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    gracelynnofmadinvail posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi everybody, I am working on Chapter 3 and I wanted to introduce someone who Will be appearing in the next Chapter, plus I was Bored so I gave him a Bio:
    Name: Morrie Francis Yzma
    Age: 13
    Gender: Male
    School: Evil
    Finger glow: Dark Navy Blue
    Fairytale Relative: Aunt Yzma from the Emperor’s new Groove who raised him because his parents died under “mysterious circumstances”
    Talent (Non-magical): I am good at cooking (My aunt has me cool for her so I got good at it), making potions (I learned from my Aunt), Cleaning, Applying make up, sewing, fixing stuff… ok let’s just say I am good at doing stuff for my Aunt, but I can do other stuff like uh, um, I can steal stuff-ish?
    Talent (Magical): I… can disappear and reappear places and slip into places unnoticed. (Author interference: that is not the only thing you can do, say it or I will) find *deep breath* I can *hesitates* turnintoacat (Author Interference, again: say it again, slower) *breaths again and hesitate* I… Can… Turn into a cat. (Author interference again: there you go see that wasn’t so hard now was it)
    Appearance: black hair with a blue tint, violet eyes, pale skin, sharp features, average height about 5ft. 7in., and a claw scratch on the back of my hand.
    Clothing: my Aunt makes sure I look ‘presentable’ so she makes me wear a black shirt, blue Jacket, black Jeans, and purple sneakers, but once I get to school I wear the Neverboy uniform a lot, so I don’t have to wear what my aunt gave me.
    Personality: I am Quite, timid, Quick to work, and shy around people I am scared of (My Aunt, Dean Sophie, this Kid named Mason, and Marcus, Slera, Jake, Professor Castor and an Ever named Clyde Hyde he is really scary) but I am Nice, Cocky, Sly, and Possessive/shy around people I like and my limited amount of friends (Brady Bad wolf, James Jekyll, Victoria Frankenstein, Cora Bethony, and Grace Dawkins)
    Weapon: My Potions and a Knife my Aunt gave me
    Crush: I like…Sanya Lion Daughter of Scar from the Lion King
    Pet/Animal Companion: I have this Cat named Emera that my Aunt Gave me after I got admitted into the School for Evil, and I am Completely Terrified of her, well of Cats in general.
    Backstory: My Aunt wants me to take over as Emperor one day so she had me observe her and force her to do the chores which I kinda like doing (I have serious OCD about Cleaning). Though Working for her Gave me a lot of Fears like fears of Cats, Heights, Cats, Alligators, Cats, Small places, Cats, Water, Cats, and My Aunt, oh did I mention CATS. I hope that going to the school for Evil will help me get rid of some of my Phobias.

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