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    greenplum-1504 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 11 months ago

    Hello everyone! Sorry, I haven’t posted in like, two weeks, I was on holiday and there was a no internet rule, but I’m back for good now! This chapter is going to be split into two parts since it’s really loooooong. I’m super excited for this chapter, hope you enjoy! Please let me know if you want to be TAGGED!
    Chapter Nineteen:
    The Trial by Tale: Part 1
    Audrey’s P.O.V:

    I sit there brainlessly eating my tomato soup and listening to the girls around me giggle about Kareem walking in shirtless to breakfast. I hate evenings, especially evenings when the Trial by Tale takes place. I stayed up all night studying different incantations and jinxes but I still haven’t mastered the Dizziness Jinx. I check the clock above the door anxiously… half an hour until the Trial by Tale takes place…15 minutes until Dean Dovey calls us up to the Blue Forest gates. I look around the room searching for Norah, she’s nowhere to be seen and she wasn’t in our dorm room when I left ten minutes ago. I spot Callin, Norah’s boyfriend, wolfing down a plate of scrambled eggs and turkey sausages and eagerly talking to Kareem. As much as I hate, what I’m about to do I slowly but surely walk up to where Callin’s sitting making sure to show only my back to Kareem.
    “Where’s Norah?” I ask,
    “Why d’you wanna know?”
    “Why won’t you tell me?”
    “Maybe, because you can’t ask me like that.”
    “Maybe I can. Where’s Norah?” I ask more sternly
    I make sure to stand up straighter and hold my head higher.
    Callin seems unphased by this, “She’s in the library, studying for the Trial by Tale, just as you should be.”
    “Well, at least I got into the Trial by Tale. Last time I checked you’re at the bottom of the class, I can’t wait to watch you turn into a skunk, better yet a dung beetle.”
    “You can’t talk to me like that.”
    “Oops, I just did.”
    Callin opens his mouth to say something but I decide it’s best to turn my back and eat my soup, save the fighting for the Trial by Tale. In the corner of my eye I notice Kareem giving me looks, they’re looks of approval. I hate boys. The bell rings and the whole lunchroom is alerted to head to the front gates of the blue forest. I take in one deep breath, breathe you’re okay. You’re the Fyrefiende, you’re allowed to be the Fyrefiend. Audrey, breathe. I decide it’s safest to follow the pack of evergirls, with my great sense of direction I’ll be roaming the castle for days before finding the front gates. As soon as we arrive at the front gates I feel like throwing up, both Dean Dovey and Dean Hildegarde are standing on some levitating podium anxiously watching the crowd. I start fiddling with a button on my coat jacket.
    Audrey, a quiet voice in my head whispers, Audrey, you’re fine. You’re the strongest person out there. You’re fine Audrey, you’re fine.
    Dean Hildegarde claps her hands together to gather everyone’s attention.
    “Good, good. Thank you, Anne.” Dean Dovey mutters, “Now that the suns going down and everyone’s here, it’s time to start the Fall Trial by Tale! The Trial by Tale is a festival of talents, a celebration, a memory of our past……..”
    Dean Dovey’s weary voice carries on with her welcome speech, not that I could be too bothered to listen.
    “………Furthermore, it is an honour to compete in this year’s Trial by Tale! Now that we have both James of Foxwood for Good and Oopla of Woods Beyond from as our tenth place contestants the Trial by Tale is ready to begin…now!”
    Gold sparks fly into the air and the crowd roars as we watch both contestants run into the Blue Forest. By the time Kareem and Yula run into the Blue Forest, I start to feel a little less confident than before. The Good Defend…Defend, Audrey…Defend not attack, keep it straight.
    “Will Audrey of Alinburg and Friedrich of Ravenbow please go to your assigned gates.” A voice calls,
    I slowly walk up to the gate with a gold sign with “EVERS” emblazoned on it. A few people give me supportive pats on the back as I arrive.
    “Okay, contestants, on my count, one…two…three…GO!”
    Gold sparks fly up into the air and that’s my signal to run. All previous thoughts in my head vanish, and I find myself running to an unknown destination. I keep running and running, I notice red sparks fly up into the air, welp, someone’s out of the game.
    “Hey, princess,”
    I turn around only to find a cut-up Kareem staring at me.
    “Not now, Kareem.”
    “No, Audrey. Now is the time, just listen, sweetheart.”
    I turn around and start jogging away from Kareem. Kareem catches up to me and stops right in front of me.
    “Yes. Now Audrey, listen, what if we pair up? You know, like teammates. We’re two of the strongest competitors in here, we could totally win.”
    “Kareem, I don’t want to team up with you,” I say steadily,
    “Yes, yes, you do.”
    “Kareem, please, not now.”
    “Listen, darling-”
    “Don’t call me that.”
    Kareem suppresses a sigh,
    “Listen, if you just let me show you what I can do then you’ll want me on your side.”
    “Will I?”
    “You will.”
    “How cute. You two squabbling like an old couple really is quite adorable.”
    A third voice has entered our conversation.
    Behind Kareem stands a short, gree, ogre-looking person, “If I’m lucky then I’ll be able to take out two competitors. Wouldn’t that be a good story to tell, two competitors! **!”
    The boy suddenly fires a pink spell at Kareem causing him to lose his balance.
    “Now for you,” he says licking his lips,
    Kareem quickly gets up and we both fire defensive spells at him, the boy wobbles around in circles for at least two minutes before getting his balance again. He fires another pink spell at me and I feel a slight sting cut across my right cheek. Kareem fires back a spell at the boy before I join in again, I fire a quick bobblehead charm at him and watch his head slowly inflate.
    “Audrey! His handkerchief!” Kareem calls,
    I run behind the boy and pull the white handkerchief from his back pocket. The handkerchief land on the ground, red sparks fly up, and the boy is immediately disapparated from the forest.
    I walk on away from the site.
    Kareem runs up to my side, “Are we a team now?” He pants,
    I continue walking on, “I’d tell you if we weren’t.”
    Hope you enjoyed! If you have any syggestions or comments please let me know! Thanks!

        thecoven4ever replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Ooooh nice!

        evernever24 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        I really liked your story about the trial by tale!
        Could you tag me?!
        Also, please read my story, it’s about Beatrix’s younger sister, Bellatrix! You might want to read Bellatrix’s backstory too.

          greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Course I will, I’ll go check your story out!

        never11ever8 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Ok so I just read all of ur chapters from 1-19 and I loved them!! Plz tag me! @greenplum-1504!! I love your stories!! They are so good! Can’t wait to read more of Audrey’s story.

          greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to tag you.

        faunnightngale replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        First off all the chapters I missed I read. They’re amazing! You go girl! I’m back! I missed you!

          greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Oh yay! You’re finally back from camp! Did you have a good time? Can’t wait to continue reading your story. 😉

          faunnightngale replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Yeah. I had a great time, but I’m glad it’s over. I really missed you!

        greenplum-1504 replied 1 year, 11 months ago


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