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    galeinthesnow posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    *Timeskip brought to you by Anadil*

    Amira slammed the door behind her, burying her face in a pink pillow. She cried then, letting the tears pour from her eyes and soak the silky fabric of her dark blue hijab and the velvety pillow.
    The echoes of her mother’s yells and father’s shouts rebounded throughout the castle. They were arguing again. About Wren, and Amira, and the School for Good and Evil, and it was getting too much for Amira to take. It was too much stress. Way, way, way too much. And Amira already stressed out enough. She was afraid of what would happen to her if she stayed. Would her father just . . . get too mad one day, and snap? Would her mother? She’d heard of fairy tales where the marriage became poisonous, like Dean Sader’s version of Cinderella. (She read The Tale of Sophie and Agatha very closely.) She wasn’t sure whether that one was true, but it could be! And she wasn’t prepared for that.
    Well, it turned out that was her lucky day. She didn’t know it yet, but she’d be far away from Maplebeech before she’d have to see the problems escalate so much that their bond would be broken forever.
    The door creaked open softly, and her mother slipped in. “Amira?” she asked quietly.
    Amira twisted over onto her back and sat up, wiping her eyes with her sleeve. “What do you want?” she snapped. She instantly felt bad and wanted to take it back, but she didn’t. She was tired of her parents never thinking about her or what she wanted.
    “I have a surprise for you . . .” her mother said, holding out a creamy white envelope with a red wax seal on the front. Embedded into the wax were two swans facing each other.
    Amira felt her spirits slowly rise. Could it be? She took the envelope and slid her fingernail across the edge, pulling it open. Inside, she found a Flowerground pass and a letter from . . . Dean Dovey. (This story takes place in an alternate dimension where Rafal and Japeth never existed. Sorry, it’s a little far-fetched, but it was the only way I could think of to keep things the way they were.)
    Congratulations, new Ever! You have been selected for the School for Good and Evil! I trust that you will be one of the best in your class and that your pure heart will help you go far in life!
    Enclosed is your Flowerground pass, which you will need to get to the School. Good luck!
    (I don’t know if this is really how the acceptance letter goes. Please comment if you know how it does.)
    She’d been accepted to The School for Good and Evil.
    The School for Good and Evil.

        galeinthesnow replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        At the end where it says T SGE twice, sorry! That was a typo

        galeinthesnow replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        @take2007, @skyfire1, @jellybean11, @ruby789, sorry i didn’t add your names! im still getting used to this . . .

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