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    goodandevil5050 posted an update 3 months ago

    Hey guys!
    Fandom School RP!

    @goodandevil5050 (Shadow)
    @skyeoffoxforest (Skye)
    @teamjoanne (Grace)
    @amekawoodsbeyond (meika/Ameka)
    @peytonofwoodsbeyond ( Peyton )
    @purpleunicorns8 (PurCorn)
    @shadesofevil (Shade)
    @anadil777 (Tia)
    @katchyboo (Kat)
    @blondieonfire (Blondie)
    @thecoven4ever (Cove)
    @ravenclawjedi (Maddie)
    @itzmoviestar (Movie Star)
    @SpiritDream1112 (Spirit)
    @nefeli (Neffi)
    @r3eader1616 (Av)
    @pinker13 (BlueRose)

    Doc Link:

    Anyways, this is for the Fandom rp, We are going to be writing on the doc and for events doing comment chains on the site. Me and two other people will be in charge of Events. I’ll choose those later. But anyways, we’ll first have a short chapter of everyone getting ready for the school, and then after most people have done their chapter, we will do a comment chain of them arriving and how their first day was.
    Everyone good with that?

        thecoven4ever replied 3 months ago

        Yayyyy I’m so excited Shadow! Btw, I feel like we haven’t talked much lately! How’s life?

          goodandevil5050 replied 3 months ago

          It’s…. okay.

        itzmoviestar replied 3 months ago

        That’s great! Gotta go check my bio again to remember exactly who I am, haha.

          itzmoviestar replied 3 months ago

          okay wait, no one else has started their first POV yet. Are you planning on taking the lead on that, so we’ll get a sense of where it starts, or should anyone just start their first POV whenever they can?

          goodandevil5050 replied 3 months ago

          Um, I’ll do the first POV to start it off, but I may have to do it tomorrow, I have auditions soon. I’ll be posting it as an update but we can do it in RP Level 0.

          itzmoviestar replied 3 months ago

          Okay wait sorry, just need clarification again. So we are to be writing on the doc or on Level 0? Or does the start of the RP count as a special event so we will be starting to RP on RP Level 0 but would usually be on the doc?

          goodandevil5050 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago

          For events I’ll and 2 others will be choosing when those will happen, for preperation for the events we will use the site for chapters but usually the site to make it easier for us to see each others chapters.

        pinker13 replied 3 months ago

        I’m good with that. Now I need to work on my bio.

        amekawoodsbeyond replied 3 months ago

        cant wait!! but like @itzmoviestar, im wondering about where we write the first chapter…

        ms-granger replied 3 months ago


          goodandevil5050 replied 2 months, 4 weeks ago


        pinker13 replied 2 months, 3 weeks ago

        Could we have a doc to put the chapters in so we don’t have to go looking in everyone’s activities?

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