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    grandesthighwitchultimate posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 years, 5 months ago

    Heyyyy, happy weekend for anyone in England and time zones ahead of that. Here’s my next chapter of my story, thanks for everyone who comments or likes the Phantom of the opera and is now singing it in their head ; ) I promise I will do another chapter in a different persons POV but its Snow’s today!
    If you want to read any of my previous posts then click here:
    Chapter Six
    Trip To ****
    {Snow’s POV}
    I walked into Professor Sader’s class quietly, slipping into the seat next to the window, careful not to disturb anyone else. The book fell open on the first page again and this time I looked away as soon as possible, I don’t do gooey love stories at the best of times – least of all when they are about me. Once again I found myself looking around the room for George ( yes I’m surprised too that the “School Master” isn’t a sexist as he appears to be and lets boys and girls have classes together ) until my eyes found him nervously nibbling his pencil on a candy chair, exactly the same as mine.
    When the register fell on me instead of answering, I stood up and calmly said,
    “Who put the storybook in the library about me?” everyone looked up from doodling and whispering in their seats and stared at me as if they had heard the strangest sentence ever.
    Which it is.
    Sader looked up at me in surprise dropping the candy register on the floor, he sat down and breathed on sharply,
    “Impossible,” he muttered to himself. His eyes flicked up and saw me standing their, book in hand, my face expressing my emotions pretty clearly right now.
    To name a few angry, annoyed and extremely self conscious that everybody was looking at me as if I were a lunatic.
    Which I probably am.
    “Give me the book,” he demanded, nodding his head in the direction of it. I reluctantly passed him it, knowing that he would see the pictures of me and George in it, he snatched it right out of my hands and flicked through it his fingers sweeping across the book faster and faster as he went through, page after page after page. Finally he spoke,
    “George, the seven brothers and Snow,”
    I coughed as though I was choking.
    He looked in my direction annoyingly.
    “As I was saying, Snow WHITE, George and the seven brothers can you come with me please.” We all nervously left the room and were taken to the Dean’s office. When we stopped outside my eyes widened in fear,
    “Professor Sader,” I babbled nervously.” Umm, well, I have already been to the Dean’s office three times this month so I might just skip this one out, I am sooo sorry that I disturbed the lesson, but let’s just put the past behind us shall we?” as a response he knocked on the door and pushed me and the others firmly inside.
    I gulped nervously.
    Slowly we sat down in the chairs while Sader talked to Dovey in a quiet voice. I turned to George and smiled weakly.
    He didn’t smile back.
    “Sader is blind, how did he read the story book?” I asked him, desperate to start a conversation.
    He didn’t reply.
    “Look, I didn’t mean to get us in to trouble or anything, I just wanted to know why I was in that story.” I said, angry at myself for ever even waking up this morning.
    “It means the storian has already predicted your story, which means that we are in a story together with the seven brothers.” he replied.
    At least I got an answer out of him, even if it was gobbledygook.
    “What?” I asked, confused. ” What on earth is the storian?” I asked.
    “The storian is the thing that writes all of your stories, Miss Snow,” said Dovey from behind me.
    I see Sader has left.
    “Who ever played this prank is silly and completely unaware of the fact that the storian doesn’t PREDICT stories.” she continued,” And until you tell me who played this prank you will all do detention until you own up.”
    My mouth fell open.
    “No!” Sleepy shouted, waking up from where he had fallen asleep in his chair.
    I slapped my for head and sighed.
    As we left the office, I tripped up on the book open on a page of Emma throwing a mirror on the floor in rage.

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        Wow wow wow!

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        Awesome! Please tag me!

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        I wish I could write like you.

        wenteo replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Wonderful chapter !!!

          monscha replied 4 years, 5 months ago

          Im am just a little curious as to why you keep tagging me @grandesthighwitchultimate. I never asked for you to tag me in any of your work, so if you could please tell me why you keep tagging me that would be greatly appreciated. (PS, great writing 🙂

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        ah geez, this is awkward, but erm, i dont really read the rps and stuff, im really sorry, im sure its great if youre into reading the rps, but im just not. im sorry. it would be really nice if you could not tag me though, again, so sorry!

        emberflames replied 4 years, 5 months ago

        Arr!! I need u post!! Ur stories r so frickin good! 🙂

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          U sound so much like my friend @emberfames

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          Ha i wonder y?!

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