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    gracelynnofmadinvail posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years ago

    I am going to post all of my chapters so far in my story please comment what you think 🙂
    Chapter 1.
    It’s almost time for me to go and my things are ready,but I’m not ready to go. I know most people are excited to go to the school for good and evil and I am too, it’s just I’m not ready too leave my family or my kingdom lm just going to miss them, a lot. Then, as I’m thinking, my ride to the school flys above my head. A bird with no skin or fethers just bone, picks me up. I look back and see my mom and dad waving and yelling good bye aloge with my servants and firends, I wave back and yell “Good bye I’ll miss you, love you guys!!!”
    I hope they heard me, I thought to my self. I griped my luggage and look up and I see the most glorious view of the schools, the forest, and the shore, all the most beautiful thing I have ever saw. Then the brid drops me at the school for good and I pop out like a blossom on the other side. I stand their and look at myself, no scratches, no bruises I’m good, as a fairy came up to me with two others they brushed me off as I looked around. I saw girls poping up like crazy along with the amount of luggage, I only have a suitcase of clothes and some personal stuff , but theses girls had trunks and bags of suff it was crazy. Just then I felt my feet being liffed off the ground two of the fairys picked me up and the other one picked up my suitcase. The brought me too a beautiful room and I knew I was going to like , some of, it here.
    Chapter 2.
    The fairys put me down an droped my bag next to me. So I started to look around and se girls all diffrent looks, but all beautiful. I walk around as everyone talks and introduces themselve and make friends. I turn around and acidently bump into a girl with long black hair.
    ” I’m so sorry I didn’t see you their I didn’t mean to run into you”
    ” it’s okay I’m Megan by the way” she said ” who are you? ”
    “I’m Gracelynn” I replied surprised that she didn’t yell at me “I am the daughter of Queen Belle and King Beast of Madinvail. Where are you from?”
    “I’m from the norther kingdom and a descendant of Hua Mulan” Megan said in a calm tone and held her hand out. We shaked hands as I said “I’m gessing your a good fighter then ? ”
    “You can say that I’m good a fighting” Megan replied
    As I was giong to say something a lady came into the room.
    “Hello future princesses, welcome to the school for good enlightenment and enchantment, I am professor Dovry the dean of the school for good”
    She told us to get in a single file line and file out we all obeyed and I stayed close to Megan, being the only person I know.
    But one question wanderd in my head.
    Where are the princes?
    Chapter 3 part 1
    I was walking in the long lone of girls when I noticed our portraits on the wall. Megans portrait was her in a nice dress with her hair in a lose bun and a small peace of brown hair on her face. She look looked amazing, then I noticed all of the pictures were us in our best dresses and looking beautiful. My portrait was in my best purple gown, my drity blond hair pulled over to my left shoulder, and I had makeup on, which I never ware makeup unless my mother or father tell me I have too. My focus went back on the line till I see a face I know well, my mother’s, her portrait looked amazing. She looked my age and happy. I realized I miss her a lot. Then someone palaces a peace of paper in my hand. I look and its a green elf, then a pink elf gives me a pink dress and a basket of books. I walk away and see the paper is my Schedule.
    Gracelynn of Madinvail
    Charity, Room 346
    Beautification Professor Emma Anemone
    Princess Etiquette Pollux
    Good Deeds Professors Clarissa Dovery
    History of heroism Professor Anna Sader
    Animal Communication Princess Uma
    Surviving a Fairytale (forest group #7) Yuba the Gnome
    I went to my room. The door of my room had a nice design of flowers and swirls and on the top was a welcome sign WELCOME GRACELYNN, ALEXANDRA, RACHAEL, AND MEGAN
    A sigh of relf came over me , I knew someone in my dorm thank goodness, I thought in my head. I open the door to see Megan and a blonde haired girl how’s hair was in a long braid.
    “Hay Graclynn nice too see someone I know” Megan said
    “Hi, Gracelynn I’m Rachel Daughter of Repunzle. Nice to meet you” said the girl with the long, braided hair, Rachel.
