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    foxwoodeagle posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months ago

    Hello! Today I FINALLY finished writing Chapter 3 of my RP called Swans and Secrets. This one is pretty long, even though it is just from Grace’s POV. I’ve decided that each chapter will be from just one person’s POV in the hopes that I will be able to post more frequently. I hope you enjoy!
    Chapter 3
    Grace’s POV:
    Class at the School for Good was very different from that of her village. Her day had started out with Beautification with Professor Anemone where she had to create her best princess smile. Grace ended up with a ranking of 3, right behind Elle (with a ranking of 2) and a girl named Briana. Elle kept scowling at Briana, and when Grace asked about it, Elle’s reply was that she reminded her of her sister.
    During her second class of the day (Princess Etiquette with Pollux), Grace had to walk down stairs without dropping eggs. She somehow ended up with hatching eggs, and started a conversation with the hatchlings, confounding her teacher and classmates. Her ranking was 1 for the most creative way to get the eggs down without killing the birds. Briana started to glare at her, a silver 2 floating above her head.
    As she was heading to her third class, Animal Communication with Princess Uma, Briana cornered her under a stairwell.
    “Listen up, Reader,” she sneered, “This is my school. I won’t have you messing up my Ever After, so you’d better get out of my way and let me get the first place that I rightfully deserve. One more first ranking for you, and you’ll regret ever coming to this school. Is that clear?” Grace nodded, her eyes wide. “Good.” Briana sashayed away, her brunette curls bouncing with every step.
    Grace wasn’t very sure in her ability to fail Animal Communication considering the fact that her talent was communicating with animals. Still, she trudged to her next class with a heavy heart, already coming up with plans for her own funeral. Although Briana herself wasn’t necessarily powerful, she had a swarm of Evergirls who acted as if they would sacrifice their lives just to have Briana smile at them.
    “Hey, where were you?” Elle asked once Grace reached her class. Upon seeing Grace’s expression, her face darkened. “What happened?”
    “Briana wants me to stop ‘messing up her Ever After’,” Grace said. Elle smirked.
    “I knew she was a ****,” she said, almost triumphantly. “Don’t worry too much. She wouldn’t risk her reputation on you. She’s just trying to manipulate you. It might do her some good, actually, to realize that she can’t control everyone.”
    Just then Princess Uma started to explain a challenge that involved something called Wish Fish. The girls had to dip their fingers into the water and make a wish. The girl who had the most clear wish would receive the highest ranking.
    Briana and her followers each wished for a different boy. For Elle, the Wish Fish created an image of Elle being embraced by her family. When Elle saw the image, she walked over to Grace with her head down and her cheeks flushed.
    “What was that?” Grace asked gently.
    “Acceptance,” Elle replied, “I appear to have wished for my family to accept me.” Grace gave her a concerned look.
    “Grace,” Princess Uma said.
    “Hm?” Grace asked, looking over.
    “It’s your turn.”
    Grace stepped forward. She sat down in front of the water, and dipped her finger in. Colorful fish swam up to her finger.
    “Hello, Grace” they said in a sleepy voice. By now Grace was used to the voices of animals ringing in her head, but she still looked back nervously at her class, wondering if they heard it, too, even though she already knew the answer. Grace turned back to the fish and took a deep breath.
    “Hello,” she said. She could Briana snickering behind her. “She’s talking to it!” she heard someone whisper.
    “What is your greatest wish?” the fish asked
    “I…I don’t know,” Grace replied, “I’ve never really thought about that before.” She had spent her whole life ignoring people’s remarks about her and her sanity. She wasn’t about to let some annoying princess get to her.
    “Your heart tells us that you want acceptance, like your friend,” the fish replied, “Would it be better if we communicated through the mind, so those silly princesses don’t hear our conversation?”
    “Yes,” Grace replied. The fish slowly started to turn all the colors of the rainbow before they gained speed. All of the colors started to merge together and suddenly, the fish jumped out at Grace. She closed her eyes and screamed.
    When she opened her eyes, Grace found herself floating on a cloud surrounded by black. A girl with chestnut hair pulled back in a ponytail and large brown eyes sat on a cloud in front of her.
