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    Vampires vs Werewolves: Nothing is Going to be the Same
    Chapter 5: Predatory Vampires – Justin POV

    Victoria’s body was soon glowing brightly. A purple light scorched my eyes and my hands couldn’t stop shaking. Victoria started floating up to the ceiling and a huge hole appeared from the ceiling.

    My eyes widen and I grabbed Victoria’s hand. Air swirled around the room and her body swept through the hole. My eyes glowed and held her firmer.

    The wind kept blowing furiously. My eyes blinked and I looked away. I couldn’t see, Victoria’s hand was slipping from mine. I held her tighter and soon my feet were off the ground.

    My face cringed and I heard gasped. I turned my head and saw Nicole waking up. She clenched her hands to her chest and kept coughing. Elizabeth held her, trying to comfort her. Smoke was coming from her skin. She whelped and finally looked up. She reached out her hand and I tried to reach for it.

    Elizabeth stood up trying getting closer towards me. I strengthen my arms and I touched her fingertips. More wind picked up and my eyes grew as a huge lightning bolt struck between us out of nowhere.

    She screamed and she was pushed back across the hallway. Dawn coughed and her pupils flared. Lightning struck again and she flew across the room and landed right next to Elizabeth. Her jaw tightened and she did the same. She crashed through the wall and Victoria’s body was halfway through the hole. Lightening trickled my body and I screamed.

    My heart sank. I raised my other hand to Victoria’s hand and I tried pulling her down. I felt something on my leg. My eyes narrowed and I panted. I look down and saw Nicole arranging the wind making sure she could touch me. She tried pulling me down, but her body was sweating rapidly and her hand was slipping from my leg.

    Her eyes glowed and held me firmer. Victoria was still getting swept in. My body trembled and I screamed.

    Nicole screamed also and her eyes flared. The wind picked up and suddenly surround us. Lightning followed and my eyes widened. I held Victoria even tighter. I felt Nicole holding me tighter.

    I closed my eyes and waited for impact.

    The wind blew.

    I opened my eyes in shock as hot fire attacks blew against my skin. I roared and Nicole screamed. My clothes were ripped and I felt the blood trickling down my skin.

    The walls cracked and the lights and paintings around us fell to the floor. I panted and looked up and saw Victoria’s legs and half of her chest gone through the hole.


    I pulled aggressively, but nothing worked. She was getting ****** in even harder.

    My heart jumped as her body was pulling down towards me. I coughed and glanced back down to the ground.

    Jaden had grabbed Nicole’s chest and pulled her. Jaden’s eyes were glowing and he was gritting his teeth as he pulled us harder.

    Victoria’s body was slowly coming out of the hole and I slowly smiled and held her tighter.

    The ground shook and Jaden struggled. His feet were lifted off the ground

    “**** it!” he screamed.

    He grabbed the nearest wall and his hand glowed and blew out a huge blast. My eyebrows rose, but slowly widened has Victoria’s whole body had gotten ****** in.

    My hand went through the hole and my eyes glistened. I looked away and my face went through. I hear a horrific scream behind us.

    It sounded like Dawn.

    I felt my body going numb. Nicole’s body went through and soon after Jaden. The hole slowly closed and I could only see darkness. My fingers slipped from Victoria’s hand and my eyes closed.


    The coffee maker blew out smoke and my eyes lit up. I grabbed the coffee mug and poured it down to two cups. Beatrice walked into the kitchen and smiled. I glanced down at her outfit. She was wearing ripped jeans and blue sparkle shoes with a blue revealing blouse.

    Beatrice’s eyebrows rose and she shrugged.

    “What?” she asked impatiently.

    I shook my head and my mouth quickly curved into a smile. I handed her cup of coffee and she smiled back. She grabbed a top for her coffee and placed it on. She took a sip and yawned.

    “Thanks,” she replied.

    I smiled and looked away. Beatrice walked over to the rack and put on a black jacket. I stared at her carefully and my eyes darted.