    “Nice too meet you” I replied, taking the bed closest to the window “like you said, I’m Gracelynn of Madinvail, Daughter of Belle and Beast, has the other girl come yet?”
    “No I think she’ll be here soon, I hope” Megan said un pacing her close.
    We started to un pack our bags when a girl with blonde hair and a blue aprend dress came in. “Welcome to room 346, I’m Megan, the gril with the long braid and the purple blowse and skirt is Rachel, and the girl in the purple dress with the golden belt with blonde hair in a ponytail is Gracelynn” Megan said welcoming the new girl onto our room.
    In a quite voice the girl said ” hi I’m Alexandra of wonder land, you can call me Ali” she went to the nearest bed and put her stuff away.
    “Hi Ali nice too meet you” I said to her evan though she gave me barely any eye contact. We all unpacked our stuff when we where finished we changed into our uniforms each adding our own touch. Ali put a deep blue headband on, Rachael put a bracelet on with hand made beads on it, Magan put boots on with hers, and I wore my black falts, my gold belt, and my white rose necklace on, as well as put my hair in a ponytail with the front of the left side of my hair down, but only a small strip. The only one who put makeup on was Rachel the rest of us didn’t bother. Then a small fairy came into our room and told us its time to go for the welcoming. We all went out into the mass of grils and on our way to the theater of tales I cept thinking.
    Where are the prince’s?
    Reyna’s side of the story so far:
    As I use my tenticals to pull me out of the black sluge the skeleton bird’s droped me in I grab my two bags and take out my combat boots. I leand on a rock and turn my 8 lovely black tenticals into 2 legs under the skrit I wore. I put on my combat boots un zipped my deep red leather jacket showing my black tank top that matched my black skirt I wore that gose to my nees on my human legs. The wolf guards pulled all the Nevers into one line I was behind a girl with curly light blond hair in a high ponytail and had wolf ears and a wolf tail. I kept looking around and saw more kids with unique characteristics. I was distracted by a boy with wolf ears, black hair, wolf tail, black lether jacket, and what seemed to be light tan skin, though I swear that he has fur. My focus went back to the line when I remember my last conversation with my mother , Ursula, “Make me proud and do what I failed to do dominate the companion and come home the best villain and rule the sae” . My goal is to make mother proud of me and be Queen of the ocean. To do that I must be top Never that’s what I must do to complete my plans.
    As I walked to the wolf I took my schedule, my uniform, and my books. I looked at my paper
    I walked too my room and saw a boy that looked like an ever walk over to me. “Hi their pritty girl what’s your name?” He said, I think he is trying to flirt with me, I thought.
    “I’m Reyna, daughter of Ursula the sea witch, and who are you?” I replied.
    “I’m Stephan Fillip, son of Dean Sophie, but you may call me Fillip” Fillip replied.
    “Then If your the deans son you could show me where my room is” trying to use my mothers trick she taught me, on how to control boy evan though I can do only one at a time i like it. His eyes tearned gold for a second and then they went back to emerald green, the spell faild.
    ” trying to control me nice try I am immune to mind control spells but I will ahow you your room” he replied
    He showed me to my room and one person was their. The wolf eared girl I saw earlier. “Hay I’m Reyna, daughter of Ursula, who are you” I asked
    “Im Tara daughter of a file pick a bed berfor the other two arive” she said.
    I went to the top bunk of the bed and unpacked my clothes and my companions I smuggled in, Monty and Jasper my eels and Nessi my sea monster in their enchanted bowls that keeps them small. I do a little magic and make a shelf appear and placed them on it. I didn’t pay much attention to Tara evan if she is the daughter of Adile I don’t care unless it means it helps me. I slid into my black tunic and put my skirt over top with my deep red leather jacket. Then my other two roommates came in, but I didn’t pay attention. I think one of their names is Vanessa and I forget the others. I’ll lear it later I have plans to make if I’m going to be at the top. Then the wolfs came in and took us to the theater of tales for the welcoming.
