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    galeinthesnow posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 6 months, 2 weeks ago

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    Hi everyone! This is Amira’s story. If you want to be tagged, please don’t go do it on old updates. I’m having trouble sorting through my notifications. Thank you all for your support!!

    But still, Amira would probably have to be on her guard for mean girls.
    Her train of thought shifted to her dead sister, Wren. She probably would have been accepted a long time ago . . . Wren was the perfect child. She had been the perfect child. The accident that killed her was a stupid mistake. Amira always felt like she was the makeup, the one who didn’t quite meet her parents’ standards. Did they think she was good enough? WAS she good enough?
    Stop worrying, Amira! She shook her head sharply, brushing off the thoughts. Of course they thought she was good enough! They were never mean to her, and they never argued in front of her. Even if she could still hear them.
    She would escape Maplebeech and go to the school of her dreams, instead of going to the huge school where she was swallowed up in the crowd but then pulled out again. “YOU’RE the princess? Seriously?” They would wrinkle their noses and laugh. At Maplebeech Academy, she was special. But not in a good way.
    At the School for Good and Evil, she’d just be another pretty princess, another perfect girl with great manners and no faults.
    Of course she had faults. No one had to know that, though. If they did, she’d be a bigger target.
    She had her first day all planned out. She’d eat pistachio sorbet and talk to her new friends. They’d laugh together. She’d get a rose at the Welcoming (if she was lucky; she didn’t need one), and wear her best soft pink hijab, the color and texture of rose petals. It would be the best day of her life.
    Except for all the other days at the School for Good and Evil.
    It would be completely and utterly perfect.
    She hoped.
    Because she didn’t know how she’d cope if it wasn’t what she wanted it to be.

        hanadil5 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        I love it! I think you are an incredible writer! Please tag me again!

        princessgirl2911 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago


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