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    goodrocksforever posted an update in the group THE EVER NEVER HANDBOOK Talk 2 months ago

    This chapter is also semi short but the other one is as well so it balances out. Thank you for the coven!!! I think they’re going to jell really well!

    Scars and change:
    Chapter 36:
    Christine looked in horror at Annyah, who had her face smushed in the dirt from where she had fallen to the Never in front of her. She had dark skin, piercing gray eyes, and there was a smatter of acne across her nose. In the dark you couldn’t really see, but Christine thought that she saw another two girls slink out of the shadows.
    “Who are they?”
    “The redhead’s an Ever. The other one… Serenity, isn’t that Gilda’s roommate?”
    “The one who went wack? Yeah.” Serenity laughed meanly. Christine’s cheeks burned with anger and embarrassment for Annyah, who was still passed out. The girl who had laughed had very pale skin and wispy blonde hair. Violet eyes seemed to glow in the dark. She was fairly short compared to the other two. The one who hadn’t spoken yet had whitish skin, dark black hair that blended in with the night sky, and cold dark blue eyes. She seemed to sense Christine’s gaze, and looked at her scructionalizingly. Christine flinched and looked away.
    “So girly. If you’re supposed to be all goody two shoes can’t live without a boy, absolutely need to be saved…” Serenity laughed quietly. “Then why are you out here breaking the rules with a nutcase?” Christine’s blood boiled.
    “She’s not a nutcase. She’s an incredibly powerful never that none of you could hope to match, even together at your full strength.”
    “That’s a helluvalota faith to have in me….” Christine looked in surprise at Annyah as she clambered up. “I hope that it’s not unfounded….”
    “What do you mean?”
    “You heard of the witches of Room 66?” Christine nodded. The girl who hadn’t yet spoken did.
    “We’re the next best coven.”


    @tillycat8509 – Celeste Moon, Gilda of Bloodbrook
    @snakelover – Cynthia White
    @delilahkitty – Jacey Smith, Natasha of Camelot
    @2iycrb2qawutob – Serenity
    also i hope i got the characters to the correct creators im literally so tired right now but there was inspiration so i pogged through the pain

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 2 months ago

        AWESOME!! Serenity is perfect!!!! I love the cliffhanger too!!! great job!!

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          HOW ARE YOU SO FAST????????????????????????????

          also thank you so much!!!! 😀

        2iycrb2qawutob replied 2 months ago

        No problem hahah

        kiaraofrainbowgale replied 2 months ago

        Ooooh tag

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago


          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

          do you want to submit a bio? i can’t guarantee a huge spot but i need another ever for christine to talk to. also, do you need anything clarified about whats going on so far? a lot has happened…..

          kiaraofrainbowgale replied 2 months ago

          I’d love to submit a bio! Do you have a template? And can you give me a quick summary?

        goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago

        ok, so Annyah is crazy. Ok? And she is in the school for good even though she comes from foxwood. Therefore she had to prove herself, and did so by decking a prince she grew up with. Her roommates are Cynthia White, who can control ice, and Gilda of bloodbrook, who can turn anything into gold. Annyah can bend metal. Annyah has two younger brothers that are twins, and i just revieled that she is in touch with them from the school, with the help of Rem, a mogrif with no fairytale. Annyah was possessed during the trial by tale, fought of the possession, and is now healing because she almost died. She sorta likes Christine, who’s an ever, and Christine sorta likes her back. The new coven is Celest Moon, Serenity, and Jacey, and we don’t know much about them yet. I’ll go figure out a template!

        goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago


        ****** & Romantic orientation:
        Gender and pronouns:
        Finger glow:
        Snow ball/No ball outfit:
        Kingdom and Fairy tale relative:

          goodrocksforever replied 2 months ago


          kiaraofrainbowgale replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

          sorry it took me so long.

          Name: Kiara
          Nickname: Ki, Kiki, Ara
          Age: same as others
          ****** & Romantic orientation: bi
          Gender and pronouns: female, she/her
          School: good
          Finger glow: dark purple
          Talent: controlling shadows
          Appearence: Dark hair with purple streak, light brown skin, dark purple eyes,
          Personality: I’m bold, brave, fierce and sarcastic. I will do anything for my friends and will always joke, I’m always there to listen or cheer up
          Snow ball/No ball outfit: Dark purple, blue and navy galaxy pantsuit with diamond neckalce
          Kingdom and Fairy tale relative: Rainbow Gale,
          – She acts like a Never but is definetly an ever

        goodrocksforever replied 1 month, 3 weeks ago

        thank you!

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