    This school better be ready for Reyna becuse she will tearn this school upside down. Well if things go according to plan.
    Chapter 3 part 3 (this will be a short chapter and I’m going to do Gracelynn,Reyna,Mason,And Brady point of view s hope you like it)
    As I was walking down the hall I saw a someone I knew my sister Cynthia. I walked up to her and tapped on her shoulder. She terned around and said “Gracelynn your her too!?”
    “Yes , I’m here to where have you been?” I replied happy to see my sister.
    ” in my room charity 345 where is your room?”
    “Charity 346 , were neighbor’s!” I was excited to see her.
    But I didn’t know that in the next few minutes my life would change and I will finally have my question answered. Where are the boy’s?
    All of the guys where getting ready for the welcoming while I was thinking how I could keep my secret that my mother is Maleficent. I am doing pretty well at saying I am an orphan raised by Knight’s, but my worry is that my sister , Emraled, doesn’t give me away. Then I meet my roommates Laurence, son of Agatha and Tedros, Jack, son of Peter Pan, and Christopher, a Reader. We all are called out of our room’s or talk about something the school has done for year, giving rose’s to a girl that catches our eye. I think I will just give it to the girl that I frist see. Then we start to mess around. When I look around the corner and out the door and see the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. She had drity blonde hair, fair skin, and had a brown belt and black boots with blue eyes. Those eyes are the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. Looks like I know know who I’m giving my rose too.
    As I was walking down the hall to learn that my other roommate’s name is Renesmee. Didn’t care though, unless she helped me with my plane. Then I see both of the boy’s I saw early. The wolf looking boy and Fillip. Now they are going to help me with my plane. Once I convince them to help me.
    Stage one of my plane is in session, now all I need is a third boy and a nevergirl.
    Being roommates with the son of the evil Dean and the son of the headless horse man is asome, but being in school with the sea wiches daughter is the best. She is the best Conn’s person and deal maker this school has ever seen, and all I need is to get on her side and I will rule this school. The best part is I know her but she doesn’t remember me.
    Chapter 3 part 4: the welcoming
    Geacelynn:Me and Cynthia walked in and took our seats. In front of me was Megan, Ali, and Rachel. I looked around and saw more girl’s, but no boy’s. I know boy’s go to the school, but we haven’t seen them. To get my mind off that I looked at the nevers. All of the looked more different than the next. One boy looked like a wolf human mixs, another never boy looked like a prince, a girl had real wolf ears and tail, and one teared her 2 legs into 8 black tenticals. I wasn’t bothered by looks. Then I Cynthia told me to tearn around. The doors opened and my questions were answered. The boys came in soward fighting and throwing roses to a girl they thought was pretty. Megan got one in her lap Rachel Cost one in her hand, and a boy came up to Ali and gave it to here. Then I saw someone. A boy with brown hair and warm brown eyes. He came up to me and said “hi I’m Mason” and handed me the Rose.“I’m Gracelynn” I replied“Gracelynn, that’s a beautiful name” he said with a smile. He sat down next to me. I blushed, and I think that’s the frist time I did. After everyone settled down the teachers started to talk.The frist day isn’t so bad as I thought it would be so far.
    Reyna:All of the Nevers walked in and strted to take their seats when Phillip and the wolf looking boy came up to me. “So I hear your the sea witches Daughter” said the wolf looking boy “and if your the sea witches daughter then shouldn’t you have tenticals”I tearend my feet into my 8 tentacles and said “you were saying” nows my chance to convince them. “Why don’t you boy sit with me”“We would love to, wouldn’t we Brady” Philip said, I think he’s on to me.“I wouldn’t mind” Brady said. We sat down and I started talking in the way my mother did to costumers “so Brady, who’s your Never parent?”I asked him.“I’m the son of the Big bad wolf” Brady answered, it made sense why he looked the way he did now.“So boy’s do you have any plans for the year? Any hope you may say todo something” I asked and they said just what I wanted them to.