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    gracelynnofmadinvail posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 5 months ago

    Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been on in a while, I have been busy lately, but I FINALLY fished this chapter. Just a warning, This Chapter is LONG and I will try and post again, as soon as possible.
    So without further ado,Chapter 2:
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

    Chapter 2: Grace Dawkins P.O.V.
    After I visited Mr. Holmes I went to meet my Brother and Fegen at Mr. Tonkler’s Shop. When I get there I see my brother, Fegen, and someone I recognize immediately.
    “Oliver!” I said and ran to him. Oliver picked me up like a little girl and spun me around.
    “Grace it has been so long since I last saw you, congratulations on getting into the School for Good” Oliver said, he is dressed nice and had his hair done, I am not surprised, he is a member of the High Class.
    “It’s good to see you to Oliver, what are you doing here?” I said
    “Well Dodger came to my house and explained every thing to me and my Grandfather and I decided to come along. Now we better get inside before it closes. Oh and Grandfather says before you leave to come see him, he has something for you.”
    “Why couldn’t he come?”
    “He already had previous Arrangements to go see an old friend, but he will be back around 5 o’clock, I presume.”
    We went in the shop and Mr. Tonkler came to the front of the shop and welcomed us, my brother placed an order for a Trunk with my name engraved on it with a design of roses on it. We looked around and got the things I need and we paid (actually my brother paid, for real, this is a rare thing for him, unless we are at a tavern), and before we left to go get me a dress (which I was forced to agree with) Mr. Tonkler pulled me aside.
    “how’s Brady?” he said.
    “I got him home and treated his wounds, I am going to check on him once I can leave the boys” I replied nodding to Fagin, Oliver, and Dodger who are talking about how Dodger go that money, or if your Fagin why didn’t he tell him sooner.
    “Good luck, and tell me how he is when you come back to get your trunk.” He said with a warm smile.
    “Gracie, are ya coming, it’s 5, we’re goin’ to see Mr. Brownlow” Dodge said heading out the door.
    “I’m comin’” I say to Dodge then look back to Mr. T “See ya later, I’ll be Back Soon!” then I ran to join my Brother in Oliver’s Carriage ( I wanted to ride on the back but they said no) to Oliver’s house.
    When we got there, Mr.B was just entering, so I burst out of the carriage and ran up to Mr.B. “Mr. Brownlow!” I said, he turned around and gave me a hug.
    “Grace, my dear it is good to see you, your look more like a young lady every time I see you.” Mr. B said “let’s get you and the boy’s inside, I have a present for you.” Mr. B is like a second grandfather, the wise one who always lights up when you see them, and gives you lots of food and presents.
    Mr. B says hi to the boy’s and welcomes us in. I see Fagin and Dodger eyeing things but they wouldn’t steal because of our three rules:
    1. Never steal, swindle, or harm someone poorer than you
    2. Never leave a man (or women) behind
    3. Never Steal, swindle, or harm Family, friends or the family of that friend, Unless the friend or family say it’s ok, or you despise the family member, then this rule doesn’t apply at all.
    I live by these rules, and they are what is keeping me from snatching that pretty golden plate (No Grace you’re stronger than your will to steal).
    Once we get to the main room, Mr. B has one of the maids bring in tea and bread (which was gone once it got on the table and in my mouth in the most unladylike like manner) along with some sandwiches and sweets (I stuffed some in my pockets and some in my mouth). I was in the middle of my 2nd sandwich mid-bite Mr. B brought a maid over to me and started talking, while I nodded my head and ate.
    “Ms. Bedwin is going to take you into the other room for your surprises ok dear.” Mr. Barlow instructed. I did as he said and followed the maid into a dressing room as the men talked. Inside I stood still in awe at the dresses in front of me. The one that caught my eye the most was made of a fine pinkish red fabric and had a golden belt around the waist which separates the top from the skirt which is long and flowy.
    Ms. Bedwin must have read my mind because she grabbed the dress and helped me get into it.
    “Master Oliver picked this one out for you with Mr.Barlow and Mr. Dodger. He said that it was the perfect dress for you.” Mrs. Bedwin said as she tied the top string off. I looked in the mirror and gasped, it was beautiful. And I had a strange feeling when I wore it, like it was familiare, or have some memory connected with it. Mrs. Bedwin put her hands on my shoulders and I faintly heard her say something under her breath, but I couldn’t make it out. She took my hair which was in a braid, from this morning so it wouldn’t get in the way on what I was doing, and undid it, my hair flowed over my shoulders and I got a good look at myself. My Golden amber type hair, my gray/blue eyes that look like illuminated ice, my fair skin with faint scars on it from jobs, fights, and other stuff I probably shouldn’t mention, my brother says that my beauty could rival a Royals or Upper class family, but I don’t see what he is talking about. What I look like is a Theft, a Criminal, a lower class girl that has to fight to live and care for those she loves. I will never fit in in a place of royals and people who have done good things, I am a Theft for peats sake, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a red rose with wild thorns in a field of Easter Lilies and Cherry Blossoms, I thought, I am not worthy of going to such a school, but if I go, maybe there’s a chance I could find a better place for the boys and for Brady. Oh shoot, I have to go check on Brady!
    “Why don’t we go show them, Dear?” Mrs. Bedwin said awaking me from my trance.
    “Of course!”
    Chapter 2 part 2: Brady Bad Wolf P.O.V.:

    “Where is it?” I say to myself as I look around my room “It has to be here somewhere.”
    Did you check your mother’s Vanity set?, Mary suggested. Mary has been helping me pack for The School for Evil, and I can’t seem to Find the two things that my Mother and Father gave me before they died. I go to my parents old room which is dusty yet neat from the many times I have been in here. I go over to my mother’s vanity set and pull the bottom drawer out to reveal a leather necklace and a book titled ‘The stories of another World’.
    “Thanks Mary, you’re a lifesaver” I say as I hold the book close to my chest with the necklace held tightly in my hand. This is the book that my mother read to me every night when I was young, and it was our favorite. With tales of people not from this world, but another. People with names like, Shakespeare, Marquis De Lafayette, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, J. M. Berrie, Martin Luther King jr., Anne Frank, and tales of their wars like the French Revolution, the Revolutionary war, World Wars, and Civil Wars. Though the thing I love most about this book is that they don’t have magic, they use this thing called technology that advances throughout time, and the strength of the human will that is showed through all the battles, revolutions, and movements. Though the best part about this book, is that none of this happened in our world and is all fictional. My Mother says that I can never show this book or talk about it to anyone but someone I trust the most, and I am sure mother would approve of Grace to see this book.
    I put the leather necklace around my neck and let it’s pendant rest against my chest. The pendant was my father’s prized possessions, his wedding band and mother’s wedding ring. I go back to my room and place the book in my trunk and put clothes on top of it. I put my Dads Brass Knuckles on top and close my trunk. I run my hand over the carving on top, my name spelled out with wolves and forest surrounding it, just like my Father’s trunk. Brady Bruce Bad Wolf jr. it says on the trunk, my name, my father’s name.
    I am about to go to the kitchen when I hear footsteps coming down the main hall. Let my claws out and am ready to attack when I hear a familiar voice yell down the hall “Brady, where are you, dearie?”. It’s Grace, retract my claws and walk out to the main stair that goes to the main hall.
    “I am right here, Grace” I yell back from the top of the main stair and then I see her. She has a cloke on but under it in a beautiful red/pink dress with her golden hair fallen over her shoulders, she looks beautiful. I can feel myself blush as her eyes look into mine.
    “There you are, stay there I am coming up!” she says and climbs up the stairs in an almost run. Before I know it she is right in front of me and I hope she doesn’t see me blushing. “Sorry I am late, had to find a way to ditch my brother. So are you ready?”
    “For what?” I ask, confused, and hoping my voice doesn’t crack.
    “For School of course, we leave tomorrow, I am leaving tonight to get to the train on time, but I wanted to see you first.” she said in a matter of fact way.
    “Oh, yay, that, I just finished packing.” I said “I was about to go make dinner, actually.”
    ‘Invite her to eat with you!’ Mary basically yells in my head.
    “Would you like to join me for dinner?” I ask in a not so sure way.
    “Of course, I would love too!” She said with a smile and I let out a breath of relief. “I have to be back home by midnight, so that should give us enough time to eat and talk, so let’s get a move on!” she says and walks down the stairs in the opposite direction of the kitchen.
    “The kitchen is that way Grace, fallow me.” I say and go towards the kitchen.
    “Oh, ok.” she says as she catches up to me.

