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    Vampires vs Werewolves: Nothing is Going to be the Same
    Chapter 6: Welcome to RISE – Justin POV

    My fingers moved. I coughed and opened my eyes. Everything was so blurry, I blinked a few times and groaned. I got up and my eyes widen. I looked down at my clothes and saw I was wearing a black suit.

    I stood up and heard yelling. I slowly walked over towards the sound. The walls were cracked and damped.The beds beside the walls were old and dusty and covered with spiderwebs.

    My heart sank and the screaming grew louder. I jumped and started running towards the screaming. I went through an entrance and my eyes widen. I stopped running and saw crowds of people on the front of some force field. They were all screaming and banging on the force field. Lightning struck in the front of them and soon a few people were crying. Children hid under the beds and adults were crying and screaming.

    What is he?

    I blinked a few times and put my hand over my head.

    What the **** was that?


    I look up and saw Beatrice and Nicki hiding beside a rock as many of people ran next to them. I walked over to them and bend down.

    “Where are we?” I snapped.

    “You think I would know” snapped Beatrice.

    “When we woke up we ended up here” replied Nicki “Isabella, Victoria, Nicole, or Jaden weren’t here when we came to”

    My eyes rose and I clenched my hands together.

    Suddenly it got dark and sirens blew. Everyone went quiet.

    Nicki, Beatrice, and I stood up and the force field shut off. Everyone was still and someone came out. The lights got dimmer and I saw a face.

    A woman with long black hair. Her skin was tanned and her eyes sparkled with brown lights. She was wearing a red uniform with shorts and shirt. She wasn’t wearing any shoes but was still tall.

    Maybe a 6’9.

    She smiled and her eyes glowed the metal next to us shook. I looked back at Beatrice and Nicki and they shrugged. Then she looks down at us and my eyes widen.


    My eyes glowed, but it was too late. The metal was ripped off from the walls and chained to my arms. Everyone’s arms.

    People screamed and the lady opened her mouth.


    Everyone was silent, but nobody could stop crying. A few sniffled and back away.

    “This metal on your wrist are power blockers, so don’t try turning into your vampire form” she snapped.

    I glared at her and my hands turned red. My body was shaking and my face cringed.

    “You’re here to discover the impossible. There are only three rules here” she roared. “One: Don’t talk back to your superiors. Two: If you don’t finish work by the time you are given you will die. And three:……”

    Her eyes looked faded and her clothes brightened. I looked away and she laughed. I looked and saw her clothes weren’t just red. They were made out of blood.


    My face went dark and the metal on my wrist cracked.

    No. *******. Way.

    “If your superior is asked of you to drink your blood. You will not complain and let them do what they’re pleased”

    Nicki and Beatrice’s eyes rose. Everyone made a sound and her eyes focused on everyone little-terrified face she could see.

    Then she stopped at me. Her face changed into amusement. My face cringed and my eyes darted away.

    “Welcome to RISE” she chuckled. “…..Don’t ***** up the last rule”

    There was still silence. I kept glaring at her. She smiled and walked away and the force field shined back up between us.

    “Welcome to RISE”

    Why is that so familiar?

    I sat down beside the wall and everyone continued to scream and cry. Nicki and Beatrice looked down at me and stared at the cracked metal on my wrist.

    “Who the **** was that?” asked Beatrice.

    My head was spinning, I blinked a few times and pressed my hair. I sighed and panted.

    “Sera….. She’s the head of the predatory vampire clan” I whispered.


    It’s been an hour.

    I typed on the computer and felt Cameron’s hands on my shoulders. Dawn was flipping through some pages. She pushed her glasses up and kept her face buried down in her book. My eyes darkened and I stared down at the screen. Codes, numbers, letters came spiraling down the screen.

    There was complete silence and then I felt Cameron’s hand off my shoulders. I look up and he sighed. Dawn froze and she slammed the book shut.

    “I’ll just….leave”

    Dawn ran out of the room. I slumped back from my chair and Cameron puts his hand down on the desk.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked softly.

    I looked away and my heart sank. My jaw tightened and I closed my eyes.

    “I didn’t…want you to…leave me,” I whispered.

    “For what?” he replied.

    I spun back to him and I clenched my hands together. The blood rushed and I felt my face getting hot.

    “For being different,” I snapped.

    Cameron took his hands off the desk and spun around down to me.

    “I’m a W-Slasher!” he snapped back. “You think I would leave if I was different! Every single **** day. I was terrified if you would leave me or even like me!”

    “That’s different!” I spat.

    “How is it different?! Everywhere I go, I had to walk around like ******* yelled Cameron. “You were a princess!!!”

    My eyes glowed and the ground cracked and a massive blast destroyed the walls.


    I kept screaming. Tears rolled off my eyes and I couldn’t stop. The blast was getting stronger, Cameron’s eyes softened and he grabbed me. I stopped screaming and my eyes dimmed.

    I looked away and Cameron swayed my hair.

    “I love you. That’s why” he whispered.

    I smiled and looked down at the ground. The laptop had now had a crack in the middle of the screen. I sighed, but the screen flashed. My eyes widen and saw Victoria running down the streets.

    She took out her phone and a mirror came out. Suddenly a boy came out, his clothes were into threads and his long green hair was drenched from water and his face was flushed and his eyes were sparkling and full of sorrow and looked weary and tired.

    He jumped Victoria and my eyes widen.

    “NO!” I screamed.

    The boy bit Victoria. Victoria fell to the ground and the boy went running. Victoria panted and her eyes flashed purple. She coughed and started screaming. The light scorched the screen and the camera went black.

