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    Vampires vs Werewolves: Nothing is Going to be the Same
    Chapter 4: Blood, Sweat, and Tears – VICTORIA POV

    Bright light scorched my eyes and I opened my eyes. I yawned and turned around. Justin stared back at me and wrapped his hand around me. I smiled and he leaned in to kiss me.

    I laughed and I wrapped my arms around and him. His red eyes sparkled and he sighed. He swayed my hair and smiled.

    “Hey, you okay?” he asked.

    I groaned and slowly lean onto his chest.

    “I’m okay” I laughed. “Why you keep asking?”

    The sun rose and I buried my face down under the covers. My skin was burning and my eyes were weary. I heard Justin laughing and I look up. Justin’s eyes were bright and there was a huge smile on his face.

    My face flushed and Justin held me tighter.

    “Your just…acting a little different,” he explained. “Not like I didn’t like our date last night”

    I laughed and kissed him on his cheek.

    “I love you. And that’s it”

    Justin rolled his eyes and kissed me on my forehead. I smiled and looked away. My eyes flashed purple and grinned.



    —-Nicki POV—–

    I ran through the hallway. Red flashing lights appeared in each room. I could smell blood an inch away from me. My heart raced and my teeth clenched. My skin went pale and I pressed my hands to my chest.

    A warm hand pressed on my shoulder. I look up at Dad. He was anxious and I took a deep breath. My eyes stopped glowing and my teeth stopped growing.

    “I’m fine” I whispered.

    I turned back around, but Dad tugged on my sleeve. He grabbed my arm aggressively and dragged towards the nearest closet.

    Oh, ****.

    Dad closed the door and I sighed. I clenched my hands into my hair and leaned down to the wall.

    “Dad” I groaned.

    “Don’t Dad me” he snapped.

    My eyebrows rose and I look up at Dad’s gaze. He looked grave and serious. My heart deflated and I looked away from Dad’s eyes. He sighed and touched my shoulder. I could hear his voice cracking and I finally looked back up towards at him.

    “I’m sorry.”

    Dad looked away and my heart sank. My skin paled and Dad’s expression dulled. I frowned and walked towards him.

    “Why am I only hearing this now?!” I demanded.

    It became quiet.

    Dad’s face became crowded with guilt. I could feel a vein popping out of my head. My face suddenly became hot and my eyes glowed. The small light bulb above our heads started to flicker. IThen started blinking. My hands were burning and I could feel the electricity flowing through my body.

    I took a deep breath.

    The light stopped flickering and my eyes narrowed down to Dad.

    “Dad” I stated softly. “How come I hearing about my Aunt now?!”

    There was more silence.

    Dad wouldn’t even look at me in the eye.

    My eyes widen and the light above us exploded. Glass fell to the floor and I panted. I could feel the hot burning lightning streaming through my veins. My blood rushed and finally, my eyes glowed.

    “I HAVE A AUNT THAT I NEVER KNEW ABOUT!!!” I screamed. “DAD, WHAT THE *******

    Dad finally looked up at me. I panted and my vampire teeth rose. Dad only blinked a few times. He looked away and walked over to a heater and sat on it.

    “Nicki, come here” he whispered softly.

    I hesitated. I sighed and my eyes dimmed. I walked over to the heater and Dad puts his arm around me.

    “Look, your Aunt ….your mom and I were friends in high school” he sighed.

    I could feel Dad’s shoulder getting colder. His face was getting more expressionless and his voice was getting deeper and deeper.

    “And I was major…”

    He stopped. He smiled and puts his hands over his face.


    “I was a major ******** he responded. “I did things I regretted my whole life. Your Aunt.Julia. Your mom’s sister..they don’t really talk each other that much anymore”

    There was deep sadness in his voice now. He clenched his hands on my arm and chest deflated.

    I never saw my dad like this.

    “And It’s all my fault,” finished Dad.

    Dad looked up to my direction and he lets me go. He sighs and played around with his hands.

    “It was your mom who decided not to tell you about her.It was kind of mostly to protect you, but….you don’t really need protecting anymore”

    I slowly smiled and my chest deflated again. I looked down to the ground and leaned down on Dad’s shoulder.

    “I will always need you” I laughed.

    Dad slowly smiled and chuckled. He puts his arm around me and held me tight.

    “…Is she going to be okay?” I asked.

    Dad doesn’t reply right away. HIs chest deflated and he sighed. His eyes flickered with shame and he held me tighter.

    “Honestly, I don’t know,”


    The clock struck 7 am.

    Dawn was screaming.

    Victoria had purple streak hair and was holding Dawn on her neck against the wall.

    Time had stopped.

    Nicole was the only person moving and her hair was turning white.

    She was crying and a huge symbol rose behind her.



    My eye snapped open and I jumped off from my bed. Cam came out of the bathroom slowly and walked over to me. He touched my wrist and I breathed harder.

    “It’s fine. It’s fine” Cam repeatedly went on.

    I nodded and pressed my hands against my chest.

    My hands shook and checked the time.

    6: 55.

    I sighed and slowly got up from my bed.

    “I—I have..to check something”

    I ran out of the room and Cameron yelled out my name. My birthmark glowed against my arm and my heart gunned.


    I observed the clock and it suddenly stopped as it struck 7 am.

    Time has stopped.

    I walked around a hallway and saw Nicole. Her hair was white and ice had been rising on her skin.

    I cried and saw a guild mark behind her.

    **** it!

    ——NICKI POV—-

    The nurse finally called us in. I started at Dad and he nodded. I gave him a weak smile and we walked through the hallways.

