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    galeinthesnow posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 8 months ago

    Tags: @ruby789, @skyfire1, @jellybean11, @take2007, @sallysallysally

    This is an extra-short chapter. Sorry!! Time limit . . .

    Amira stuffed her mahogany suitcase with cumulus-nimbus pillows, embroidered with dewdrops, boxes of parchment, and peacock feather quills. Her mind raced at the thought of actually going to the School for Good and Evil! She thought it would never happen. She would actually get a chance to become a storybook princess!
    Then she started thinking about everything that could go wrong. Becoming a Mogrif, a bean plant? What if the other princesses didn’t like her? Beatrix was a real beast in The Tale of Sophie and Agatha. It wasn’t as if she would be instantly loved. Her hand reached up to absently pat her soft brown hijab. What if they thought she was weird because of it?
    Of course, she would never abandon her religion just to have other girls like her. There had to be someone nice at the School, like Kiko. It wasn’t impossible . . .

        sallysallysally replied 8 months ago

        I like that she’s worried she’ll be ridiculed because of her hijab! It adds a specific flavor to the story and makes it interesting!

        take2007 replied 8 months ago

        Amazing details! Great chapter and good job!

        princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago

        Please tag me!

        hanadil5 replied 8 months ago

        Tag me please! You are a great writer!

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