    Beatrice looked up and I quickly looked away and took a sip of my coffee.

    “So..do you know when mom is coming back from her job?” I asked, taking another sip of my coffee.

    Beatrice placed her coffee on the table and rearranged her hair. She shrugged and glanced down at the mirror.

    “Her job is taking longer since she’s much older than all of us” replied Beatrice. “Plus, since she’s still getting used to the vampire side of her…she still needs training. Placing her at a high school for teens would be a little too much”

    I nodded and it got quiet again. Beatrice kept fixing her hair and as she was done, she took a big sip through her coffee.

    “What happened with you and Nolan?” I asked.

    Beatrice coughed and puts her coffee down. She wipes the coffee from her face and I glanced down at her.

    “You guys were trying to finish those assignments from school. Did you guys finish?”

    Beatrice’s eyes lit up and she smiled. Then she started laughing and I looked away.

    “Oh, umm no. I’ll…just have to fail”

    Beatrice continues to laugh and her face went beet red. She slowly backed up to the door and waved goodbye. She ran out the door and I sighed.

    I shook my head and scrolled down my phone. I smiled as I read the text messages from Chris and me.

    My smile faded as I saw the text messages between Jordan and I. We never talked since I chose Chris.

    ….I never even told him.

    My heart sank and my eyes narrowed down. I swiped away and went over to the News catalog.


    School departments.

    I sighed and scrolled down, but slowly stopped. My eyes lit up and scrolled back up.

    A man found on streets…dead.

    A woman found on a bridge from a car crash.

    Children attacked by an animal. Dead and found in the dumpster.

    I scrolled down and read. My eyes widen and I dropped my coffee. It fell to the floor and my heart crashed. I pursed his lips and ran out of the hose. I looked left and right and saw Beatrice walking through the sidewalk cross the streets.


    Beatrice jumped and I ran over to her. Few people stared and Beatrice went red. She ran over to me and pulled me over to nearest alley.

    “Are you crazy? People are—”

    I put the phone on her face. She stopped talking and scrolled down to the screen.

    Her skin went pale and she looked down at me.

    “They all have vampire marks on their necks”

    There was an explosion behind us.


    The hole disappeared and the wind stopped. Dawn cried and my skin suddenly went pale. My face went dark and Carmon came running. He grabbed Dawn and they continue to talk. I didn’t move and my hands burned. I glanced down at my hand and saw a burning guild mark: RISE.

    **** it!

    Cameron looked down at me and slowly quieted it down.

    “Liz….Why did you run out of the room?” he asked quietly.

    My face went dark and I looked up at him. My body wouldn’t stop shaking.

    “I had a….dream….that in 7 am Nicole…would of stopped time”


    I screamed and walked over to Beatrice. People went out running and we walked over to the scene. The smoke cleared the air and the cameras above our heads exploded.

    I panted and my skin went pale. I suddenly got so cold and Beatrice walks in front of me. She held my hand and her eyes glowed. She pulled me over to the nearest split up a rock. We hid behind it and the smoke slowly cleared out.

    A skinny man wearing a suit and ****** hair came out. He sighed and wiped the blood from his face.

    A women came out and she was biting a lady’s neck. The lady cried and slowly fell to the floor as the women put her down. Her white wavy hair fell to the floor and she looked up to the man. She jumped him and he smiled.

    “These people were nothing. I need someone with more flavor” she laughed. “Maybe someone like her”

    She pointed behind her. A huge man with brunette hair came out. He rolled his eyes held a girl onto his shoulders. The girl was unconscious and pale. She groaned and the man held her tighter.

    That girl was…Victoria.


    “Nicole shouldn’t have that power since she’s a vampire, but….she’s not just a vampire” I replied slowly.

    I clenched my hands together and looked down at the ground.

    “….Then what is she?” asked Dawn.

    I look up and saw Cameron’s face. He looked angry, but concerned at the same time. I looked down at the ground again and cried.

