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    gracelynnofmadinvail posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hi everyone, sorry it took so long to write this chapter, I was really busy with school, trips, family, ect… But this chapter is finally finished and I am planing to do Jaxson’s POV next. If you want me to tag you let me know in the comments and tell me what you think 😉
    Chapter 3: Mason Lesso P.O.V.
    Being Carried by a giant bone bird is not my idea way of travel, but what made it worse is that I am being carried away with someone who is scared of heights and doesn’t stop SCREAMING like a little girl!
    “AHHHHHH! WHY DID THEY DO THIS TO ME?!?!?! AHHHHHH” he kept screaming.
    I plug my ears and Yell “It would be better if you STOPPED SCREAMING LIKE A SCAREDY CAT, SCAREDY CAT!”
    I started to feel relieved once I saw the two glorious schools, one of pure white Marble, the other of glossy black stone. I plug my ears until the bird drops me, my luggage and scaredy cat off on a platform attached to the right tower that has been set ablaze with bright light.
    I land on my feet and brush myself off while Scaredy Cat gets up from landing on his stomach, Looks like I am not the only one who wanted him to shut up. Not giving Scaredy cat second glance I walk towards the entrance with my Trunk and bag in toe. I look at the other kins walking in with me to see a wide arrangement of students. Some were dressed in fine fabrics and beautiful, others were in rags and ****, then there were the ones that were just downright scary, one girl I saw had super curly brown hair, pale skin, Black eyes that look like they could rip out your soul, and an equally murderous look on her face.
    I past them and looked at the line of people in front of me. All Nevers, all my new rivals for the top. I bump into the boy in front of me and he turns around.
    “Sorry-I mean hey” I say almost apologizing for what I did which is a sign of weakness, according to mother. The boys I bumped into had fair skin, Silver eyes, brown hair, and had Wolf ears and a tail.
    He spoke back to me “Hey, sorry about being in your way”
    I was surprised, not what I expected from a Bad Wolf. It was so obvious that I just bumped into a Bad Wolf, it may be good to make friend of someone who worked for my dad, and comes from a line of famous Villains.
    “It’s all right, I am Mason Lesso son of Aric Lesso, what’s your name Wolfe?” I said.
    “I am Brady Bad Wolf Jr., nice to meet you.” He says and we shake hands, he seems timid, but is able to keep a straight face “Isn’t Aric Lesso the General or Lord that fought with The old school master?”
    “Ya, got something against that?”
    “No not at all, I actually think it is cool that he was able to defeat and fight against the people that did him wrong. And didn’t care what people thought of him, I wish I could be able to do that.” He says moving up the line with his trunk in toe. “and your dad did something big, mine ran away from home and my Grandpa and Great-grandpa both lost their stories against a little girl and Three pigs.”
    “No, your Family is really cool to, your Family nearly won both times and would have won if it weren’t for timing. And you could be the first to win your story, who knows.” I say, I like him, he respects me and I respect him, this could be the start of a glorious friendship, I thought. We finally make it to the front of line and a wolf gave me a paper, a basket of books and a basket of clothes. I look down at my schedule once I leave the line and it says:
    Mason Lesso of Ginnymill’s Forest
    Evil First year
    Malice tower, Room 74

    1: Unification: Professor Manley
    2: History of Villainy: Professor Hort
    3: Henchmen Training: Castor
    4: Curses & Death traps: Dean Sophie
    5: Lunch
    6: Special Talents: Professor Sheeks & Professor Victor
    7: Surviving a Fairy Tale: Forests Group 3: Yaba the Gnome

