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    goodrocksforever posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 2 months ago

    Hi peoples. This chapter is really short….. 🙁
    Scars and Change
    Chapter 35:
    Annyah was quiet on the way back to the schools. She clenched the note from her brothers hard in her hands. Ren must have been waiting around a week. She didn’t talk to Christine, too afraid of what she might spill. Her body felt like it had been run over. Several times. She would not honestly be surprised if she lost control of her body and just… slumped down.
    But she wouldn’t. That would be weak /and it would be unfair to Christine-/ It would be weak. That was all. They walked back to the infirmary in silence. It looked like Christine had wanted to say something, but thank the Storian she decided not to talk. Annyah thought she might pass out by the time they got to the school. Christine suddenly stopped, and Annyah was ashamed to admit that the jaring shook loose a whimper. She looked up at the roadblock and her eyes widened. There was someone in front of them. Annyah took in the swan pin. It was black. The person opened their mouth to say something to her fellow Never. And passed out cold. Christine, not expecting the extra weight, promptly dropped her.

    My wonderful taggles: @pyro-sge @tillycat8509 @snakelover @goldcrystal24 @leanneparks @delilahkitty @2iycrb2qawutob @pugsforever @tagatha4life21 @uraza169 @agathatedros06

    Also if anyone could submit a Never, that would be great. I have quite a few, but I don’t think that they would work too well for this story….

    Nickname (optional):
    Fairy Tale Relative:

    Although if I get 3 never bios i can make a coven…. 0.0

        tillycat8509 replied 2 months ago

        I can send never bio if you need one

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          yes pls!!!!

          tillycat8509 replied 2 months ago

          Name: Celeste Moon
          Nickname (optional): Moon, C, Cel
          Gender: female
          Sexuality: Bi
          Pronouns: she/her
          Appearance: Raven Black hair, navy blue eyes (red when using magic), deathly pale skin
          Personality: Celeste is bold, Brave, sarcastic and loyal, She will always joke and will fight for everything she believes in
          Fingerglow: Navy Blue
          Kingdom: Ravenwood
          Talent: Controlling the elements
          Fairy Tale Relative: Maleficent
          Backstory: She grew up alone learning self defense and protecting her younger sister, Lune,

        delilahkitty replied 2 months ago

        Name: Jacey Smith
        Nickname (optional): Jay
        Gender: Female
        Sexuality: Straight
        Pronouns: She and her
        Appearance: Dark cocoa skin; gray eyes; acne on her nose
        Personality: Fierce, no-nonsense, bad*ss, tough, confident
        Fingerglow: Scarlet red
        Kingdom: Kingdom Kyrgios
        Talent: Hydrokinesis
        Fairy Tale Relative: None
        Backstory: Unknown

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          thank yooooouuuu!!!!

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          hydrokinesis is moving water with your mind, right???

          delilahkitty replied 2 months ago


        2iycrb2qawutob replied 2 months ago

        Here’s a bio, and that chapter was awesome!!

        Name: Serenity
        Age: everyone else’s
        Gender: female
        Pronouns: she/her
        Orientation: bi
        School: evil
        Talent: Serenity can manipulate other people’s minds
        Appearance: serenity has wispy white-blonde hair and pale skin. She has freckles and violet eyes. She is quite thin and short but in some lights quite pretty
        Personality: Serenity can be quite reserved and nasty sometimes, she doesn’t open up easily and loves to laugh even if it isn’t a funny joke, Serenity doesn’t care about schools and despite her outer meanness she is a helpless romantic and you can often find her in a book
        Finger glow: bright red
        Kingdom: blood brook
        Snowball/no ball outfit: A green slim flares hat fans out at the waist with lace leading down the sleeves that are tippets. Her hair is in a low bun with plaits leading out of it. Minimal makeup and light pink lipstick
        Crush: Celeste Moon, is that okay @TILLYCAT8509?
        Fairytale relative: none
        Other: ask me if anything needs changing

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          serenity is perfect!!!!

        goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

        thank you!!!

        also – im pretty sure that you 2 were the ones that created Gilda of bloodbrook and Natasha of camelot. im just not sure who created which ones, if you could clear that up that would be amazing!!!

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          *also liam and or bates if you know if you created them??*

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