“I want to be at the top of the nevers and be the most respected like my mom” Phillip said“Same, only I hope to be class captain” Brady said“That too”“Well boys if you help me I can help you with that, work with me and we will be the most respected Never in the school.” I said using every trick my mother taut me about making deals.“I’m in” Brady replied“Are you sure about that she is the sea witches daughter, you have read the story, right” Phillip asked Brady, I started to worry.“I have read the story and I know that when a sea witch makes a deal they aren’t allowed to take back on their word” Brady said, that seemed to convince Phillip.“All right, but if you back out on your word I promise that you will be at the bottom of the ranks” Phillip said
    “I’m a sea witch I can’t go back on my word, now sign on the dotted line if we have a deal” I said, and with some , agic a contract appeared “so do we have a deal?”They both signed the dotted line under my name.Phase 2 complete, stage 3 has started.
    Here is chapter three part 5
    The welcoming:
    I looked at the rose and Mason his warm Brown eye’s, i feel like I am blushing when he looks at me with those eyes. And when I look back at the rose the petals are turning white. I jump, then I see him looking at the rose.
    “That’s amazing, it’s more beautiful than it was before. Now it is as beautiful as you” Mason said, i blushed.
    “No one has ever said that to me before” I said with a smile on my face.
    “Then I think it’s time someone dose” he said, yep he is trying to flirt with me. I didn’t mind.
    Just then Castor shouted “Quite Newbies and listen up!” Everyone went quite. Then the two headed dog started I paid a tension when a black tactical was raised.
    “Yes what is it sea witch” Castor said in a booming voice obviously annoyed.
    “How do become a class captain?” She said in a convincing voice.
    “We will get to that in a minute, now cerfue-” Polux started to say.
    Then a wolf looking boy sitting next to her said “Yay what about class captain’s”
    “Yay I would like to know how too be one” said a handsome never boy sitting next to the girl who first started this. Then all the Nevers started asking too, along with a few Evers.
    “OK don’t blame us for getting punished for being out past cerfue, the class captain will be the top ranking Ever and Never in the schools, the class captain will get to train with past hero’s and get a defiant spot for leader next year, happy, now the trail by tail…” Polax said.
    Class captain will be the top ever looks like I’m going too be study crazy, i thought to my self. I really want to be class captain, so I can make sure I don’t end up a plant.
    By the end of the welcoming I had a good idea of how tomorrow will go.
    ” Night prinsses” Mason said, i forgot he was next to me.
    “Night, Mason and don’t call me prinsses, call me Grace” I said, i don’t like it when people call me prinsses, it’s to formal.
    “Ok, then, good night Grace” he said as he grabed my hand and kissed it lightly. Then he walked wilth his friends to his tower.
    “Looks like you found your Prince” someone said be hind me. I termed around to see Monica ( @twilight12 ), she is in the same room as Cynthia ( @wolftamer64 ) .
    “Hay Monica, oh Mason, na, he is just a new friend” I said, i don’t want to tell someone I like a guy I barely know.
    “Ok then, see you tomorrow” she said
    “See you tomorrow Monica” I said back.
    In my room Ali (@aliofwonderland) was staring at the rose she got, Rachel (@ i forgot) was getting ready for bed and put her rose in a vase ,and Megan (@megannnyap ) was sitting on my bed staring at me.
    “So who’s the boy that throw you his rose?” She said
    “You mean Mason, oh he is just a new friend” I said as I placed my white rose in a vase by my bed.
    “Ok so you don’t like like him at all?” Megan said
    “No, where just friends” I said , i want to Chang the subject “so who throw you their rose, Megan” I asked.
    “Some boy named Jaxon, i don’t know” Megan said as she went to put her night clothes on.
    “What about you Rachel” I asked.
    “I got the rose of a really cute guy, but I forget his name” Rachel said.
    “What about you Ali who’s rose did you get” I asked Ali
    “A boy Named Maximillion” Ali said in a whisper.
    We all talked until we got tired. I put on my night clothes and went to sleep I can’t wait for tomorrow, when we finally start classes.