    I looked over the schedule and the names of the book that I got.
    Brady was the first to speak “Hey, Mason, what tower are you in?”
    “Malice room 74, what about you?” I replied.
    “Same room as you, looks like we’re roommates.”
    “That will be fun, I have never had a roommate, or lived with anyone for a long time.”
    “Same here, this is actually the first time I have ever been over 10 miles away from home.” He says as we make small take on our way to our room. Talking to him I realize that we aren’t all that different, both of us come from feared families, have been orphaned, are feared, have lived alone and only ever had one true friend, till now.
    “So who is your other Friend, it’s a girl I bet.” I say jokingly till I see his face. “Wait it is a girl, I am one good guesser.” I say proud of myself for guessing it correctly.
    “It’s complicated, I do have 4 other friends, but I feel like they are more like, Guardians that check on you twice a month, they were crow’s and a little wolf pup, they acted like family, but the girl she is different, she is the one person who isn’t scared of me and she is nice and…”
    “You like her?” I say raising an eyebrow, I know the feeling of trying to describe the girl you like to someone, I did it only a few days ago when I went to talk to Victoria Frankenstein, and Marcus, I felt like a fool doing it but I’m order to gain their trust I had to tell them my motives.
    “No, Yes, Maybe, it’s complicated, like I said, she is kind and Pretty and genital…”
    “Well then go talk to her and tell her you like her, is she going here?”
    “Well then we will find her I am sure we will see her in the halls or-”
    “She is an Ever.” He says looking defeated.
    “Oh, well you can still make it work, ah, you could….we will come up with something.” I say and he looks shocked.
    “We?, I thought you would laugh at me saying something like that, instead you want to help me.” He says looking puzzled.
    “Ya, why not, but I expect something in return.” I say.
    “Thanks, Mason” Brady said with a smile. He is so gullible, but has potential.
    “Well I am not the only one who will help you, you are a Bad Wolf, one of the most respectable family lines in Never history, be proud of being Feared” I say as I open the door to our room.
    Inside was Two bunk beds, 4 Dressers, 4 Desks, 1 window, and 2 other people, 1 I recognized, it was Marcus, the other was a Fair skinned, Black haired, Brown Eyed boy that was already in the Neverboy Uniform and unpacking his stuff. Marcus was finishing putting the jacket on the uniform. He looked at me and smiled.
    “Hey Mason, Good to see ya.” Marcus said.
    “Hey Marcus, this is Brady Bad Wolf, Grandson of the Big Bad Wolf, and a new Friend of mine. Brady, this is Marcus Gorgon, Son of Medusa, and a Friend of mine.” I said introducing Brady to Marcus.
    “Nice to meet you Brady, I am Marcus, and this is our other roommate, Jack the Ripper the third, son of Jack the Ripper Jr. And Jack the Ripper The first.” Marcus said gesturing to the black haired boy who waved and went back to packing. “you Guys can have the Top bunks we both wanted the bottom, plus a wolf guard came by and said to put our Uniforms on.”
    We Both put our stuff away and made small talk till a Wolf Guard came and told us to leave for the opening Ceremony. We left our room into a crowded hall way, me, Brady, and Marcus stayed together, Jack found a girl wild brown hair and went with her and her roommates, I recognized Victoria Frankenstein, but the other girls I didn’t know. They took us to a big theater and I noticed on the other side was only the Evergirls, and one caught my eye. She was in the Evergirl uniform but looked uncomfortable in it, she had Blonde hair and Blue eyes, and looked exactly like the Girl in my Dream. That is her, the Girl in your dreams, the one that will bring you happiness, Aric said in my head, I have gotten use to him being there and popping up at random times.
    She looked over in my detection and waved, I was about to wave back when Brady said “That’s her, that’s the Girl I was talking about.” and Waved back to her.
    Dang it, Meg got a head start,looks like your new friend is also your rival for this girl’s affection, Aric said, and that’s not all, look at the doors on the Ever side.
    That’s when my situation got worse.
    Narrator P.O.V.:

    While all of this is happening, a small child is running through a secret passage to the Dean of Evils office. When the little boy got there, the Dean look right at him.
    “Rafal, what is it, I have to go to the opening Ceremony, it is my first appearance to the new students and I have to make a good impression.” Sophie said to her adopted son as she double checks her make up.
    “He is here, Lord Aric’s son, and the Grandson of the Wolf is here to, The sea Witch’s curse it has started, Momma, what are we going to do?” Rafal said frantically.
    “Don’t Worry, Rafal, me and Professor Dovery have it all under control, now go and play in the secret halls.” she said, lying to her so. She was more worried than anyone could know.

    Deep sewers of the school for Good and Evil are two rooms, both hidden and only seen by those who were meant to see it. Both hold statues of people long forgotten by most, and feared by some. One of the statues is starting to break, and tentacles are coming out.
    Thank you for reading my story and I will try and get the next chapter up soon, but it may take a little bit because the next two weeks I am SUPER busy.
    Thanks again for reading and Bye 🙂
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        Awesome job!

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