    I covered my mouth and my chest tightened. I felt Cameron breathing beside my neck and saw his face pale.

    “What…happens if a predatory vampire bites a werepire?” asked Cameron.

    I stare at the broken screen and my face went dark. I clenched my hands together and my eyes dimmed.

    “…..I don’t know” I replied utterly defeated.

    ——-JADEN POV——–

    My body was numb and moist. I slowly opened my eyes and coughed. I turned around and got up from the ground. I looked down at my body and saw I was wearing black clothes. I touched my hair and saw I was bleeding.

    Broken glass was everywhere. The walls were cracked and the beds weren’t even beds. They were just sheets ripped covered with blood.

    I coughed again and stood up from the ground. I walked around the place but didn’t get far. Electricity circle related me and I screamed. My eyes glowed and soon I roared. The walls blasted off the attack and it hit me. I bounced back and fell back to the ground.

    Blood dripped off from my skin. I coughed and brushed off the dirt from my skin. I touched my neck and a blue chain glowed from my neck. The chain glowed and lit off the room. I stared and saw the chain was chained to the end of the wall.

    My eyes widen and soon glowed. My claws grew off my hands and I punched down towards the chain.

    What am I? A caged animal?!

    My claws glowed and I swiped down through the chain. It shattered and I sighed. Sweat dripped off my face and suddenly another chain crashed into my neck. Electricity zapped me and I roared. I fell down to the ground.

    There was a giggle on the other end of the room. I slowly sat up on the ground and my eyes glowed again.

    “You’re on one of your stages!? What the best of luck!!”

    The voice sounded like a man. My eyes glowed darker and the man walked closer.

    “Who the **** are you?” I spat.

    The man soon chuckles. He walks up towards me. Now seeing him he was wearing a red uniform. His eyes were green and demon like. His hair was brown and he was very tall.

    His eyes glowed and he grabbed the chain that was attached to my neck. My eyes widen and I gagged. I greeted my teeth and he glared back at me.

    “That’s none of your concern,” he spat.

    He lets go of the chain and I coughed. I look back at him and he walks away.

    “Where the **** am I?” I screamed.

    He stops and there was complete silence. I could hear him grinning. He turned around slightly and his eyes were humorous and sadistic like.

    “You’ll soon find out,” he replied. “Welcome to RISE,”

    ——–NICOLE POV——-

    I panted and my eyes snapped open. I stared at the ceiling. I blinked a few times and looked down. I was in bed. A rich, fancy comfy bed. I looked around and saw gold plastering the walls. The place was well built and…nice. I got up from the bed and saw my clothes were changed. I was wearing a red rich silky dress.

    My face cringed and my eyes widen.

    What with everybody else?

    I ran out from the room and opened the door. I stopped and saw hundreds of girls wearing red uniforms. They all smiled and squealed. I stepped back and they all came running over to me. Some wearing black uniforms changed my clothes and fixed my hair. The others in red talked and talked. I fell down to a soft chair and my eyes widen.

    “Hey, have anything to yourself”

    “You must be so tired”

    “You have got to try the pool”

    I flustered and I shook my head. Soon, the room got quiet. They all stepped back. A woman with short dyed yellow hair came out. She was beautiful without a doubt. Her eyelashes glittered and her red uniform was so revealing. Her light hazel eyes glimmered and she giggled.

    She walked over to me and smiled.

    “Welcome to RISE.” she replied.

    Her voice was soft and soothing. I put out a half smile and shrugged.

    “T-Thanks,” I replied. “But where are my friends?”

    She smiled again and she bends down. She touched my leg and her eyes sparkled.

    “Their….fine,” she laughed. “But you really shouldn’t associate yourself with them”

    My eyes rose and my face cringed.

    “Why? Where are they? What did you do to them?” I demanded.

    My voice was rising and my eyes were now glowing. A few were surprised, but others were calm and just kept smiling.

    “….Nothing. But you’re more superior towards them”

    “What the **** does that mean?!” I snapped.

    Now the whole room laughed. The people in black just kneeled down shaking. Their eyes were full of agony and pain. They looked terrified and given up. I look back up towards the woman and her eyes were now sharp and demon like.

    “You mean she didn’t tell you?” she laughed. “You’re a predatory vampire”


    Whips struck my body. I cried and tears ran from my eyes. I look up and the man held the chains over me tighter. Blood dripped off my skin and I cried louder. The men laughed with amusement and I coughed up blood.

    My clothes were ripped and my skin was covered up from dirt. My body shook and we all stopped walking. The chains over my wrist and legs shook and a woman came out.

    The men walked away and the woman walked closer towards me. Her fangs gleamed and her purple eyes shimmered.

    My jaw tightened and my heart raced. I cried rapidly and my eyes were soon red. The woman stopped walking towards me. Her fangs gotten slower and her face went dark.

    She grabbed the chains from my wrist and pulled me out of the room. We walked through the damped hallways and walked down some stairs. I couldn’t stop crying, my body shook and we stopped at a metal shaped room.

    “Is he in there?” the woman asked.

    Few people nodded and she smiled. She held the chains tighter and went through the room. The door flew open and she pushed me in. A man with short brown hair turned around. He was wearing a red uniform and he had ****** hair around his face. He stared at down at me and walked closer.

    The room was small and only had one small table in the middle. There was one light bulb above our heads and kept blinking back and forth.

    My eyes widen and my body stopped shaking.

    “Have fun,” she laughed.

    She slammed the door shut and my heart stopped. I stepped back and fell down to the ground. The man just stood there and his eyes dimmed.

    I crawled back and leaned over to the door. My heart was gunning and my body shook. My head was spinning and the tears off from my eyes stopped.


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