin. He scowled at the Nevers as they shot him deadly looks.
    When a Neverboy with green skin and red eyes tried to push Victor down, Victor turned into a fire breathing swan, and set the boy’s hair on fire. Victor walked away smirking. None of the Nevers tried to mess with him again.
    Once Victor arrived at his room (Mischief Tower 47), he was met with another surprise. His roommate was the Reader. The Reader had dark hair, hazel eyes, and a freaked out expression. His name was Luke, and his best friend was an Evergirl named Grace.
    “Great,” Victor thought sarcastically, “This is just what I need. A stupid Reader getting in the way of my plotting.”
    At the Welcoming, Victor sat in the last row. He glared at Kane as his enemy walked into the room. When Victor saw Kane make his way over to Eloria, his hands formed fist. “If he touches her, I’ll end him right here,” Victor thought, “I don’t even care if I get in trouble.”
    Victor watched as Elle and Kane talked. Elle seemed to get upset about something, and Kane’s happy demeanor vanished. He looked away from Elle with hurt in his eyes. “Good job, Elle,” Victor thought.
    Elle turned to an Evergirl sitting on the other side of her, and they began to talk. The Evergirl kept looking over at someone in the Never section of the room. Victor followed her gaze to Luke, who was looking longingly at the girl. A wicked smile grew across his face. Elle’s new friend was none other than Grace of the Woods Beyond, Luke’s best friend. Things started to look up for Victor. Maybe having a dumb Reader as a roommate wasn’t such a bad thing. Maybe he could use Luke’s connection to his cousin’s new friend as a way to get his revenge.
    After the Welcoming, when everyone was in their rooms, Victor decided that it was time to question Luke about his friend.
    Luke’s POV:
    He wasn’t supposed to be here. He was supposed to be hiding in the Woods with Grace, safe from the villagers. Instead he was separated from Grace in school full of murderers, with a scary prince for a roommate. The only good part of the day was when he got to see Grace during the Welcoming.
    Grace was sitting next to a beautiful girl. As they were talking, Luke felt a surge of jealousy. He was supposed to be talking to Grace, not some pretty princess. Grace looked over at his side of the Theater. As their eyes met, he felt relaxed. She hadn’t forgotten about him.
    “What are we going to do?” her eyes seemed to ask. When they were in grade school, they developed a way to communicate silently from across the room.
    “I don’t know,” he signaled back, “Who’s your friend?”
    “Eloria,” she signaled. The thundering sound of boots made Grace turn away in curiosity. Princes came charging into the room. One of the princes walked over to Eloria, holding out a rose to her. The princess refused to take it, so the prince turned to Grace. She said something and then turned to point at Luke. As soon as Grace’s eyes were on his, Luke continued to message her.
    “Who’s that?” he asked.
    “Kane,” she replied.
    “What does he want?” Luke questioned.
    “I think he wants to be friends with Elle,” Grace guessed. Just then, a dog with two heads, one scary and one friendly, walked onto the stage and started to inform the students of what to do and what not to do.
    After the Welcoming, Luke was sitting on his stained bed when his scowling room mate broke the silence.
    “What was your friend talking about with Kane?” the boy inquired.
    “Um, I’m not really sure, but-” Luke began, his voice cracking.
    “Don’t play dumb with me, Reader! I know you were communicating with her!”
    “Sh-she thinks he wants to be friends with that princess, Eloria,” Luke’s shaking voice replied.
    “Hah!” the prince exclaimed, “Friends?! With my cousin?! He’s probably going to turn on her once he has her trust, and turn her and her friends into swans or something! He’s just like his mother. He might not act like it, but he is. Only the worst villain could trick the Storian!”
    “Um,” Luke said, equally confused and terrified from his roommate’s outburst, “Could you please explain to me what’s going on. I don’t want anyone turning Grace into a swan.”
    “Of course,” the prince began, “My father is the youngest prince from the fairy tale “The Wild Swans”. In this fairy tale, the evil Queen Valeria, my father’s stepmother, tricked my grandfather into hating his own children. He let the queen banish Eloria’s mother, and turn my father and his ten brothers into swans. Eloria’s mother, Princess Eliza, had a dream that if she sewed eleven jackets out of stinging nettles, the curse over her brothers would be broken. Eliza started on the jackets, and was found by a prince in a field of nettles. He took her to his castle, and she continued to sew the jackets. Somehow, a rumor got started that she was a witch, and she was sentenced to death. She continued to sew, even as she was on her way to her death. Her brothers swooped down to save her and were turned back into humans as they put the finished jackets on. All but one were completely finished. The sleeves of my father’s jacket weren’t complete. He’s had swan wings for the rest of his life because of that wicked queen. None of his subjects take him seriously. I mean, what would you do if instead of brandishing a sword and protecting his kingdom, your king just flapped his wings around while ordering servants to do simple tasks for him, like opening doors. Kane is that wicked queen’s son. I don’t know how he managed it, but somehow he’s been placed in Good. We need to stop him before he hurts my cousin or your friend. He’s dangerous.”
    “I’ll do anything to keep my friend safe,” Luke said with determination.
    “And I’ll do anything to keep my cousin safe,” his roommate said, “I’m Victor by the way.” Victor held out his hand. “Want to help me save your friend?” Luke took his hand without thinking twice, a sneer growing across his face.
    “Let’s do this,” he said. Nobody messed with Grace while he was around.

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