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    glamourchloe posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 5 years, 3 months ago

    We walked into fourth period, “Riley would you like to show us your wish in the wish fish pool first”? asked Professor Uma. “Umm…ok” she mumbled. I watched her did her hand into ppool. The fish slowly changed into a picture. “What is it” said the professor. “I’ve always wondred what my legacy will be, this is it. Maya had a similar picture. Everyone elses looked like princes. Professor Uma dipped her hand in and pulled out a suitcase. “Finally were done” she said. “Professor, she hasn’t gone” I heard someone yell while pointing at me. “Oh” said the professor sadly putting the suitcase in the water. I walked over and dipped my hand in. What did I want people to leave my family to be happy, lower taxes, more space in the house? I saw the fish look up at me sadly and confused. I realized what I wanted more than any thing was to help, help others, help these fish even. They started changing color and I felt them nibble my hand. Next thing I knew I was under water in the fish. When I opened my eyes I saw a soul of a young child the several others. I passed out and reawoke a hour later. “Oh Herina” Riley said “We thought you would never wake up.” I looked up and saw a glowing 1 over my head.

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          No I accidently pressed it twice.

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