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    Hello Evers and Nevers! Here is Chapter 4 of “Swans and Secrets”.
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    Chapter 4
    Eloria’s POV:
    She’d never seen someone do something so powerful before. Her best friend had just turned a Wish Fish back into a girl! What?! Eloria approached Grace and the girl whose name was Wilhelmina. Grace was propping up Wilhelmina. Apparently, you forget how to walk after years of doing nothing but swimming.
    “How did you do that?” Elle asked Grace.
    “My talent is more powerful than I thought!” she exclaimed, “Oh, by the way, Wilhelmina, this is my friend, Eloria.”
    “Nice to meet you, Eloria,” Wilhelmina said.
    “Please, call me Elle,” Eloria replied. It was hard for her to believe that she already had two friends, and it was only the first day of school!
    “Okay, Elle,” Wilhelmina said, “You can call me Mina.” The girls made their way to Good Deeds, taught by Professor Dovey, the Dean of Good.
    When they arrived at class, the Dean’s eyes widened once she saw Mina.
    “Mina?!” she exclaimed.
    “Hi, professor,” she replied weakly.
    “Wha- what are you doing here?!”
    “I, um, turned her back into a human during Animal communication,” Grace explained. She started to turn red. “Princess Uma said that the teachers would have a meeting about what to do, but until then Mina will follow my schedule.”
    “Okay…” Professor Dovey replied. She had a stunned expression on her face, and sat down at her desk. “Well then, um, I guess you can sit down, and um, I’ll start to teach the class.” Grace and Elle helped Mina sit down, and then they sat at the desks on either side of her. Soon the bell rang, and it was time for the class to start.
    After Good Deeds was lunch, which was held outside with both the Nevers and Evers. Elle grabbed her lunch and made her way over to where Grace and Mina were sitting. By now Mina had started to remember how to walk although she was still a little shaky. Elle sat down and looked around at all of the students. Nevers, both boy and girl, were one one side of the clearing, throwing gruel at each other. Evergirls grouped together around Briana, some admiring Briana’s jewelry, some sneaking glances at Everboys. The Everyboys were in a large circle witnessing a fight. Elle looked closely at the two boys fighting and realized that one of them was Kane. In fact, it wasn’t a fight at all. A prince with blonde hair and green eyes was beating him up.
    “Aren’t you going to fight back, Evil boy? Why don’t you curse me or something like the Never you are?” the prince sneered. Kane scowled at him, and stood up, “The Good defend, and the Evil attack. Guess what? You attacked me. The way I see it, you’re the Evil one.”
    The prince pulled back his fist, preparing for another blow. Before Elle knew what she was doing, she jumped up and ran over to them. “Wait!” she cried and stepped in front of Kane, just as the prince’s fist went flying. A shock of pain roared through her face as she crashed to the ground. She touched her face and saw that her cheek was bleeding. All of the students froze, shocked that a boy had hit a girl.
    “Why did you do that?” he yelled, “Why did you protect that piece of Evil trash?”
    Elle stood up and said, “I think you mean, ‘Why did I protect my Good friend from someone who obviously doesn’t know the difference between Good and Evil because if he did, he would know that the Evil attack, the Evil hurt, and the Evil hate. All of those are things which you are showing, which leads me to my next question. Which one of you is really the ‘Evil trash’ as you so rudely called him, you (the attacker) or him (the defender)?” Elle retorted, her face red with anger and wet with blood.
    “I…um..” the prince replied, obviously taken aback by Elle’s outburst.
    “That’s what I thought you said,” Elle smirked, “Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go get my friend healed.” She turned to Kane. “Let’s go,” she commanded. Kane followed her back to the schools with a dazed expression on his face.

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