    “She’s a Predatory Vampire” I whispered.

    ——–ISABELLA POV——-

    I gasped and Beatrice covered my mouth. My heart was gunning and slowly someone’s hand slowly touched mine. I wanted to scream, but that someone slapped their hand over Beatrice’s

    I look up and saw Nicki. She bends down and stared. She lets go and so does Beatrice. I sighed and puts my hand on my chest.

    “What are you doing here?” I whispered.

    “I was at the hospital and saw my aunt” she whispered back. “She had vampire marks on her neck and then there was an explosion only a few blocks from here and I saw you two”

    I opened my mouth to say something else, but Nicki’s and Beatrice’s eyes glowed. I closed my mouth and look back at the three strangers.

    “We can’t” snapped the brunette. “She’s TOO valuable now”

    The women with white hair rolled her eyes. She held the man tighter and shrugged.

    “Fine,” she replied. “Just bring her to headquarters and erase anyone minds who ever saw this”

    She slowly looks up to the man she was holding onto and she kissed him on his cheek. He smiles and she lets him go.

    “Can you fix this?” she asked. “And grab the three naughty girls behind that wall”

    My eyes widen. I step back, but the man was already behind us.

    “With pleasure,” he laughed.


    “I…don’t understand…..What is a Predatory Vampire?” Dawn stammered.

    I sighed and my eyes went black. I look up and stared at Cameron directly at his eyes.

    “Their dangerous vampires where they can only be provided by human blood. If they bite anyone they would die instantly. They’re the only vampires with…special powers.” I replied.

    I stood up slowly and walked over to Cameron. His face was dark and he stared down at me.

    ——-ISABELLA POV——–

    He looked down and grabbed me first. I screamed and tears rolled off my eyes. His hands glowed and he touched my hair.

    “Let her go!” yelled Beatrice.

    The man’s eyes narrowed and he smirked.

    “Stop your glowing eyes and maybe I’ll let her go”

    No one moved and he set his hands on my neck. I screamed and I felt a hot burning trickling down my back.

    “Fine. Fine!” screamed Nicki.

    Beatrice and Nicki’s eyes slowly stopped glowing. The man grinned and blasted Beatrice and Nicki towards the lady and the man. Lightning struck between them and they screamed. They both coughed and the eyes flared. The lady shrugged and her teeth sparkled.

    She walked over to them, but a dart flew over to Nicki and Beatrice’s neck. My eyes widen and they slowly went to the floor. I saw them trying to fight back and took the dark off from their skin. They coughed and fell to the floor unconscious.


    “They have formed a guild called RISE. They were kept hidden…by me”

    Dawn doesn’t say anything. She looks up at Cameron and Cameron stares at me. His eyes darted away and his jaw tightened.

    “Why?” he asked.

    It was quiet and I finally lift up my sleeve. Cameron doesn’t move. There was no expression in his eyes. Dawn, however, stepped back and her eyes grew.

    The RISE tattoo flashed against my skin and it glowed brightly.

    “Because….I am one”

    ——-ISABELLA POV——-

    My body wouldn’t stop shaking. I slowly grabbed my phone and pressed a button. The man laughed and punched my face. I fell to the floor and I heard my arms crack. My phone fell to the other side of the sidewalk and I cried. The pain was unbearable. I turned around and held my arm tight. The blood trickled down and I continue to cry.

    “Put them with the others” the brunette snapped.

    My eyes were getting blurry. I saw a ball with crowded people with Justin also inside. They threw Nicki and Beatrice inside and I coughed up blood.

    “See you on the other side” he smirked.

    His glowing green hands blew against my eyes. My ears rang, and my body went completely numb and I passed out.

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    I’m on Spring break!!! And I actually finished the chapter like I promised!!! I’m so proud!!! 🙂 I’ll PROBABLY post another chapter tomorrow. But it looks like I have time to. XD Okay, see u all! 🙂 Bye.


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