    We get to the kitchen and I start cooking some stew. “You can cook?” Grace says as she looks at me in amazement.
    “Yay, I taught myself, you learn many things when you live by yourself.” I say as I put some vegetables in the stew. Then we hear a crash and spin around to see what it is. Pans lay on the floor and Tigger sits in the place they were, looking down at what he has done. “Tigger, I told you, no playing in the kitchen.” I tell my cat as I pick him up to take him out of the kitchen, but I am stopped but Grace’s hand on my arm.
    “Is that your cat?” She asks.
    “Yes this is Tigger, Tigger this is my friend Grace.” I say introducing the two only friends I have.
    “Aw, he is Adorable! Can I hold him.” She asks as she looks at Tigger.
    “Sure, it will keep him out of trouble.” I say as I hand Tigger over to Grace.
    “Hi there, Tigger, do you want to play.” I am amazed that this is the girl that saved me yesterday and now she is acting like a girly girl. “What are you looking at, have you never seen a girl play with a cat?” She says to me, and I realize I am staring. She is still the same though as yesterday in a way, the way she holds herself and speaks is protective and strong, but gentle.
    I finish cooking and set the table for two people and a dish of milk for a cat. We all sit down and start eating.
    “Wow, this is delicious, you’re an Amazing cook, Brady!” Grace says as she devours her stew.
    “Thanks” I say. I am not use to getting compliments so I don’t know what to say back.
    ‘Compliment her back.’ Mary says.
    “Y-you look Beautiful.” I say nervously.
    “Thank you, My brothers friend picked the dress out for me, as a dress for the first day of school.” she says “are you excited to go to the School for Evil?”
    “I-I” I don’t know what to say “I am nervous actually, I am not really good in large crowds, and people are going to be expecting me to act like my Father or Grandfathers, so that is also scary.” I say to her as I rub the back of my neck and look down. We sit in silence for a few moments and I worry I have said the wrong thing.
    Then she speaks up “I am nervous too, I am a lower class Theft, and with my hands I am likely to steal anything fancy, though I have been able to restrict myself here, I may not be able to at school. Plus, I am my Brothers sister, I will probably be stealing without me noticing. I will be the weed in the flower patch.”
    I am Shocked, I try to cheer her “We can both try, I will try and make friends, if you try and not steal, we can do it together.” I say “We can be nervous together.”
    “That would be nice, thank you, Brady. We can make it through the school year together.” She says.
    “Together” I promise, and with that I am sure, this will be a wonderful school year.

    Narrator P.O.V.:
    Later that evening, after Grace has left Brady’s Castle, after Mason got back from the Frankenstein’s Mansion, and after Jaxson finished writing his packing. Mr. Tonkler is writing letters to his sons, one the new Cavalry teacher, the other the new Special Talents teacher, both at different schools and awaiting the arrival of the new students. The Letter says:
    My Dear Victor and Spencer,
    The past two days I have met two people who I think you will enjoy,one is the Kind Grandson of the Big Bad Wolf and the Spunky sister of the Artful Dodger, Their names are Brady and Grace Rose. Both of them are kind individuals, but they may need your protection. I sense a darkness following them, and I believe they know of the other world. I Beg of you my sons, Protect them from the darkness that took your Sister and Mother. I will always be here looking for a way to find them. Sherlock, Watson, Mr. Barlow, Oliver, Alice, Wendy, Michael, and John will be here waiting for you and the two children to return home. I hope you both have a good school year, and I hope you find a way to get rid of the awful curse before it devours us. I miss you my boys and will always be here if you need me.
    With love and best wishes,

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