    We stepped into the room. Mom was already there leaning against my aunt.

    She was pale and her hair was really white.

    The nurse began talking. I tried to listen, but something caught my eye.

    I took a glance at her neck.

    My eyes widen.

    The blood carrier next to her shook and her heart pressure started to rise. I stared at my body and started to turn pale.

    I covered my mouth and backed away.

    I heard my dad call my name.

    No way.

    I ran away. I pushed dad away and my heart rose. Dad bumped onto the nurse and bolted out of the room.


    I walked out of my room and wrapped my robe around me. I walked over to the bathroom and Dawn came out. She looked up and smiled. She took off her earbuds from her ear and her eyes brightening.

    “Hi, Victoria”

    I didn’t answer. Dawn’s eyes slowly changed and slowly became defensive. I slowly swayed her hair and sighed.

    “Hi, Dawn” I replied, finally.

    My eyes flashed purple and I quickly pulled her hair down to the ground. Dawn dropped her phone and I grabbed her body.

    She was light, very light.

    I smiled slowly and swing her body to the ground. Dawn looked up in shock and I rolled my eyes. My hands glowed and her eyes widen. I blasted a fireball to her face and she turned around to the left.

    I laughed and grabbed feet as she rolled around. I pushed her against the wall beside the bathroom and my eyes became dark.

    Dawn’s eyes glowed and I grabbed her neck and squeezed it. Dawn choked and started crying.

    I tilted my head and chuckled.

    “What…are..you…doing?!” Dawn choked.

    I still didn’t reply and squeezed her neck harder.

    “You’re really annoying. Just stand still like a normal little girl and start screaming” I spat.

    I touched her shirt and started ripping it and stopped squeezing her neck. My hands started glowing and a huge burning sunlight glowed off my hands. Dawn’s eyes widen and screamed.

    I swung my hand towards her, but someone’s hands grabbed my arm. I turned around and Justin held my hand tighter. His eyes glowed and I tried pushing him away.

    “What’s wrong with you?!” snapped Justin.

    I panted and my eyes burned. Justin’s eyes flickered and my heart sank. I began to cough and my eyes flashed purple to velvet.

    I can’t anymore.

    I fell on Justin’s arm and he touched my head. I started sweating and my eyes flashed purple.

    Justin and Dawn look away and I everything began to look pitch black.

    ——-NICOLE POV——

    The clock struck 7 am. I laughed and texted back to Jaden. He sent back heart emojis and I blushed.

    I was going to send something back, but I heard a scream. I stopped smiling and my heart gunned.


    My eyes flashed and everything became quiet.

    My hands shook and I began to cough. My body was limp and so cold. I breathed in and out and saw my own breath.

    What the ****?!

    My eyes widen and I sprung out of bed. My heart stopped and I gasped. Everything suddenly got dizzy and I went down tumbling to my desk. My pencil, papers, and lamp went falling to the ground but stopped.

    In mid-air.

    I kept on breathing continuously and still saw my own breath. My heart….it wasn’t beating. My skin was white and my eyes were flashing.

    I slithered my hands to my hair and slowly got up. I went over to my mirror and did not see my reflection.I checked my teeth, but my fangs weren’t there. Tears ran off my face and my night dress started to crumple up to ice.

    I blinked and everything became blurry. I observed my room and I frowned. I stopped moving.

    Nothing was moving.

    The towel hanging from my bathroom door fell, but it never touched the ground. It was just floating there.

    My covers from my bed never hit my bed when I got out of bed. It was still flying out of the bed.

    My tears never touched the ground. It was still, not moving on the front of my eyes.

    I shivered and wrapped my hands around my body. I grabbed my hairbrush and threw it in my mirror. It started to break, but the never hit the ground. My hairbrush and glass led there still.

    I screamed and ran out of my room.

    Nothing was moving.

    Nobody was moving.

    I ran through the hallway and saw Victoria on the ground. A purple glow was flickering through her eyes and there was a red mark coming through her veins. Justin was holding her to his chest and he had a worried look on his face. Dawn was leaning on the wall with her shirt ripped and fear in her eyes.

    I coughed again and ice began crawling on my skin.

    What’s going on?

    I hear a cry.

    I look up and saw mom. The only person moving. Her eyes were burning with neglect and stared directly at me.

    Everything seemed to slow down.

    I saw a flicker of my hair and saw as it started to turn white. I started to fall and mom screamed. She ran and I kept falling.

    Mom looked frantic.

    I couldn’t help wonder……

    …….Why the **** was this happening to me?

    Mom caught me and my eyes flashed. I heard glass breaking from my room and papers and lamp rolling around my room.

    Dawn continued to scream and the purple flash from Victoria’s eyes glowed brighter.

    My hair stopped turning white.

    The ice melted from my skin.

    I was breathing again.

    But I couldn’t move.

    ———-NICKI POV———

    I leaned down on the wall of the janitor’s closet. My heart rose and my skin was so white. Dad came running in and he touched my head. He kept pressuring me and I kept pushing him away.

    “Dad. Dad…DAD!”

    Dad stopped and I panted.

    “It’s not…that” I panted.

    It went quiet and my eyes glowed.

    “My aunt…there’s teeth marks on her neck” I whispered. “A vampire bit her”

    —–Tag List——-

    Hi guys!!!! I finished!!!! I hope u liked the chapter. Unfortunately, I got the flu, and that’s why I updated so late. But I have spring vactation next week, so I’ll probably update on April 7th. Who KNow? Well like I saw hope you enjoyed.

    See u! 🙂


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