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    greenplum-1504 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 7 months, 2 weeks ago

    Good day everyone (or evening or morning depending on where you live)! Hope everyone’s having an amazing week! I know it’s only been like…two days since I last wrote my chapter but, oh well… Please let me know if you want to be TAGGED! Hope you enjoy! P.S. Can you believe we’re on chapter seventeen already?

    Chapter Seventen:
    Audrey’s P.O.V:

    I walk back to my dorm room once Swordplay & Weapons training’s done, I believe Andres is bringing food….. he is if he’s making me skip dinner right? I rip my vest off and throw it across the room, I’m just in my black slacks and white collared shirt. Aaah, comfort at it’s finest. I head to the bathroom and splash water on my face if someone asks you to go sightsee some furry little baby bugs you got to at least try to look human. Around half an hour later a knock pounds on the door, it’s Andres, I bet. I open the door, a tall, lean yet muscled boy with honey skin stands at the door, that’s not Andres. It’s Kareem.
    “Why on Earth are you going out with Andres?” He asks calmly
    I stand up straighter, “Why on Earth not?” I reply just as calm
    “Because we’re a thing.” He replies
    “No, we’re not!”
    “All those moments-”
    “Were your imagination.”
    I feel my blood boiling.
    “Audrey, Andres isn’t a good guy. He doesn’t care for you.”
    “He cares more than you do.”
    “How do you know this is even a romantic thing! Why do you have to be so worried about everything! I’ve got no interest in starting a relationship with anyone! Not even you, ‘Prince Kareem of Shazabah’! Not even you! I don’t care if you’re kissing other girls or boys or anyone! I. DON’T. CARE!” I roar at him.
    Oh, how much I wish I could punch that smug look off his face.
    “Now, if you don’t mind me,” I say much calmer then before, “There’s somewhere I’ve got to be.”
    I squeeze myself in between Karem’s arm and the door frame. I walk a few steps before turning around, “Don’t forget to close the door when you’re done staring at my bed.”
    I walk on, all the way to the Blue Forest. At the entrance, I spot Andres waiting for me.
    “Hey,” He says nervously.
    “Hello, Andres. You best have food otherwise I’ll kill you.”
    Andres laughs and holds up a picnic basket, “I thought ahead and a little birdie might or might not have told me your favourite dishes. Shall we?”
    I nod walking into the blue forest, “So how do we find these Chingling thingies?”
    “We sit down and wait for them to come to us.” Andres answers.
    “Really? That’s boring.”
    “It won’t be, trust me.”
    Andres lays out a green and pink checkered picnic blanket and places the basket on top.
    “So what food did you bring anyways?” I ask.
    What? A girl has got to eat.
    Andres starts unpacking the picnic basket, as soon as he opens it a million different smells fill the air.
    Andres starts listing all the things he brought, “Chive butter mash potatoes… chicken sausages and grilled peppers…. cauliflower pesto salad…..watercress quiche…. and chocolate mousse, for dessert.”
    I sit there with my mouth right open, “Those are my favourites.”
    “I told you.” Andres laughs, “help yourself.”
    I start to fill my plate up with everything Andres brought making sure to leave a bite of each dish for Andres. Sitting around doing nothing misght be better than I thought.
    Hope you enjoyed!

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        I love your story! Please tag me

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          Got it! @sydneywhite !

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