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    grace2008 posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 8 months ago

    More Questions for Mister Soman but everyone please answer:

    1. Whats your biggest pet peeve? (My grandma watching me eat lol)
    2. Minecraft or roblox? (Both <3)
    3. Whats your Favorite ice cream flavor? (Chocolate chip cookie dough!!!!)
    4. Would you rather be uncontrollably laughing for the rest of your life or uncontrollably crying? (Crying I already cry a lot)
    5. Are you a dog person or cat person? (Doggo person I already have 3 rescue doggos!!)
    6. Movie popcorn or slushies? (Slushies ima drink addict…. NOT IN THAT WAY IM 11 LOL)
    7. Would you rather eat a full pie or eat a full cake? (Pie its less filling UwU)
    8. Whats your favorite sge book thats NOT the first one? (The third!!! :D)
    9. If your life was a movie what songs would be on the soundtrack? (Any Melanie Martinez song!)
    10. Whats your favorite marvel superhero (Spiderman or Thor!)

    Ty all for answering again! The first question list is not to far down!!!! :333333

        rowro345 replied 8 months ago

        1:I don’t really have one, not one that I can think of right now
        2. Neither
        3. Cookie dough/cotton candy
        5. Cat (they’re just so chill most times) popcorn(it just tastes better when its from the movies for some reason)
        7. idk
        8. 4th/6th (6th only because I’ve been waiting months for it and so it better be good)
        9. Most songs by Madison beer/ Billie Eilish or Astrid S
        10. Spiderman

        sallysallysally replied 8 months ago

        1. Annoying people who never stop talking
        2. Neither…sorry to the gamers
        3. Either green tea or almond
        4. Uncontrollably laughing (I laugh too much)
        5. Cat, although the only pet I’ve had in my whole life was a dog
        6. Movie popcorn, definitely
        8. The fourth
        10. Black Widow or Scarlet Witch

        alexofroom66 replied 8 months ago

        1. People asking me the same question over and over
        2. Neither
        3. Cherry Garcia
        4. Hmmmmmmm laughing
        5. Not sure
        7. Cake
        8. #4
        10. I don’t watch marvel

        maddie5 replied 8 months ago

        Hi my sister @grace2008
        1. The number 5
        2. Neither
        3. Black Raspberry
        4. Cry
        5. Dogs all the way
        6. Slushies
        7. Pie
        8. Da 5th
        9. All of my fave Disney songs
        10. Spider man
        btw @grace2008 can you plzzz do a part three this is really fun

          grace2008 replied 8 months ago

          @MADDIE5 My sister I will do a part 3 just for u!!

        jellybean11 replied 8 months ago

        1. When people say musicals are equivalent to plays.
        2. Minecraft I guess…but I prefer Doki Doki Literature Club or Danganronpa.
        3. Strawberries and Cream
        4. Crying
        5. I plead the 5th Amendment (can I choose both)
        6. Never had a slushie popcorn??
        7. Would you rather eat a full pie or eat a full cake? (Pie its less filling UwU)
        8. Number 3, last Ever After
        . Broadway Musicals. What can I say, I’m a ******** theatre kid.
        10. Not a Superhero person…anime???

          raynaevil809 replied 8 months ago


          poprocks replied 8 months ago

          Omg I am a theater child as well and I can definitely agree with #1

        sophieforever33 replied 8 months ago

        1. When people blame me for something I didn’t do
        2. Minecraft
        3. Hmmmm probably strawberry
        4. Uncontrollably laughing!
        5. Doggos!!
        6. Slushiesssss!!!!!!!
        7. Neither..?
        9. I’m actually not sure
        10. I don’t really watch marvel, but I’m gonna go with Spider-Man.

        lunalovegoodfan replied 8 months ago

        1. People who act like they know everything
        2. Neither
        3. Cookie dough
        4. Laughing
        5. Cats all the way!
        6. Slushies
        7. Cake
        8. TLEA!!!!!!!!!
        9. IDK,
        10. SPIDER-MAN ALL THE WAY!!!

        princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago

        1. incorrect grammar/spelling (also, people expect me to have perfect spelling/grammar when I correct them, but NO ONE has PERFECT grammar or spelling), along with the sound of certain things (because of my misophonia)
        2. Both!! (but mostly roblox — my username is LindenGirl84)
        3. Mint chocolate chip OR vanilla
        4. crying
        5. CAT PERSON ALL THE WAY!!!
        6. Popcorn
        7. probably cake
        8. AWWP (2nd book)
        10. both!

          grace2008 replied 8 months ago

          @PRINCESSGIRL2911 Ima friend uuuuu my username is tartarushhiihihihihihiihi lol

          princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago


        poprocks replied 8 months ago

        1. Insurance commercials that have nothing to do with insurance(it’s weird I know they just get on my nerves for some reason)
        3. Homemade vanilla
        4. Crying
        5. Both(they are equally beautiful)
        6. Both
        7. CAKE!!!!!
        8. Fifth
        9.lots of depressing music and a lot of classic rock
        10. Loki then Deadpool and Spider-Man as a team

          princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago

          for 10, weren’t the options Thor or Spider-Man?

        poprocks replied 8 months ago

        They were, but I prefer Loki over Thor and like Spider-Man better when he is teamed with Deadpool

        grace2008 replied 8 months ago

        No I meant MY favorites are thor and spiderman u guys pick whatever u want! :3

          poprocks replied 8 months ago

          Oh ok

          princessgirl2911 replied 8 months ago

          ohhhhh I misunderstood my favourites are Ant-Man and Iron Man.

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