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    goodandevil5050 posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    Um… Okay so this is basically dead, so I’m going to write my pov now.Also my character doesn’t have good grammar since she was a paperboy, so if you need any translations go to the comments where’ll I post all those words.
    Margaret/Roy’s POV

    I went bummin one day and when got poked up I was in a goppy muck, these wolves act like muttonheads, but they made me a little jittery, there are so many peeps here, and I had to change my clothes for this stuff. I am certainly a rube out here. And no one seems on borrowing terms, I try to talk to someone and hear what happen’s
    “Wha’da ya hear? Wha’da you say?” I say, smiling.
    “Are you one of those readers? Is that why your talking funny?!” The boy says, he glares at me.
    “I ain’t talking funny, you chump, I was greeting you.” I frown, this guys is a muttonhead.
    “Do you want to tell the wolves about you so they can help you out?” He says, what no he ain’t no snitcher.
    “Don’t be a snitch, all I need to know is-” I look at my list,
    “Where this place is?” I say pointing at the script.
    “oh, sure, over there.” He says pointing,
    “Hey, Thank’s Fella.” And then I realize he swiped something from me,
    “Gimme it back! Why’d you swiped it, Wow you 5-fingered muttonhead.” I say, I start getting into a lick with him and I triumphantly grab back what he stole from me.
    “Go Shoo Fly. Your off your trolley if you think you could win a lick against me.”

        goodandevil5050 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Rubberneck – An inquisitive Person

        Hot Air Artist – Exaggerator

        Axed – Asked

        Bonehead – Fool

        Snitcher – A Tattle Tale

        Street Rat – Police Work For Newsboy

        Guttersnipe – Homeless Lad

        High Brow – Intellectually Superior

        Nobody Home – Dull-Witted

        Chump – Simpleton

        Shoo Fly! – Don’t Bother Me!

        Jolly – To Amuse Someone

        Steam Gratin’ – A Place To Sleep

        Tightwad – Mean Person

        Shoot the Bull – To Be A Journalist

        Off One’s Trolley – Crazy

        Flash-Men – Pickpockets

        Carry The Banner – Sleep Outdoors (yeah, this one confused me too)

        Muttonhead – Fool

        Toss-Penny – A Game

        Hayseed – Country Person

        Nothin’ Doin’ – No Chance Whatsoever

        Telies – Dailies

        Poke Up – Wake Up

        Copper – Policeman

        Rube – An Outsider

        Bummin’ – To Sleep Outside

        Not On Borrowing Terms – Unfriendly

        Diggins – A Place

        Nose-Bag – A Meal

        Wha’da Ya Hear, Wha’da Ya Say? – Hi

        Grafter – Criminal
        mutt a trespassor
        track a kid’s spot
        scab someone whose on a job that’s being striked
        hawk to sell
        lick to fight
        soak to fight
        punk to fight
        five-fingered to steal
        swiped to steal
        hooked to steal
        extras papers sold as special editions
        pitch to throw
        dreamin through a pipe mistaken
        skipped ran away, ran out
        grafter a newsie that runs away with the change
        blow it in/ blowed spend money
        White Way Broadway
        pluck honesty
        mouth-***** hermonica
        sand the track stop
        yellows New York Journal and World Papers

          than replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          We Rp here as a group so nobody posts individual POVs sorry

          goodandevil5050 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          Um… This is for this rp…. I posted a bio a long time ago and it was approved.

        zeegrey replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        Hi, you might need to repost your bio? The person who was telling people that their bios were “approved” or “not approved” was not qualified to be making those distinctions

          goodandevil5050 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          Oh, it wasn’t Gwen if that’s what you we’re talking about.

          goodandevil5050 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          Also here is is again:
          NAME: Margaret
          NICKNAMES: Roy
          AGE: 14
          DOB: July 6th, 1850
          LOCATION AND TIME PERIOD: New York, 19th century.
          Taken to SGE in: 1865
          EVER/NEVER: Never
          SEXUALITY: Bisexual
          FICTIONAL RELATIVES: Nova and Oscar from Renegades
          APPEARANCE: Shade is very similar with Nova with her black hair and sharp nose, chin and cheekbones. She doesn’t have fingerprints because her mother erased them when she was young. Her eyes are silver instead of blue like her mother. Her fingers are always twitching anxious to do something. She has a soft alluring voice, that makes you want to fall asleep. She is 5’6 and relatively short for her age. She speaks newsie speek, meaning she has wrong grammar at times and her jokes or words may not make sense to others except newsies.
          PERSONALITY: She has the pro and cons of both of her parents. She has the way of anyalyzing everything and everyone like her mother but she also has the way to make you laugh as she’s about to kill you. It’s hard to see or guess what she’s thinking because she’s constantly changing directions she may think about moving left but then decide to move right but finally decides to move backwards to avoid getting hit. Her tone and judgement of life all depend on the way of her life. She hides her true self behind a layer of masks. Like she may be joking then and then threatening you the next moment. She loves playing with machines and hate the fact that girls, in that era, “Can’t think for themselves. Have to be polite and nice.” She genearly is an outcast among girls.
          BACKSTORY: Since she was raised with her mother and father as they got older she learned that she had to take care of them since one of them was always sick, so she abondoned her simple dresses and turned into a boy, her hair stuck in her cap, trousers, and thick socks. Her mother taught her how to defend herself and her father taught her how to negotiate and how to act. She learned street-smarts and book-smarts when she was allowed into the library. She became a Newsie meaning she selled papers to make money for treatments. There she learned how to be street-smart and how to talk and be rude.
          CLOTHES: She has her hair always in a bun and covered with a cap so know one know she’s a girl. She wears trousers and the only jewlery that she gets is the bracelet her mother gave to her, and she wears it hidden so the boys wouldn’t nick it when they’re out on paper routes.
          Power: Like Nova and her father it is a mix of Shadow and TRANQUILIZATION so, she never goes to sleep. Which can be a problem at times.
          Um… (not tagging on purpose) aspen said my bio was okay and olivefaye, commmented on it, and what I should change which I did. it’s in my activity like 1 week and 5-6 days ago.

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