    When I was on my way to my room someone pulled me over. A boy I recognized, Maximillion son of the Queen of hearts, “Good to see I’m not the only one who is the child of a Never, good to see you Mason” he said.
    “Max, you can’t tell anyone I’m the son of Maleficent or I will be hated throw out the school” I said
    “I promise I won’t if you don’t tell anyone I’m the Red Queens son”
    “Deal” I said and we shook on it. We left each other and headed towards my room.
    “Hay Mason goes your Friend doing” Larance ( @peppy ) said to me as I want to get ready for bed.
    “Gracelynn, she is great” I said
    “You mean the daughter of Beauty and the Beast
    , my sister says she is hard to get to” he said
    ” where did you get that”
    “My sister and she got it from Gracelynn’s sister who also rose to the school”
    ” well then I better be one of the best Princes because I think she likes me”
    “What ever you say Mason” he said. Later that might I went to bed thinking, if I am going to convince people I’m not a Nevers son I better be one of the best evers.Dreams: Gracelynn
    It’s usually for me to remember my dreams, but this dream is one I wish I could forget.
    Ever sence I helped the enchantress (the one that cursed my dad, long story I will tell you later) she has community to me in my dreams. The talks where usually good, but today wasn’t one of those days or nights.
    “Hello, Gracelynn how’s the school for good?” She asked. I looked at my surroundings and saw that we were in a white room, as usual.
    “Good, my sister is here I have great roommate’s, and I have made some new friend, what could be better” I said.
    “Well child I don’t want to be the barrier of bad news but, you and some children at this school, along with Cynthia and Cash are in danger. Some one is going to start stealing students at the school for good and evil.”
    “Who!?” I exclaimed
    “I don’t know,but this will only happen if something occurs at the school for Evil, but you are not to go to the teacher’s unless I say so do you under stand, child”
    “Why shouldn’t I” I said “they could do something to stop them”
    “Because if that thing dosent occur at the school for Evil, it won’t happen, and then if it doesn’t you will be labeled as a liar” she said, even though she isn’t my parents she is protective of me.
    “Ok I won’t tell,but how will i know when to tell the teacher’s”
    “The lion will lead you lisen to him and you will know and he will help you in school to” she said
    “I will lisen to Max” I said
    “Well you are to wake soon, good luck with your frist day,Grace, good bye” she said
    I said good bye to her when I woke up.
    I looked over to my desk to see the rose Mason gave me, the book I am reading, and a picture of me and my siblings.
    Me and Cynthia in the back and our little brother, Charles (but we call him Cash for short), in front of us. We were all smiling and dressed in our best outfits. I miss Cash, alot.
    I got dressed while the other’s were sleeping, then the bell rang to wake everyone up.
    The frist day of class, and the day I will never forget.
    I hope you like it and thanks for reading my long story tell me what you think and I want your opinion should I do a teser chapter of the two boys in my story or Reyna and Izzy (I am putting her in the next chapter I will post all of my bio’s later) 🙂

        megannnyap replied 4 years ago

        Awesome as always!

          gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

          Thanks @megannnyap 🙂

        athene replied 4 years ago

        It’s really good, and though I know this is probably whatever device you’re writing on’s fault, but I noticed a couple misspellings. One that would be pretty easy to fix is girl is sometimes spelled gril 🙂

          gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

          Thanks 🙂

        rnshade replied 4 years ago

        It’s good but try to fix your spelling, because I get confused.

        sophieandagatha4ever replied 4 years ago

        Amazing couldn’t take my eyes of it. But please fix your spelling.

        peppy replied 4 years ago

        Fantastic! 🙂
        Can’t wait to hear more 🙂

        gracelynnofmadinvail replied 4 years ago

        Sorry about grammar and miss spells I am usually type on my tablet or phone and if I type fast I misspell easily 🙁
        Thanks for reading my long story everyone 🙂
        I will try to post soon and fix it 🙂

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