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    The next chapter is when she transfers from animal communication to swordplay. She eventually beat the top player, Jett, and becomes the top player.

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    I’m falling. And I don’t know how to stop.
    When I eventually stop I land in this room with a single candle. This sweet chocolate smelling candle is my only sense of light. Beyond this candle is pitch blackness. Then spotlights turn on, all circling me. All have a person underneath the light.

    (I’m writing a story, this is how I started it)

        evilerruler845 replied 7 months ago

        Ooooh sounds intriguing! Can’t wait for more!!
        But it seems you haven’t been welcomed yet, and there’s a few guidelines to it… (I’m sorry if I bore you but we set a foundation on here and we make sure that as many ppl follow it to prevent chaos)
        Welcome to RP (roleplay) Level 0! I’m @evilerruler845, so click my username to read my stories.…[Read more]

        superdragon replied 7 months ago

        Ooooo, you gotta keep going!

        cocoeve15 replied 7 months ago

        This is really good.

        gracieg replied 7 months ago

        Could you guys possibly make a name for it pls. I’m having trouble coming up with one.

          gracieg replied 7 months ago

          The rest of the chapter goes a bit like this:
          She meets 10 first years in SGE, they give her a handbook, uniform and books. The only original character from SGE (soman version) is Hester.

        gracieg replied 7 months ago