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    grace2008 posted an update in the group QUESTIONS FOR SOMAN 8 months ago

    Hello!!!! This is the third random question list! For Mister Soman but everyone may answer you know the drill! (Ty @MADDIE5 for encouraging me)

    1. Whats your favorite color combo? (Teal and White :D)
    2. Skirts or dresses? (Skirts unless the dress is super cute lol!)
    3. Would you rather be super tall or super short? (Tall im already a giant 5,3 at age 11! oof)
    4. If you had 1m dollars what would you spend it on? (Save it -_-)
    5. Whats the worst food ever? (Hummus ITS DISGUSTING)
    6. What emotion do you experience the most? (Disgust or sadness)
    7. What motivates u to get up every morning? (Food :p)
    8. Would you rather adopt a baby fox or baby koala? (koala =v=)
    9. Hort or Tedros? (HOOOORT still love tagatha tho teehee)
    10. What is the best type of chocolate (Dark or Milk c:)

    Kk Ty guys! Also if you want me to do a fourth list please leave questions I should put and have not used! (I will tag you with the question you suggested c:)

        sophieforever33 replied 8 months ago

        1. Light turquoise and lavender
        2. NONEEEE EW
        3. Short. I’m already short XD
        4. Save it and also donate some!
        5. Hmmm, broccoli
        6. I’m not sure….
        7. That I’m in this world for a reason
        8. Foxxxx (so cute eeee)
        9. I hate both
        10. Milk chocolate, but I don’t mind dark.

          grace2008 replied 8 months ago

          How can you hate Hort Jkjk its just ur opinion

        poprocks replied 8 months ago

        1. Pink, purple, and blue in that order( it’s the bi flag)
        2. Neither
        3. I actually wish I was average hight(just about 5’10 and only 13)
        4. Give some to the nursing home where my great grandfather has to stay, save some, and get my girlfriend something very nice
        5. Tuna
        6. Anxiety
        7. On days when I have school my girlfriend, any other days not a single thing
        8. Fox!
        9. Hort!
        10. Cookies and cream heresys

        maddie5 replied 8 months ago

        yw!!!!!! ( and ty for doing this :))
        1. yellow and sky blue
        2. dresses
        3. tall (im soooo short)
        4. give it to charity
        5. raisins
        6. depression
        7. books
        8. fox
        9. UGHHHH i can’t decide
        10. dark

        alexofroom66 replied 8 months ago

        1. Red and black
        2. Jeans. But Dress but only if its hot
        3. Tall i guess. I’m 13 and 5’4 so I’m not short but I’m not tall
        4. A mansion
        5. String beans
        6. Nothingness
        7. TV. and seeing my crush
        8. Fox. Koalas are super dangerous
        9. I’m gay. But if I had to chose then Hort
        10. Milk

        lunalovegoodfan replied 8 months ago

        1. Pink and Rainwater Teal (call me girly but its what I like)
        2. Both
        3. Well… I’m 13 and 5’7 so that might be average
        4. Buy more and more books, and travel the world
        5. Mayo
        6. Stress
        7. SGE, School
        8. Fox
        9. Tedros (although is Tom Holland is Hort in the movie then Hort)
        10. Milk
        Please do more of these!!!

          grace2008 replied 8 months ago


        ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss replied 8 months ago

        1. (my favorite is turquoise) pink and blue or pink and yellow
        2. dresses if I had to, but I like wearing t-shirts and stuff
        3. I would like to be average height
        4. Maybe save a little, donate a lot of it, then give the rest to my family
        5. meat (just personal, since I’m a vegetarian)
        6. I don’t know…
        7. I also don’t know (I mean I’m sure it’s something, I just don’t know what)
        8. koala
        9. Tedros (but I do LOOOOOVE Hort)
        10. milk chocolate

        lunalovegoodfan replied 8 months ago

        @Grace2008, What is your favorite school subject, Favorite SGE character? Hope that helped

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