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    gracelynnofmadinvail posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 3 years, 5 months ago

    The School for Good and Evil was asleep and not a sound was made when shadows ran across the halls of the school for good and evil. Not seen, not heard, and holding baskets the Shadows ran to two doors. Simultaneously the two baskets were place in front of the Doors and the shadows disappeared.
    Cries came from both baskets and the people in the rooms were awoken.
    The Door at the School for Good was the entrance to Dean Dovery’s room, She woke up from her slumber at the first sound of the noise outside her room. She opened the door to see a small basket with a crying baby in it.
    Shocked at the sight she picked up the baby and took it into her room. She sat down on her bed and soothed the baby. A note was clipped to the child’s blanket covering it. The note said:
    Dear Dean Dovery,
    We are sorry to give him to you without warning, but you are the only one we can trust to take care of him after the war. If you found this note you found our child, I cannot take care of him, for we are sick and slowly fading into death, by the time you get this note our son will be orphaned. Please take care of him, he is special and will do great things one day. Raise him well and I know he will be loyal to you. Please take care of my Dear son, Tristan.
    With sorrow and hope,
    Thalia (Daughter of Thumbelina) and Quincy (Son of Jack Dawkins and Jane Darling)
    Dovery looked at the Baby in her hands felt her eyes grow hot with tears, Quincy and Thalia were two of her favorite Students. Quincy was Sweet, Charming, loyal, Brave, funny like his father, and a dedicated student. While Thalia was a Quite, Kind, Loyal, Smart, Shy, and Optimistic, she always helped out after class, straightening chairs and cleaning without being asked. She had them in the group before Agatha and Tedros, and during those years she got letters from Thalia and Quincy asking how things where and how I was feeling. When she told them that Lanora died they came to visit after all the students that year went to do their 4 year assignments and paid their respects to all of the deceased in the school for Good and Evil Cemetery. They were exceptional students and Good people as well.
    Tristan Started to cry again and Dovery held him close and Whispered to him “I promise I will take care of you, for your parents. I will treat you as if you were my own son,Tristan.”
    As Dean Dovery mourned her newly lost students, Hort was having a different reaction to the arrival of the basket.
    He is awoken from a dream of Sophie ACTUALLY saying yes to going on a date to him, and was awoken by the sound of crying at his door. He opened the door and looked around, but only noticed where the noise was coming from when he looked down did he notice the crying baby in a basket. He quickly brought the baby into his room so not to get in trouble with Castor Again for too much noise. He picked up the baby and bounced it while trying to shush it. The baby stopped crying and opened his eyes, they were violet and curious. He found a note attached to the baby’s blanket that it was wrapped in. The note said:
    Dear Hort,
    It has been years since we saw you, twelve to be exact, and we have missed you. When you find this note we will probably be dead, Both of us are sick with a deadly illness, and we sent you our Daughter because you the only one we trust with her. Her name is Cynthia Thea and he is 11 months and 15 days years old. Please take care of him for us and raise him how you seem fit. I am sorry we burden you with him so unexpectedly, but he will be loyal to you, just like us, if you raise him well.
    Till we meet on the other side and it better not be for a long time,
    Jacklyn Sparrow and Jax Bluebeard
    Hort remembered his two best Friends back in Bloodbrook. Jax was the son of Blue Beard and Jacklyn was the Daughter of Captain Jack Sparrow, both weren’t accepted into the school for Good and Evil and he hasn’t spoken to them seance he came here, partly because they didn’t have a definite address. Now the baby’s Violet eyes made seance, Jax’s eyes were violet.
    He smiled at the child “Don’t worry kid, I will take care of you. I promise, I won’t let anyone hurt you.” He says and Cynthia smiles “I like you, and I promise I will be the best dad ever.” Hort made the promise to her and his long lost friends. He will repay them for their friendship to him.
    The gears in Horts head start turning, he starts to think ‘I might as well use this to my advantage, she may be the only one who will truly stay loyal to me, and never leave me as everyone else has. She will be the best of the best, I know it.”
    Both the children were given homes where they will be safe, and the one who delivered them sat in her home and spoke to a hooded man.
    “They have a been delivered, and the plan is set. Is there anything else needed father?” She said.
    “No, the children are where they belong, that is all that is needed for now.” The man said.
    “What do you intend for the children anyway, father?”
    “The children both have the spirits of two people who get a second chance at life. The boy was given the spirit of a man named Tristan who died at the School for Good and Evil when they were the School for Girl and Boy’s. The girl has the spirit of Aric Lesso, he died during the war of Old against New. Both will never remember their past lives but I believe that if everything goes well, there will be rewards for us, Felicity. Do you think you can keep an eye on them for me?”
    “Of course, I am the Voodoo Mans Daughter, why wouldn’t I?” Felicity said.
    With a plan in course for the two children and their destiny’s before them, a new adventure has begun.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I hope you enjoyed this prologue, if you think I should continue this story, please comment and tell me what you think 🙂

        donutqueen11 replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        I love it! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          gracelynnofmadinvail replied 3 years, 5 months ago

          Thanks 🙂

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