    “Is this better?” the girl asked. Her voice matched the fish’s.
    “Who…?” Grace asked, as she looked around.
    “I’m Wilhemina,” the girl said, “At least I think that’s my name. I’ve been a fish for quite some time, so I’ve started to forget human things like that.”
    “How-how did you become a Wish Fish?” Grace asked.
    “Like you, I was a student at the School for Good. My ranking wasn’t high enough, so I got tagged as a Mogrif.”
    “Wait, those fish were students?!” Grace exclaimed.
    “Yes,” Wilhelmina replied sadly, “Not everything is sunshine and rainbows in the fairytale world.”
    “Is there any way you can become human again?” Grace inquired, very disturbed.
    “No, I don’t think so,” Wilhemina sighed, “But we’re not here to talk about that. What is your greatest wish? I believe you have the makings to become a most famous princess. Whatever you wish for shall be yours.”
    “Er…um…I really don’t know,” Grace said, “What’s your greatest wish?”
    Wilhelmina looked at her with surprise. “No one has ever asked me that before,” she said, “Then again, I’ve never met someone who can speak to animals without using bird calls or lion roars.” The girl sighed. “I guess I would wish for my freedom. Being a Wish Fish is so exhausting! I constantly have to show people’s wishes, and I’m so tired of creating images of boys. I mean, what do those girls see in them anyway? The only reason they wish for them is because of their looks!” Wilhelmina stops herself. “Sorry for my ranting. It’s been a while since I’ve had a real conversation with someone.”
    Grace gave her a sad smile. “If only there was something I could do to help her,” she thought, “Like learning a spell to free her or-”
    “Maybe I could wish you free!” Grace exclaimed, perking up. Wilhelmina’s eyes widened.
    “Do you really mean it? Is that really your greatest wish?” she inquired.
    “My greatest wish is to help my friends, and you’re my friend,” Grace said, “So yes, freeing you is my greatest wish!”
    Suddenly the world around them started to shimmer and fade. Grace felt herself fall as the cloud beneath her disappeared. She closed her eyes shut. When she finally opened them, she found herself back on the shoreline with her classmates. Everyone was gaping at her. Briana suddenly gasped and pointed at a nearby tree. Grace spun around to see a frightened Wilhelmina looking out from behind it.
    “Wilhelmina?!” Princess Uma exclaimed, “How- how are you human again?!”
    “Grace wished for me to turn back,” the former Wish Fish said. Everyone turned to Grace. Grace turned bright red, “I- um-,” Grace stuttered. Suddenly, a golden 1 appeared above her head. The color drained from her face as Briana’s expression hardened with hate.
    “I’m afraid I’ll have to turn you back,” Princess Uma said to Wihelmina.
    “NO!” Grace shouted, all thoughts of Briana’s revenge gone, “Please! Don’t turn her back! Please, I beg of you!”
    Princess Uma turned to Grace with pity in her eyes.
    “Rules are rules,” she started, “But since you are working your way up to being the top Ever, maybe I can talk to the teachers to see if we can make an exception. Besides, what’s to say you won’t come over here to free her yourself?”
    Grace sighed with relief. “Thank you,” she said, “Thank you.” Princess Uma turned to Wilhelmina.
    “Until then, let’s get you a uniform. Why don’t you follow Grace’s schedule until the decision is made.” Princess Uma signaled a nymph, who brought Wilhelmina an Evergirls uniform. She put it on graciously and walked over to Grace with wobbly knees.
    “Thank you,” Wilhelmina said with tears in her eyes, “Thank you so much. Now I might actually get a second chance.”

        foxwoodeagle replied 3 months ago

        The starred word is j.erk.

        tagathaforever109 replied 3 months ago

        Nice! That sorta reminds me f what happened to Agatha in the first book.

          foxwoodeagle replied 3 months ago

          Thanks! I’ve always wondered what would have happened if the girl she turned back lived, so I decided to write about it!

          delilahkitty replied 3 months ago

          😮So AMAZING! TAG ME!

        tagathaforever109 replied 3 months ago

        Yes. DARN YOU TEDROS! Jk. Love ya Tedros. xD

        foxwoodeagle replied 3 months ago

        Also, @delilahkitty, I will make sure to tag you!

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        Amazing! (Soz for the late response)

          delilahkitty replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

          No prob!

          willowofneverland replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          wow that was great, I love Wilhelmina’s character!! Now im gonna read the next chapters 🙂

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